Samsung Galaxy Nexus Launched by Mobilink

Samsung-Galaxy-NexusMobilink today announced the launch of Samsung Galaxy Nexus (also known as the Nexus Prime) in Pakistan.

The Galaxy Nexus is Google’s flagship smartphone, officially released with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and encasing a 4.65” HD Super AMOLED display.

Powered by 1.2GHz dual core processor, the Galaxy Nexus allows the user to take panoramic shots and videos in 1080p using the 5 mega-pixel continuous auto-focus camera.

Here are Galaxy Nexus Specs again:

  • OS: Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
  • CPU: 1.2 GHZ dual core processor
  • Screen: 4.65″ HD(1280 x 720) Super AMOLED, Contour Display (curved glass)
  • Weight: 135g
  • Data
    • LTE/CDMA
    • WIFI
  • Memory
    • Storage: 16GB
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Camera
    • 5MP continuous auto focus
    • 1.3MP Front
    • LED Flash
    • Zero shutter lag
    • Video recording in 1080p
  • USB: Micro USB
  • NFC
  • GYRO


  • Rs. 49,999
  • Three months of unlimited Mobile Internet for free (limited time offer), and a Samsung Customer Priority card!
  • Phone would be unlocked

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is valid for both indigo and JAZZ customers
  • Free GPRS offer will remain valid for all handsets sold in the first 30 days only.
  • GPRS usage will be restricted to 100Mb per month for a period of 3 months.
  • Blackberry customers will not be eligible for 3 months free GPRS offer.
  • Any customer who wants to activate IR will be deactivated from the Free GPRS bundle.
  • Customers who are already active on IR will not be given 3 month Free GPRS bundle unless he/she deactivates his/her IR service.

Where to Get

This handset is only available at the following Mobilink Customer Care Centers:

  • Karachi:
    • Ground Floor, Nice Trade Orbit Building (NTO), Near Nursery Shop, Shaharah-E-Fisal
    • D-21/22, Block 8, Chaudry Khaliquzzaman Road, Scheme 5, Kehkashaan, Clifton Karachi.
  • Lahore:
    • Waves Building,  64 D -1 Gulberg, Lahore
    • Mobilink House , 5 P Gulberg II, Lahore
  • Islamabad
    • 78 E Redco Plaza, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area
  • Faisalabad
    • Builiding # 1298/B, People Colony Near Saleemi Chowk, Satyana Road
  • Multan
    • 60 Bridge Lane, LMQ (Lahore Multan Quetta) Road, Near Kutchery
  • Sukkur
    • Plot No. 47,48 Muslim Cooperative Housing Society, Opposite: Red Carpet Hotel, Military Road
  • Hyderabad
    • Plot No. D-1 and D-4 R.E.C.H.S, Main Auto Bahn Road, Unit No.2 Latifabad

  • Mansoor

    This is the ultimate Android phone… IMO offcourse


    is it really the 32GB version??…if yes then they are giving at a very good price…

    • admin

      Sorry, it’s 16 GB

  • Noreen

    For God Sake, don’t buy such an expensive phone for your enjoyement. Rather, give this money to those poors who cannot eat a one time food in a day. It will be far better for you in the other world if you understand.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Google phones are worth the cost. Why? Because other Android phones will not get updates guaranteed for a long time. Google phones will.

    • MAK


    • Waqas

      Then tell about the deserving people around, everyone here in Pakistan is a begger, so dnt understand to whom one help or not

      • alim

        Absolutely. Apparantly, everyone is a beggar. The question is, who is actually deserving? Moreover, there are so many people who use religion to extort money from others – instead of working to earn money themselves. Even charities and NGOs have purely business and commercial interests.

        • Ahmed

          @Waqas & Alim
          Surprised how your comments which are off-topic are approved by moderator, there will be so many places/topics where you can say this.

  • Kamran

    Yes, u r right.
    Agr 3000 k phone sy ap ka kam chal skta ha to 50,000 ka leny ka kya faida.
    Be-Shak fazool kharch shaitan ka bhai ha.

    • ammar

      bhai ap ko kia masla hai? Allah ne paise ata farmae hain to kyun na kharch karain? I hate it when those who cannot afford something themselves start lecturing others to stop buying expensive things too. Zara mujhe batana tum kis charity foundation main donation karte ho?

      • Waqas

        “Allah ne paise ata farmae hain to kyun na kharch karain?”, without a doubt its your money[earned from ur hardwork] and u can spend it anywhere.
        but @ the day of judgement ppl will be asked about by ALLAH that i gave u money, did u spend on Ayashi or u buy a thing which u needed.
        If u r in Need of Even Mercedes[requiremnt for some raeason] then One can buy it else u ll be answerable.

        • alim

          If Allah gave you money, which you earned by hard work and not stealing anyone’s right, and you spend it on your desires without pomp and show, you have every right to spend it.
          As long as you give zakat, your money is perfectly legit.
          Esaar is a choice, not mandatory. I guess we should better worry about prayers first.

          • @ ALIM u r 100% right.

        • ammar

          aur badnaam karo Islam ka naam by spreading BS ideologies

    • alim

      You should use dialup internet only. Iss sy kaam chalta hai. Why spend on broadband? even if its 256kbps?
      You should travel by buses or bicycle or by foot. Kaam chalay ga. Do not waste money on motorbike or a car.
      O bhai Musalmaan howay ho tu iska ye matlab nahi k faqeerun ki tarah zindagi guzaro. Agar Allah ny ihsaan kiya hai tu Allah ni ne’mat ka izhaar hona chahiay. Sirf dikhawa nahi hona chahiay.

    • anonemous

      are you kidding me just use it for ones and than say that again….

  • Noreen

    For God Sake, don’t buy such an expensive phone for your enjoyement. Rather, give this money to those poors who cannot eat a one time food in a day. It will be far better for you in the other world if you understand..

  • new mobile code

    I like this your information at this time and thanks you for the good sharing all the world peoples .

  • Pir

    Mobilink mobile internet is not good. Doesn’t matter if they give 3 months free or 3 years free. No use at all.

    • Shahid Saleem

      It’s unlocked, no one is forcing you to use Mobilink.

  • Most awaited and most expensive among others at this time

    • Shahid Saleem


      Cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S II and others.

  • Umar khan

    Don’t buy this phone from Mobilink because they are completely liar, i have this phone for already e month it is Samsung nexus s, which run on ics 4.0.3
    Google didn’t released google nexus. they are scam you, The actual cost of this mobile is 28500 rupees only. u have to be stupid to buy this mobile form them. they are giving u 3 months of internet and charging from u 21500 rs, is it a fair deal. think about it

    • Shahid Saleem

      It seems that you do not know the difference between a Nexus S and a Nexus. The Nexus S was released in 2010 and launched by Mobilink in April 2011 (for Rs 44,000). The Nexus was released in November 2011 and launched by Mobilink this month.

      Also, 3 months of mobile internet from Mobilink is NOT Rs 7,000 but maybe just Rs 500/month.

      Get your facts straight before accusing anyone of being a liar.

  • Umar khan

    Sorry for my poor english got a little bit emotional….

  • Mustafa

    is that true??? doesn’t seem a company of mobilink’s stature will do something so low.

  • Mohsin

    Hi Friends.
    anyone want to buy this handset bOX packed,from UK final price is me at 00447518098843 or send me an email at [email protected] then i will give you local number of my brother who will give you set and receive money.

    • mohsin

      please remove this comment

  • fahadshafiq

    50000 for this??……u can buy xperia sp for 26000 which has better processor and camera…