Air University Website Hacked

Today morning, official website of Air University got hacked and defaced by Kinoz of T3Dimensions. We are yet to ascertain the origin of the hacker, neither the motive behind this defacement was communicated by Kinoz.

Air University website was defaced with a usual message with a song embedded from youtube.

Check below the screenshot of defaced web page:


Currently, the web pages on is showing under construction message.

  • Its pretty easy to hack such poorly constructed websites as far as I know its pretty easy to deface them, Whilst if they are using old version of operating systems its even more easy

  • Looks like the hacker wasn’t smart enough to pass an exam or get an admission into Air University.

    • well its not worth it to die for getting admission in air uni. Even if he was a ‘potential’ student..he shud be happy after this that his career was saved well in time :D

  • I have some vendors and i really astonished what type of projects are going in our Air Force – you really astonish. They are spending alots of money but i think our Air Force, Army, Navy – All they are sleeping.

  • as my opinion ………i visited AU web several time …… one of the ridiculous uni web i ever seen.
    almost 2 years has gone same web is continue i think some student may hack……to realize the administration to update the Web……… :)

  • air university admin sucks….. students from air university hacked the website and only put a warning msg and told them about the bug….. but still it is there so simply they suck and they Desarve

  • Su….ck u all blamers…. just on your guess that it is done by Students…. you fooools are blaming the teachers and seniors of your own force trainers…..just shame on all of u…. and u all facing leaders like zardari and other crupt leaders DUE TO your own foolish atitudes and behaviors… dirty mind ,…. educated fools…..!

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