Nokia Introduces Nokia 103, Priced at Rs. 1,500

Nokia 103Chinese phones have brought Nokia to a stage where they had to launch Nokia 103, priced at PKR 1,500, said to be the most affordable phone ever made by Nokia.


Nokia says that 103 is packed with plethora of built-in functions, most significant of which is a powerful battery providing a talk time of 11 hours and a stand-by time of 27 days

In addition, Nokia 103 comes with a scratch proof cover and a dust resistant keypad. It is a mobile phone designed for people who find it difficult to afford a phone, but need one to progress economically and socially.

Other features included in the Nokia 103 area powerful front torch-light, a FM radio transmitter which works only with headsets (included), a speaking clock, MP3 grade ring-tones and the standard games.

“Nokia, as a company, aims to cater to the varying needs of customers from different social walks of life globally,” said Arif Shafique, General Manager, Nokia Pakistan and Afghanistan. “Of the world’s 7 billion people, 3.2 billion don’t have a phone yet. One of the strongest constraints is economical and we’ve been progressively lowering the entry barrier to the market while continually increasing the capability of our devices and delivering phones with contemporary, fresh designs. Nokia 103 combines a great experience for a first time user at an affordable cost.”

The mobile phone has been optimized for the needs of the Pakistani masses that are highly price sensitive with the above-mentioned features, and a price of around PKR 1500. The Nokia 103 is a mobile phone which will bring Nokia closer to its goal of connecting the next billion.


  • While Nokia is pushing the envelope in the entry-level segment, it has almost completely ignored the highend market in Pakistan.

    While Nokia ignores the topend segment, Samsung and HTC will swoop all the top-paying customers.

    They need to rethink their strategy vis-a-vis Pakistan. We are no longer an entry level market, as shown by the early launches of HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3.

    • — We are no longer an entry level market, as shown by the early launches of HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3.

      And what are their sales figures? Even Galaxy and Galaxy 2 — after years of their introduction in the market, what are their figures???

      • As far as I know, they do not make those available. But if Pakistan was not generating enough sales for these highend sets, Samsung would have launched the Galaxy S3 3-4 months after international availability like it did with the Galaxy S2. HTC too.
        There is obviously a demand for highend sets, which is what these companies are looking to capitalise on. Nokia seems to be ignoring that demand.

        • Really, think about it. For every person who buys a Rs 60,000 phone, how many people buy Rs 3,000 phones?

  • Are they serious? G-right has basic full-color handsets in the same price.

  • I’ve not seen anything attractive from nokia for a long time now………..

  • good one

    scratch proof cover ??whats mean by this
    would it be really a scratch proof cover

  • Nokia should release dul sim smart(symbian) phone.many peoples are waiting for that.

  • Just bought it yesterday, it is priced at 1650 and no handfree included in the package….

  • Nokia should focus on its smartphones. Don’t know why Nokia ignored Android and jumped to Windows? Now a low-end phone company like Qmobile is offering good and affordable Android phones.

    Nokia should launch dual-sim phones in Symbian.

    One thing more, Nokia should remove some bullshit limitations from its new versions of Symbian OS like signing of apps and requirement of QT & Phython for several apps. They should make the QT and Python the part of their Symbian OS which should be updated alongwith Symbian time to time.

    These days, many users have to face difficulties in installation and using of apps just because of these limitations and as a result they are switching to Android where there is no such crap.

  • Despite whatever people are saying… every month some 20 lakh new connections are activated in Pakistan. Out of 20 Lakh 15 lakh buy new phones from the market.

    Out of those 15 lakh phones, Nokia sells 8 lakh phones every month in Pakistan, while Samsung sells 30 thousand. HTC sells 10 thousand, while ! mobile is selling 2 lakh phones.

    The difference is huge… people on this forum are not true representative of the market out there. Neither do they have the figures to support their claims.

    • — Out of 20 Lakh 15 lakh buy new phones from the market.

      Where do you get the 15 number from? Source plz.

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