Government Bans Cell Phones in Official Govt Meetings

cell phone banFederal government of Pakistan has banned the use of cell phones in all the official meetings. Government said that this step has been taken to prevent the leaking of important information.

The cabinet division of the National Telecom and Information Technology Security Board (NTISB) warned that the technology can be used for dubious purposes by the officials.

The board said that throughout this decade, the advancement of mobile technology has made data sharing easier than ever. It also said mobile phone technology can be used in both negative and positive ways.

It concluded by saying that most mobile phone devices today come with photo capturing and video recording capabilities which if used in a wrong way, can leak important and sensitive information to the outer world.

On a side note, various officials and National and Provincial Assembly members have been caught watching YouTube steaming and other (music) videos during their meetings and sessions. This ban, not announced though, but could be a reason to put a cap on such officials/MNAs/MPAs.

  • Danda peer bigrayan da :P

  • funny clip

    why always late ?

  • Azi

    Very Good

  • Good but very late decision.. any how dair ahye par durost aye ..

  • A source of jokes

    I think its a good initiative by the federal government. Other provinces governments should implement it.

  • Its good but ghadar agar important seats par hoin gain or wo be dual nationalities wale to in se kase bateri or pakistan ke information ko save rakhni ke zamant le ja sakte he …

  • lolx es ka kia faieda?

  • Ali Ahmad

    Cell phones are not responsible for leaking information :D

    Its the people who are using it

  • Abubaker Javed

    Iss KA Koi Fidda Nahii :0

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  • Shahid

    Nonsense! this is a norm and etiquette in any meeting, formal or informal. Tomorrow the government will say that it has allowed people to go to the toilet. Will you make news of it?

  • waqar

    this is useless… the govt will ban tablets as they have cameras and can play youtube??? its back to the paper age for us where as the rest of the world is moving towards paperless offices.
    we need to setup usage policies and not ban stuff altogether!!!

  • Good Act