Free Laptops with Costly Giveaway Ceremonies

laptopsWe appreciated Punjab Government when they first announced the free giveaway of 100,000 laptops to brightest of the students in the province.

We are also proud of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif for many other ventures he has endured lately, particularly for those catering the IT industry.

Having said this, we are yet to ascertain the need of significantly large amount of funds that are being wasted by Punjab Government (or by its departments) for the laptop giveaway ceremonies; which are being held in almost every district of the province.

I do agree that there are so many other things in our country that can be avoided to save money, but these giveaway ceremonies are one of them. We are resource-less country; let’s not waste our hard earn money on such things just to grab some slogans.

I can assure you, if you did well, you will be rewarded without lavish ceremonies and high standing banners.

I am in business myself and I do consider cost in every step I take. I research well before ordering anything, hiring a resource or before selecting any service for my company; that’s because I am a small company with limited resources. I was just wondering, why our rulers can’t think the same way. They are equally poor as I am, then why this disparity in actions?

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • duffer k bachay ,sab ko pata hai punjab government ne buht zida proce cutoff ki hai ,plz don;t spread misunderstanding ,
      and admin aamir plz agar prrof hai to samnay lao ,u hv jst saw the geo clip after that punjabuniversity hv gave the explanation about that ,plz see that and then post such thing ,THanks

    • Surely the Naibaat author doesn’t know about computers,laptops & processors neither do you.
      He says pentium technology is discontinued now, then how come more than 1 Lac processors were made available? :D
      For your clarification, once a company launches a particular model, there are 4-5 different versions of it. With Pentium processor, with First Generation Core i processors, with Second Generation Core i processors etc with different Ram and Hard disk capacity.

      For students the laptop specs are more than enough, you can almost perform every routine task on these machines, MS office, Internet, Music, Videos & most of latest 3D games with basic settings. What else you need?

  • This Punjab Govt deserve some appreciation from us as compare to PPP they do a lot for people. But they do corruption and they do not tend to change the infrastructure which is the major of problem of the country. But at least they give something to people so we must appreciate them, but they are not eligible to our vote, because this corrupt system supported by them will ruined our country.

  • Common Shining student deserve that protocol. otherwise all such protocols will only be with the PM or Presedancy/ high class of pakistan.

    What so ever either its political move or else but a common person is awaded for the 1st time by the government. so we should admire it.

    this money could also go the the pockets of our polotician for the luxries

  • How much it is important to to have a lap top in a country where drinking water is not available to millions. I am sure there are thousands among these students who can buy laptops from there own resources but there are million who can not go to school because there is no body to provide bread and butter for theri families. For God’s sake some one let these politicians know that these cheap methods to earn publicity from the peoples money does not make much difference. Only people’s realy problem like law and order, security, food, water and human rights are the issues that can bring peace in this country.

    • Laptops are like motorcycles. If you have to go to work, you can go farther daily if you have a motorcycle than if you have to rely on public transportation (what a joke). If you have a laptop, you are one step closer to using it as a tool to get more work done instead of relying on desktops or net cafes or whatever.

      Some people say they should also give free internet with the laptops. Useless aregument! If the government gave motorcycles the same people would say they should give free petrol.

  • give vote and get free laptop
    laptop ki market value 35 to 40K hai or Shahbaz Sharif sahab 150K ka bill daal rahay hein koi media wala kyon nhi daikh raha.

    • actually yeh imran khan ko daikh k aisa kr rahay hein bcoz youth imran k sath hao or yeh youth ko toor rahay hein

    • Wah kia baat hai. Ek to laptop kai guna mengi qeemat per kharide ( commission mafia & corruption ),
      doosra qarz aur overdraft le kar ( Mojooda Punjab Govt. ne sub se ziada overdaft liay hain jo agli govt ko pay karne parengay),
      Teesra laptop ki taqseem karne ki ceremony per laptop se ziada kharche universities se karwae gae hain jis ka notice judiciary ne lia hai.
      Chautha, Punjab govt isko khandani publicity ke liay istemal kar rahi hai warna kabhi non elected Nawaz Sharif aur kabhi Mariam Nawaz ko laptop taqseem karne ka kia akhlaqi jawaz hai.

      Is sare qisse aur shobda bazi ka lube luba hai corruption aur cheap popularity, aur Imran Khan ka khauf.

      • kia khaak jaantay hen in ko kia pata gurbat kia he ya log to paida hi ameer gharaney men huay hen laanat bhajo aisay politicians pe

  • Its better to improve basic infrastructure and promote economic activities by using govt funds .Why is the CM wasting precious money on such self promotion activities.

  • pppp started benazir income support programe now came the turn of pml(n) so they gave laptops :p.
    Can some1 dhare the specs of laptop
    and for how much it is bought.
    In my opinion giving laptops is a waste instead they should ensure quality of education at GOVT institutes and equip them with teachers first and then facilities. There are lot of govt schools where there are computer labs but no teachers.

  • 85% of them will be used to watch internet porn….more money for internet….. it will hence destroy the purpose.

  • Waste of money on ceremony and waste of money on giving laptops from public’s money. This is our taxes, they need to be used for the benefits of public that are in dire need (build roads, give electricity, give clean water etc.). This money, which came from our taxes, is not for election campaign.

  • sb topi drama hai ye…uber shit

    put a drop of piss in a glass of clean milk…results what? a pissed off milk lol…

    PPP and Muslim League-N both are equal in this regard…They did more damage to Pakistan then any other…even the dictatorship was better than these A-HOLES!

    if they really want to do something to earn respect…provide the basic human life necessities to 180 million people of this country…I’m not asking for luxuries rather BASIC LIFE NECESSITIES (Food/Water, Shelter & Clothing)

    …giving away laptop or distributing money will do no good…

  • What else can you expect from our corrupt politicians ? The laptops is just an excuse to buy votes.
    Only Rs 5 billion is set aside for advertisement on print and tele media to publicize laptopos giveaway. PMLN supporters will say that was also necessary since how else will NAWAZ party win the next elections. They have to use public money for their political campaigns.

    Had they established a university with foreign affiliation in some remote part of Punjab, that would have benefited not only this generation but generations to come and Pakistan as a whole but sadly these current PMLN and PPP and other crooks will only serve their own purpose.

  • Funzist says:
    March 27, 2012 at 1:33 pm
    proof plzz or shut the mouth up !!

    FOR PPP:
    Rs 8,500 bn corruption mars Gilani tenure: Transparency
    Ansar Abbasi
    Sunday, February 05, 2012
    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has lost an unbelievably high amount, more than Rs8,500 billion (Rs8.5 trillion or US$94 billion), in corruption, tax evasion and bad governance during the last four years of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani’s tenure, Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) claims.



    Pro_Desi says:
    March 27, 2012 at 1:49 pm
    at least the money is not going to the Swiss banks

    but it’s being wasted on these stupid schemes (makes no difference)

  • its true, government is wasting the money of taxes in advertisement and banners. But it is good step by Gov. of Punjab that they are giving laptops to students.

  • If Laptops Scheme was so important then why it was not started from first year of Punjab Government. Situation and Conditions of Punjab education not require Laptop it just Need subsidy for Education like on fees and free education for those that not get educations. But sorry to Say that they not came in Government for real change they just want to do three things 1=corruption 2=corruption 3=corruption

  • If Govt is not giving us so we are not happy and if they are giving still we are not happy ? Come on guys get a life you can’t do anything about anything if they have done corruptions still its better man.. We can only go and read blogs, news and that is it!

  • Don’t write such cheap articles, don’t make it a political forum. Shehbaz Sharif jesa banda la k dikhao, he delivered a lot to people!

    What do you want? Wo Laptops kisi chowk mein taqseem karen?

  • Amir you can answer your question yourself if you can answer these
    – why bother spending money on buying crockery when one can hold bread/roti in his/her hand and eat directly from pot
    – why you would use your cleanest crockery to server your guests
    – why would you take your family to a nice place for dinner while you can get cheaper food from the “Rehri wala”

    asel main hamain izzet raas nahi aati, haan na itnay tareekay se bula ker qu laptop diay, itni izzet ke laiq to hum nahi hain, hamain to murgha bana ker 2 2 jootay maarnay thay sath main …. phir bhee hum ne yeahi shukait kerni thee … ke jootay marnay walay kum thay …. bohat dair lag gai hamari bari aatay aatay ….

    • You completely missed the point, or maybe you are blindly supporting individuals.

      It took 30 million rupees for one ceremony that was arranged in Lahore. Six million were spent for banners and flexes, another six million were spared to get tshirts printed.

      Are you sure this was necessary to give respect to students? Bro you probably need to reconsider your thoughts.

      • we also spend more than Rs. 40 billion on education … is it worth? saray toa perhay likhay jahil hain toa phir faida itna khurcha kerney ka?

        they have given away more than (4 billions) 40,000 millions Rs. worth of laptop and overhead for the ceremony is lets say 50M i.e. just 0.125% of cost of laptop …. which translate into 12.5Rs worth of wrapping paper for a gift of 10,000Rs. I am sure you will spend more than 12.5Rs on wrapping paper if you have to give someone a gift worth of 10,000Rs

        • 50 million (according to you per ceremony) x 36 districts = Rs. 1.8 Billion

          That’s 18,000 per laptop, or around 50 percent of one laptop’s cost. This is huge for just disbursing the laptops. Believe me.

      • oops, I have mixed 40B (education) and 4B(laptop cost). even with 4billion Rs, it is just 1.25% is 125Rs worth of Wrapping paper for a gift of 10,000Rs ….which is not bad … we spend much more than that in daily lift for good presentation.

  • میرا خیال ہے کہ اس میں کوئی برائی نہیں ہے بلکہ اس سے باقی سٹوڈنٹس میں بھی مقابلے کا رجہان پیدا ہو گا۔ اگر سٹوڈنٹس اور انکے پیرنٹس کے اعزاز میں پنجاب گورنمنٹ کچھ کر رہی ہے تو ہمیں تو اس کو سراہنا چاہیے ، کسی نے تو سٹوڈنٹس کے لیے کچھ کیا ورنہ سب ملک کا پیسہ اپنے جلسے اور دوروں پر خرچ کر رہے ہیں۔

  • I would be more than happy, If Mr. CM can announce free education for at least his province.


    Election is there, and see who is distributing these laptops, complete Sharif family, father/son, Father/daughter.

    I can only wish that, they DO, what they say


  • yar insan ko itna __________ nae hona chaye,ab agar koe aap ko laptops dy raha to admire karo pehli daFa to government logo ko kuch dy rae ha,aur rae baat imran kHan ke to 11 logo ke team aur aik hospital ko manage karna is very easy laikan aik country ko run karna itna asan nae ha,bohat mehnat karni paray ge,Jo acha karay usay apprecaite karna be seeekho.ab laptops mil rahy hen to sath main internet ke demand kal ko tm logon na washing machines aur kitchen items mangna strt kar denAY HEN AUR PHIR SHADI KARNAY K LEA PAISAY BE AUR YEH CYCLE U HE CHALTA RAHAY GA.KHUD BE KUCH KARNA SEEKH LO PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    • It is very funny when we hear that nawaz daughter has been distributed to merit students jo k khud grace marks sy pass hui :p

  • Some students have been lured by the scheme.these students deserve protocol.but the intention of Chief minister or (shahansha lahore ) is evil.was he sleeping for four years.and suddenly wake up in last year.also this money is provided by federal government not punjab.kuch galat tu zardari par dal do and sahi ho tu shabaz sharif ya ch iftikhar and what benefit are we getting 50 percent of this laptop is being distributed to loyals of sharif brothers loyal friends.why chie justice is not ensuring that this scheme is transparent .this is tax money of pakistani ppl.

  • Well written mate! I appreciate PM’s work for giving away laptops which any of the previous parties could not do so but we also need to save our resources by not wasting money of these ceremonies. Instead, I suggest PM to put a complaint form on the website in case any of the student doesn’t receive his/her laptop, they could complain to PM. Moreover, laptop distribution date for each college/uni should be stated on the website.

  • If Laptops Scheme was so important then why it was not started before….
    He is just using pakistan people to win next election. taht why distributing it in election year. Why is the CM wasting precious money on such self promotion activities? if they really want to do something to earn respect…provide the basic human life necessities. Situation and Conditions of Punjab education not require Laptop it just Need subsidy for Education like on fees and free education for those that not get educations.
    Sab topi darama hai.

  • عامر عطا نے کس فضول بحث میں سب کو ڈال دیا ہے ، اگر فیکٹس اینڈ فیگرز ہیں تو لکھ دینے چاہیں ، ہماری صافت میں فائیو ڈبلیو بہت اہم ہوتے ہیں ، کیوں ، کہاں ، کیسے ، کب کدھر ۔ لیکن اس اسٹوری میں حقائق نہیں ہیں۔
    ذاتی پسند اور نا پسند کی بنیاد پر تحریر نہیں لکنی چاہئے بلکہ حقائق کو بنیاد بنانا چاہئے۔

  • These laptops are given to bright students, now they will not remain bright, because they will engage in time wasting activities on regular basis.

    Think Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, what are you doing?

    You could help them in some other productive way.

    You have not only wasted money of Pakistanis’ but also the time of brilliant students.

  • They should have used this money to provide international scholarships to the deserving students. Such a waste of money.

  • punjab goverment sirf goverment universities k bachoo ko laptop de rahi hai . ik tuh goverment universities ki fees phely hi kam hoti hai aur kafi upper class b parti hai goverment university main aur CM sahib merit k baat karty hain .. bohat se bachy hain jo private university hain high fees per parh hian aur facially zada strong nei hai aur mushkil main agar CM sahib ki merit per laptop dena tha tuh punjab k her bachy ko dety jo b merit per hai phr vo goverment university ka ho ya private .. discrimination kun ki ja rhai hai ???

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