Ufone Offers Unlimited Twitter Usage for Free


Ufone has come up with this new offering which will allow its 26 million prepaid customers to use Twitter for un-metered amount of time at absolutely no charge.

Yes you read it right. Ufone customers can browser (mobile version of) Twitter website from their phones with no charges at all.

How to Use Twitter on Ufone:

  • Simply log on to mobile.twitter.com and get tweeting!
  • There are no subscription charges or any other kind of usage charges.

Note: Date used for media (images and video) on Twitter website and external links will be charged.

This move from Ufone is likely to boost Twitter usage in Pakistan, which is fast becoming a popular tool of getting social for common citizens and celebrities alike.

It merits mentioning here that you will need to have a GPRS enabled phone with working GPRS settings enabled on it.

Ufone usually configures GPRS/EDGE setting for your phone automatically but just in case if your phone isn’t configured then call help line to get your phone working with GPRS or you can point to this URL to get GPRS settings done manually.

    • I suppose no. Couldn’t confirm it from helpline. But that’s not mentioned in the original offering.

  • Offer is valid for prepaid customers only

    Customers can only browse Twitter with not data charges through their web browsers

  • iPhone/android apps use https://api.twitter.com/ for data. Profile images are stored on CDNs like http://a0.twimg.com/ and shared images on http://pic.twitter.com and http://pbs.twimg.com/

    I’m not sure that Ufone guys have marked all these URLs as free of charge. IMHO, only the usage of http://mobile.twitter.com/ is free but you’d have to pay for rest of the traffic like statics data (js, css, imgs), profile images, twitpics and the links tweeted.

    Most of the Pakistanis use twitter to share links, and IMO Ufone is planning to monetize this behavior. You can access the twitter for free but you’d pay for the link you visit. Nice strategy ;-)

    • They have not. I just tried it on my mobile. The main page mobile.twitter.com is the only page that is free. If you goto setting, or view a tweet with images, all of those will incur charges. So, it is more like a trap for users to incur GPRS charges than a free service. Unless there is a way on your mobile phone to limit browing or http requests only to mobile.twitter.com it is most likely going to cost users money.

  • WARNING ::

    Turn off “images” in your mobile browser [OPERA /UCWEB ETC] otherwise you will be charged for profile images.

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