Qubee: Win an iPad by Just Paying Feb Bill

qubeeIt appears that collection is becoming a hard job at WiMAX operators.

Just as an example, Qubee is offering its customers a chance to win iPad, web cam and wireless mouse by just paying their bills in February 2012.

After paying the bill, customers will get registered into a lucky draw through which prizes will be announced and will be posted on Qubee’s website and on Qubee’s Facebook page.

Qubee said that all customers who pay their bills in February, i.e. from Feb 3rd to Feb 29th 2012 will be eligible for draw.

Upon winning, Qubee customers will be able to collect their prizes from selected Qubee stores after confirmation.

Qubee said it is a limited time offer.

In a related news, Qubee website is being revamped.

  • Hahahaah!

    Waiting to see that in near future!!

    I think Qubee should concentrate on their service quality rather announcing these promotions.

    If their service quality is good then the payment wont be late.

  • Ha Ha Ha … bogus service going on by qubee. I called recently that signals are very weak due which not getting frequent speed so the girl on phone replied that there is no issue I am wathing on my system that there is no issue with you. :-)

    bogus ppl .. dudes suggest me what to buy next … which isp to try … dont tell me worldcall or ptcl they both are bogus too.

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