Pakistan Demands Removal of Anti Islam Film from YouTube

393258_3882711786484_1026781524_nPakistan today officially demanded the removal of anti-Islam film from YouTube, by calling it an attack on 1.5 billion Muslims.

These demands were made when acting US Ambassador Richard E. Hoagland was summoned by Foreign Office in Islamabad today, who was told that the film was aimed at fanning hatred among the people of different faiths and demanded the US government to take steps for the film’s removal from YouTube.

US Ambassador was reminded that all faiths need to promote inter-religious harmony and tolerance. The intentional spread of hatred among faiths is an attack on humanity itself.

According to the Foreign Office, the anti-Islam film was a conspiracy to spread hatred amongst different religions.

Pakistan government also demanded that action be taken against the film’s author and against those involve in its making.

Ambassador Hoagland reiterated his Government position as well that of the US leadership that they strongly condemned the video. The video was disgusting and was act of one aberrant individual. He further stated that vast majority of American people have also condemned it.

In a related news, a Los Angles court dismissed a plea for the removal of Anti-Islam from YouTube. An actress, who has appeared in the film, had plead the court to order YouTube for removal of clip.

She had alleged the film director for forging the script and fooling her to play in a hateful and anti-Islam movie which she was told to be a desert adventure movie. She had claimed that movie was re-dubbed in post production phase.

Google’s lawyer told the court that laws encourage free speech, especially with matters of public concern. “We don’t allow people with private interests to trump that,” the lawyer said.

“No matter how we view the content, whether it’s reprehensible or mocking, the fact is, it’s a subject of wide debate on a topic of interest for people around the world,” he added.

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    • Yeah, that’s the strangest thing. Why can other countries ask Google and get it blocked, and yet our government is still, AFTER ALL THESE DAYS, clueless about who to talk to.

      America is not some fuedal society like ours. Their government cannot do anything about the video if it breaks no laws.

      How can Rehman Malik say he will cancel visas of Google employee visitors but cannot send an official message through the Foreign Affairs ministry or PTA to get it blocked?

  • Killing & injuring peoples, firing, violence, destroying properties… Is this the way to show love to our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H).

    • One madman makes a video, we shut down our economy, our schools, our factories, our roads.

      Who suffers??? Oh, that’s right. Other countries win (their economy is unaffected), we lose and become poorer.

      • Shahid Saleem sahib, ap key sooch Europian Sooch haa. Aur ap behtar ha key Pakistan say chalay jain aur Kaheen bahir dai’ray daal lain.
        Ap kafi samjh’daar maloom hotay haan lakin deen’dar nahi.

    • What demand should we make?

      If it is not against their law, in their country, what demand can we make in our country?

  • The way we adopted for protest is not correct. We destroy our country in the name of protest. Its wrong. why devastating our own Goods on the name of PROTEST.. please do protest but in Peaceful manner we want our voice to be heard worldwide not our people to be suffered by ruining there goods!

  • Firings and Violence in this city, Shops and banks are being robbed, Rallies destroying property and roads, People safety is on Stake, few killings have been reported -What are we doing today on this day!!! On this day we Pakistani people showing Love to our Prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H.

    (What a Shame)

  • What the hell this government doing? I mean why did they announce holiday today they can make this day without holiday there is no use to shut the whole country. As you guys can see what’s happening here in Karachi, Islamabad,Peshawer, and in Lahore. Unless Google /Youtube removes the video it self there is no use banning Youtube.
    Does it make any sense to burn/damege your own property hurt your muslim brothers. Is this what this day was announced for??

    • I thought of a great idea today, man!

      step 1. people protest.
      step 2. protest turns violent shops burned, cars burned etc
      step 3. police arrests violent protesters and get their id card info
      step 4. state bank removes money from their bank accounts to pay for burned shops destroyed property etc.

      hit them where it hurts: THEIR POCKETS.

  • Islam ka matlab aman or salamti ka hai, or NABI KAREEM S.A.W.W ne humien aman ka sabaq dia hai, ye nahi sikhaya k jalao gherao karo ya apne he mulk ko nuqsaan pohnchao, apne he mulk k muhafizon ko maro un pe pathrao karo…pata nahi kon log hain jo ye sab karne pe tuley huey hain..samajhte nahi hain k iss main hum sab ka khud ka nuqsan hai…dossre mulk ko koi farq nahi parega ye sab karne se ulta hum pe sab hansegy…Ya ALLAH jo log bhi ye sab kar rahay hain unko hidayat farma…

  • i agree with Ali, infact all Muslims should protest by not using any Google product including android phones, google search etc. This will definitely cause a sharp decline in their revenues and they might understand the power of Muslim Ummah but destroying our own country is not the way forward.

    • And then what will you do when Youtube removes the video but it is posted to 1000 other video sharing sites? How will you protest? Whose revenues will you hurt?

      • Again same thing, How many guys knows about those site, I don’t and I don’t bother to know? How much traffic those site got?

        • — How many guys knows about those site, I don’t and I don’t bother to know?

          So your reasoning is that if you don’t know that the video is uploaded to a site, then you don’t care? Wow. In that case, why do you care that the video is uploaded to Youtube? Youtube has MILLIONS of videos. Simply don’t look for it and ignorance is bliss and you’ll be happy.

          I am sure the video has been uploaded to facebook. Have you quit facebook?
          I am sure video links have been posted to twitter and and video stills posted to imgur and other photo sharing sites. Have you given them up yet?

    • And how do u suggest we do that?
      Without google you are indirectly closing down half the net, bing is not good enough then theres yahoo which is in neckdeep trouble then there alibaba which is from china so it wont help either, what would u replace adsense with, and what do u suggest us to buy instead of android, and ohh what about the maps

      If you want to get rid of there systems develop your own but ohhh wait u cant because third world countries arnt allowed to have such facilities lol half the time your servers would be suffering due to lack of electricity or maybe terrorism

      Start being practical my friend, this case could have been resolved if muslims were a little more then dick heads all we needed to do was close the oil supply from the arab world and then the next thing would have been a threat from the entire muslim world of ending ties with any country that has any law which permits such freedom of speech
      Bt no muslims are too busy burning and protesting

  • What tha hell PTA. I’m open youtube on my ufone net this is not banned n I also open anti islamic movie ho kia raha hai ye??????

    • Why are you opening blasphemous video?

      If you go searching for blasphmey, you will find it, no matter what year it is, which city you live in, etc etc.

  • These infidels have gone beyond the borders. We should abandon all the products of american companies. Aamir bhai, please provide a post about the products and things of american companies which are used in pakistan, if may.

    • Leading US Companies in Pakistan

      Abbott Laboratories

      AES Pakistan

      American Consultants

      American President Lines

      Bank of America

      Brink’s Pakistan

      Caltex Oil Pakistan

      Captain-PQ Chemical Industries

      Carrier Service Company


      The Coca-Cola Export Corporation

      Colgate-Palmolive Pakistan


      Crescent Greenwood

      Cyanamid Pakistan

      Dawood Hercules Chemicals

      DHL Pakistan

      DuPont Far East Inc.

      Eli Lilly Scientific Office

      First International Investment Bank

      The General Tyre & Rubber Company of Pakistan

      Gillette Pakistan

      IBM Semea

      Intel Pakistan

      International Laboratories

      Johnson & Johnson Pakistan

      Karachi International Container Terminal

      Karam Ceramics



      Merck Sharp & Dohme Pakistan

      Morgan Stanley Pakistan Investment Fund

      Muller & Phipps Pakistan

      New Hampshire Insurance Company

      Occidental Pakistan

      Pakistan Mobile Communications

      Parke, Davis & Company

      Pepsi-Cola Pakistan

      Pfizer Laboratories

      Pizza Hut

      Premier Tobacco Industries

      Procter & Gamble Pakistan

      Rafhan Maize Products Company

      Sheraton Middle East Management Corp.

      Singer Pakistan

      Smith Kline Becham Pakistan

      Squibb Pakistan

      3M Pakistan

      Union Texas Pakistan

      Upjohn Pakistan

      • You guys are arguing in vain with retards who don’t mind looting ATMs while purportedly protesting to protect the name of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w). If these jahils are not HYPOCRITES they should stop using the google, facebook, probably the whole of internet phones(european/american) and any other things related to the ‘evil west’. If they are not HYPOCRITES they should stop working and keep their businesses to continue showing ‘Ishq-e-Rasool’ why only for one day?

    • oh so you think banning all American goods would make any difference to them? No it won’t. It won’t make a slightest bit of difference. The blasphemous videos will still be on Youtube and don’t you think banning all US products would have an effect on us too? What about the employment here in Pakistan? Due to the closure of KFC many waiters and employees are already forced to go jobless because selfish people like you can’t think straight.
      Stop using google. In fact, stop using the internet. They invented it!And our Islam does not tell us to take revenge on others. And the funny thing is, you’re not taking any action against the maker of this movie. By boycotting goods you’re harming the innocent Americans who didn’t do anything. People like you give our country a bad name.

  • @Shahid Saleem

    I just wanna confirm if there really are some official Google’s employee working in Pakistan whose VISAS Mr. Rehman malik are going to cancel?????

  • I am unable to open Google Play, Google Drive on my Android and Computer Browser(s) (except on opera on android)

    Can anyone confirm having the same problem?? I think its bcoz of Youtube Ban???

    • Yes it is because of ban. If your ISP uses TW1, you will be able to open those sites or services.

      Ever since the ban I don’t think most people in Pakistan can activate their android phones.

    • ya its all all about youtube ban and also google services like blogger services google drive google plus etc…. blogger sites are also down

  • I detest the picture in this post. Slapping a message on an infant gives you great confidence in your religion eh?

    • Every time Fox News wants to show that Muslims are training children to be suicide bombers in West Bank/Gaza, all they would need to show is pictures of children like the one up above.

      And they didn’t need to fabricate the images: we dress up children like that, they take pictures, and then we’re upset that OUR IMAGE in the media isn’t balanced. Like, duh.

  • congratulations pakistani people for observing ‘youm-e-tahafuz-e-american consulate’ day.

    the united states is thankful to pakistani government for observing such day.

  • When i upload HiTler The Great pic on facebook. They delete it within 5 mins and give me warning as well.. But there are many pages which disrespect islam. Why they don’t take action against these pages????

    • Some Muslims want to upload sayings of our Prophet or verses from the Quran.

      Other Muslims want to upload pictures of Hitler.

      Which Muslims promote Islam? Think.

  • I blame the lack of education in Pakistan for our current dilemma.

    It always embarrasses me to see Pakistan shouting for justice. What have we done to make our place in the world? Nothing, I tell you Nothing!

    I see them fighting with the lewd though of being the best: “I’m Muslim, I’m the Best”. You’re not, you’re nothing, Pakistan is a walnut waiting to be cracked under the shoe of the world. Get your head around this please!

    Practice humility and know that you’re currently equal to crap.

  • What about Metacafe, DailyMotion and torrents and other file upload sites. The only solution is to block internet in Pakistan.
    This means that such kind of actions are the waste of energies. The only solution is to make ourselves act upon the Holy Quran, strengthen ourselves in knowledge, economics and warfare (for deterrence).

  • Just block the internet in all muslim countries!, biggest solution ever lol :D

    Ask anyone in these protests if they know what they are protesting about or if they have even seen the movie.

    The results will show how backward this society is, being so much obsessed with religion that it looks more like a cult rather than a religion.


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