Shahbaz Sharif Announces 100,000 Laptops for 2012 (Specifications Revealed)

punjab laptop

Chief Minister of Punjab, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif has announced the details of next 100,000 laptops that are planned to be given away for year 2012.

Chief Minister has said that first shipment of 2012 laptops, to be given away later in the year, is likely to arrive by 20th of next month.

These 100,000 laptops will be given away to evening students and scholars from day shifts. We are likely to get more details on this, especially the details on registration and enrollment, in coming days.

Earlier this year Chief Minister Punjab, under its Punjab Youth Laptop Campaign, had distributed 100,000 laptops to the top achievers in graduation programmes.

Like any other initiative in Pakistan, CM’s Punjab Youth Laptop also faced criticism from media and those students who alleged the scheme for bearing favoritism. Shahbaz Sharif’s laptops also went on sale on OLX, which was later strictly prohibited by the government.

According to a Shahbaz Sharif’s Facebook Status Update it appears that next laptops for Punjab Youth Laptop scheme will come from HP with more than one kind of processors.

Processors are said to be with following specifications:

  • Intel®Celeron®ProcessorB820(1.70GHz,2MBL3Cache,1333MHzFSB)
  • 2ndgenerationIntel®Core™i32350MProcessor(2.3GHz,3MBL3Cache)
  • 2ndgenerationIntel®Core™i32370MProcessor(2.4GHz,3MBL3Cache)
  • Intel®Pentium®B980Processor(2.20GHz,2MBL3Cache)
  • Intel®Pentium®B970Processor(2.30GHz,2MBL3Cache).

CM said that detailed specifications will revealed later.

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