OP# Stop Load-shedding: WAPDA Website Hacked

Hackers are fast adopting this way of communicating their message to the concerned authorities by hacking and defacing their websites. The latest of their target was WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) that got hacked today and was defaced by a hacker who calls himself “No Swear” from Pak Cyber Pyrates.

“No Swear”, through this defacement, has asked the authorities to stop load-shedding, a problem that country has unsuccessfully managed in its entire life line.

It has been 65 years since independence and we have not resolved this load-shading issue in Pakistan.

This nation has bared a lot and our patience is over now.

The students can not study, businesses are impacted, people are getting jobless.
+ every year rates are being increased. + every year load shading is being increased.

Nothing harmed to website. No Database deleted.. Just News added.
[email protected][#] ./Log0ut

Month of August is best known for cross country defacements between Pakistan and India. But this year August, however, brought a change as Pakistani hackers are hacking and defacing their own websites to deliver their message to authorities concerned.

It maybe recalled that hackers’ demands have been met in past when government had banned objectionable websites in Pakistan. This had happened after Hackers had defaced Supreme Court website last year demanding a ban on objectionable websites in the country. Same hacker group later defaced PTA’s websites demanding the same i.e. ban on objectionable websites.

Getting back to WAPDA’s defacement, here is the injected page:



  • http://www.zone-hack.com/mirror/id/100017
  • http://www.z-z0ne.net/mirror/id/37255

Below is the screenshot of hacked website:

wapda hacked