Breaking: Link Dot Net Considering to Quit Operations in Pakistan

logoLink Dot Net, Orascom’s fully owned subsidiary for DSL broadband services and sister concerns of Mobilink, is considering to wrap up its operations in Pakistan, amid low returns and to shift the group focus on core cellular services and branchless banking.

Sources familiar with the development have confirmed ProPakistani that LDN has decided in principle to exit Pakistani market.

Link Dot Net has DSL operations and a WiMAX license through Dancom, which it might quit, told us a company official.

However, final decision is yet to come after annual board meeting of Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited, a company under which Orascom operates in Pakistan. Meeting is scheduled for May 15th, 2012 in Islamabad.

Another source in the company told ProPakistani that decision is yet to be made, hence nothing can be said as of now. But yes, group is considering an option to quit operations in Pakistan.

Orascom had bought World On Line and Dancom to offer DSL broadband services in Pakistan. Link Dot Net, after in operations, has been facing tough competition from PTCL, country’s largest DSL broadband service provider. In addition to competition, analysts say, LDN was victim of anti-competitive practices by the telecom giant.


Link Dot Net has a WiMAX license, we were just told, though Dancom, which it is considering to quit.

Mobilink Infinity won’t be impacted with the decision.

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    • haha mujhay bhi pareshani hay Linkdotnet kay sath sakoon say waqt guzar raha tha 250Rs less charges main.

      Ab wo he PTCL dsl per jana parday ga.
      Un kay sath banda internet kum istemal karta hay aur call center per ziyada rabtay main rehta hay :(

      • Ziada rabtay main rehnay se mohabbat barhti hai… PTCL maahir hai is cheez main :)

  • @Aamir ata, thank you for feeding your audience with a baseless piece of information.

    Seems like you are now following broadcast media’s unethical norms to market your blog.

    • Yep this news will kill Link Dot Net business for sure. even if they don’t want to warp their service in near future.
      In fact this is not a news it’s a fuse.

  • @Aamir ata, thank you for feeding your audience with a baseless piece of information.

    Seems like you are now following broadcast media’s unethical norms to market your blog.

    • Salman stop trying to be holier than thou. Nothing wrong with this post. The news has been circling around for ages. Kudos to the team for making it available to us (who can now seriously start looking for jobs at other companies).

        • When you cannot reply to any of the raised points and you attack the person, then you have lost.

          You lose, Shaan.

          And by the way the truth does not change no matter who says it.

  • GEO News he lagay ho.

    taking out words for a speech; unko tooor maroor kr paish karnay ka mahir… without looking at the context on the matter, spreading fake news is illegal and harmfull.

  • @Aamir ata, do you have an offer from ?…You have great potential and talent for flooding rumors….

  • yaar this is bad news… now i have to find another connection for home use… i hope they don’t wrap up business LDN because i am satisfied by their services.

  • Realy Its bad news for pakistanii internet users LDN service are much good than PTCL or Other Service provider bcz of thier teachincal Suupport Customer Support and other employess. I was wokring in this compnay i have spent great time in LDN real bad news …

  • To survive in Market you need to come up with best of best.PTCL is really going fast as technology is concerned but really they will have to improve their speed as well.

  • NAHIIIII!!!!

    They cannot do this!! I am satisfied by LDN service! If they do wind up, they should shift their customers to Mobilink Infinity at same rate/package. They cannot leave us at mercy of PTCL!

      • Hi Aamir,
        There is a hell of difference between LDN Telecom and LDN Pakistan. Try asking your sources about that.
        And please research and share if LDN is closing its operations of DSL then whats the new thing they will introduce.I know whats coming. And i request you to please research and get information accordingly. Please verify before u post!
        There is no such thing like “quit Infinity”. they are just cancelling the license of Infinity related to dancom. Mobilink Infinity will be there as well as LDN.

  • sad… those who were working in british petroleum went job less when B.P annouced to end its business in pak, same gonna happened to link do net employees :( pak khappy! :@

  • I purchased their connection in January 2010. At that time I asked their representative why Link Dot Net doesn’t start publicity through media ? He replied that it doesn’t harm their cause.

    I think this is the cause of their failure !!
    No doubt their service is far better than PTCL but only few know Link Dot Net. I haven’t seen a single commercial of them on media.

    Do you people agree?

    I am also questioning myself that who else other than Link Dot Net can give me unlimited 1MB DSL connection in 885/- monthly ???

    • 885 a month? thats why they went out of business. Sorry but that is the truth.

      bandwidth cost and not enough volume because ptcl dont allow dsl on new fiber optic lines is the reason.

      The time of low prices are history and PTCL can finally raise ARPU.

  • @Aamir you wrote in update that LDN has Wimax license but Infinity is not impacted. Infinity is Wimax service so how is it not impacted? The frequencies and Wimax licenses are the only assets for Infinity or LDN since Wimax is a failed technology. As per pta reserve price for May auction these licenses are themselves are worth 27.9M dollars!

    • Infinity told me that they have 2 WiMAX licenses, one came through Dancom. They won’t quit Infinity but will abandon Dancom’s WiMAX license (if board meeting decided so). This is what they told me officially.

  • Thumbs Up to PTCL!

    Now the quality of their service will go worse and worse as all LDN users will (unwillingly) switch to PTCL.

  • thats sad….i still remember their top notch customer service….i had LDN dsl for 2 years and then our local exchange got updated with fiber optic, Ldn folks told me we cant give you a new connection because we dont have fiberoptic….had to choose PTCL (which is also good) …anyway feel really bad for the employees….dont worry guys Inshallah you will find another good job!

  • LDN :/ y0ur satisfied user is n0w sad0fied user .. ptcl pe t0 khuda ki lanat hy, wahcantt mey ghatia tareen service hy, LDN ki services aala hain 0r rahi hain hamesha se .. mera t0 dil nahi hy PTCL k khauu logo ka muu b dekhny ka .. i hope asa naa ho ..

  • Em using LDN from last 2 years it cost me only 735 with unlimited downloading in 1MB. Previously I was using PTCL but their serivirs really sucks…using PTCL DSL you keep on busy on calling complain centre and less on surfing…hope so LDN dun quiet their operations…as PTCL py tou Khuda ki lanat ha :)

    • I hope it is now clear that Rs 735 is not a sustainable price for unlimited internet broadband even for 1mbps.

      People get ready for higher prices. These temporary prices were seen because of over competition.

      • HAHHAAH 100% spot on. PTCL will drive others out of business and only it will remain and then raise prices.

  • with wimax and dsl infrastructure, they must not go away, twist ur strategy and bring new value-added service in market.

  • This is not good news… PTCL now only offer DSL on Fiber Optics Cable… and when there is no electricity… Fiber Optics number did not work… means no internet while no electricity….. tooo bad.

  • PTCL offer 50% discount and NO installation FEE for LDN users in Gujranwala, Sialkot and Gujrat Only…….SO HURRY UP AND ENJOY THIS LIMITED OFFER FROM PTCL …… HURRAYYYYYYYY



  • Sab sa Bakwas servis ha ldn walon ki in ko complain kro to ya theek hi nahi krty.mera 2 month sa net harab tha lakin ya theek hi nhi krty.

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