Sybrid’s Contact Center Go Online

Sybrid-pictureLakson Group subsidiary Sybrid (Pvt.) Ltd., a Business Process Outsourcing company, has completed a state-of-the-art contact center which it will manage for Telenor Pakistan.

The new center – which will create jobs for 500 talented Pakistani individuals – will allow for process handling to meet growing customer needs.

The collaboration has led to an investment of Rs. 100 million by Lakson Group to build the supporting infrastructure.

To mark the completion, an inauguration ceremony was held which was attended by senior officials of Lakson Group, Sybrid and Telenor Pakistan.

Iqbal Ali Lakhani, Chairman, Lakson Group and CEO Sybrid speaking at the inauguration said: “We are proud to have completed the project well before the stipulated deadline. This is the first step Sybrid has taken to providing Telenor Pakistan a holistic customer services package, and we look forward to allowing them to enjoy sustained cost and efficiency advantages through this partnership.”

Lars Christian Iuel, CEO Telenor Pakistan in his comments said: “Telenor Pakistan is committed to building a stronger customer-centric organization. Our partnership with Sybrid is a step in that direction and we hope our customers will benefit from Sybrid’s expertise in customer handling. In addition, we are excited to offer Lakson Group the Easypaisa platform to enable them to disburse salaries of their workers efficiently. The partnership is an excellent example of mutually beneficial synergies created by both organizations.”

  • those people who were getting 30k in 2006 working in call centers are now getting 15k approx (instead of 50 to 60k).
    outsourcing a big injustice with an employee

  • There are no margins in this business and its too difficult for Mobile Companies to do.

    Salaries everywhere were very high and the revenues from the market were not there. Tell me if the company not doing well should the employee still get paid high salaries.

    1996-2006 was boom years for telecom and then there was correction. You cannot have companies going bankrupt but employees to get paid higher and higher salaries.

    • agreed….but now companies have to come sit together and decide a certain limit to which call and sms tariff should be lowered to,and emphasie on vas and data services these location based offers and hourly call offers screw up the netwrok quality and dun giv much revenue these should be eliminated…

        • PTA and CCP will do nothing as they did in case of service charges and maintenance charges. Like Pakistan Govt, companies are working on indirect revenues rather direct revenues(Indirect Tax). Call center charges are paying salaries and further increase in call center charges can also be expected. I agree that profit margins are very less but the actual profit will be much high if we have AVERAGE REVENUE PER ACTIVE SUBSCRIBER in place of ARPU. Inactive subscribers help companies claim lower margins

  • Picture Detais from left to right:
    Habib Saquib (Director Contact Centre – Telenor), Bilal Kazmi (VP – Telenor), Lars Christian Iuel (CEO – Telenor), Iqbal Ali Lakhani (Chairman Lakson Group & CEO SYBRID), Danish Lakhani (CEO – Cybernet), Nazakat Hussain (GM Corporate Affairs – Lakson Group) & Syed Shariq Mehmood (Assistant Vice President – SYBRID)

  • this is rediculous, a Highly professional satisfied employee can produce the better results then such a contractual employee.
    Furthermore, complanies are just looking to make thier sales and to increase thier ARPU but what about the Customer Care?
    The standards of customer care in Pakistan specially in Telecom sector was much better then nowadays, its not about the boom tenure.. Before the boom in the industry it was better instead of the current time.
    Its quiet wrong, if an employee is not happy/satisfied with his earnings, so how he could make its company’s customers happy? How he can put smile on his face or his customer’s face, when at the end of the month he need to borrow money from his friend to go back from office.

    • Agreed. But outsourcing is done everywhere in the world. Look at India.

      The problem is with the companies squeezing the outsources to make them at very low margins and at the end of the day the outsourced employee gets squeezed.

      One other point to consider is highly satisfied permanent employees also get lazy. Maybe outsourcing is too much pressure and a push for results results results only.

      So may be both sides need to reach a compromise.

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