Microsoft Reinvents Hotmail to Call it Outlook, Claim Your ID Now!


Microsoft has revamped its free email service Hotmail to release the updated preview version of its newly metro designed with minimalistic feel and performance enhanced service called outlook.

This has happened at a time when Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows Phone 8 has surfaced.

Naturally there was not much space left for innovation in email business, still Microsoft did well by stripping out ads from inbox to make it look neater, cleaner and wider for email content.

More for your’ joy, users can integrate Facebook, Twitter (and Skype for some users – others will get it soon) with your outlook account. Microsoft said users will be able to see updates from their connected social networks and will be able to chat with their Facebook friends right from their Outlook inboxes, just like Gtalk.

Of course you can bring in your contacts from other services (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail) smoothly to Outlook. Also you can import your emails from Gmail and Yahoo into Outlook, so it’s easier to keep up with all of your messages.

7 GB of free cloud space is enough to store your emails for next few years – given you are starting from Zero. Also to mention, Microsoft said there’s better than ever spam filter to take care of junk emails.

Obviously you can configure Outlook on your smartphones too, with ease.

Microsoft is already asking its Hotmail users to upgrade their accounts to outlook. You can head to to claim your Outlook ID before it gets reserved.

In a related news, Yahoo also revamped its Email service today.

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    Our server is having a problem. We’re working to fix it as soon as we can, so try again in a few minutes. More info

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    First of all new IDs on looks good :)

    Hmm can now import other accounts like Gmail etc on but what about the security of user’s data as all user data is been shared with security agencies like CIA etc (even skype has started this practice), what about user privacy?? Isn’t internet world becoming less secure??

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    you can log in to outlook using your existing msn, live or hotmail id as well…
    no need to signup