IBM Pakistan Gets Adnan Siddiqui as Country GM

Adnan SiddiquiAdnan Siddiqui has been named as Country General Manager, IBM Pakistan. He succeeds Humayun Bashir who has been named Business Development Executive for IBM Middle East and Africa.

Humayun Bashir moves into his new role after a 13 year tenure as CGM for Pakistan, during a 35 year career at IBM.

“IBM Pakistan has grown significantly during the past few years, offering expanded services in areas including Cloud Computing, Analytics and Business Continuity. We are committed to bringing innovative solutions to our diverse client base, helping them overcome their business challenges. I am confident the company will continue on this growth path in Pakistan under the leadership of Adnan Siddiqui,” said Humayun Bashir.

Adnan Siddiqui was previously Country Sales Manager for IBM Pakistan and Afghanistan. He has held various senior roles during a 19 year career at IBM. He holds a Bachelors Degree in computer science from FAST – NUCES and an MBA from IBA. Adnan is a graduate of London Business School’s Strategic Management program.

Humayun Bashir will assist Adnan Siddiqui during the transition beginning in September 2012.

  • amin

    Humayun Bashir has been named Business Development Executive????? means???

  • Arshad

    The word Executive has a totally different meaning when we talk about global companies. Its a role with strategic planning, development and top level support for business growth on a broader regional scale.

    In Pakistan and in local companies with a few people setup, a sales rep may be called a sales executive but its a totally different perspective when we talk about international and global companies like IBM with 100 years business set up in the world.

  • Congrats Dear

  • Misbah ur Rahman

    Congrats Dear Brother.

    Misbah ur Rahman

  • Salman Ghori

    Congratulations !!! Adnan.
    Salman Ghori