Google Introduces Knowledge Graph for Best Possible Search Results


Google is rolling out its new system for connecting the search able terms – they are calling them real life objects – to present better search results for the web users.

Google will store search terms (or objects) in its database to connect them with related terms (or objects) to co-relate them with each other.

This co-relation will be advised to users while they search for these terms (objects), in addition, these co-related terms can be served together if searched together.

Take this example of search term “Noble Prize”, and another search term “Female”. Google has a way of connecting both these objects, recognizing them separately but with ability to serve the results together if searched together. Hence, it will present the best results if searched for “Female Nobile Prize Winners”.

Google Knowledge Graph will also try to help when a search term may refer to more than one thing, such as “Oil” (Coconut oil , crude oil, etc.) For search terms like this, Google will pick what it thinks is the best result, but will show alternative searches below the fact box.

With the Knowledge Graph, Google says it will be able to better understand search terms, hence it will summarize relevant content around that topic, including key facts user is likely to need for that particular thing. It will present a Wikipedia like summary about the term you have searched for.

No, its not exactly the Ask Jeeves, but probably a similar idea with enhanced features and results.

Have a look at following video to understand Google Knowledge base better:

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