PTCL Offers EVO Nitro for Rs. 2100 Per Month

EVO NitroPTCL’s 9.3 Mbps EVO Nitro with unlimited data, that was earlier charged at Rs. 3,000 per month, is now being offered by PTCL at Rs. 2,100 per month for a period of one year.

PTCL has announced that all new customers who will make a new purchase of EVO Nitro after September 20th, 2012 will be able to enjoy EVO Nitro at monthly rental of Rs. 2,100 for one whole year.

This offer can be further bettered if you pay three months of advance to get Free EVO Nitro device, which otherwise comes at a separate charge of Rs. 4,000.


Hack: Existing customers can throw away their current devices to get a new EVO Nitro device from PTCL with discounted rates. Simply pay for three months in advance and avail (free Nitro Device and) a discount of Rs. 900 per month for one year.

It maybe recalled that PTCL EVO dervice (with 3.1 Mbps speeds) are charged at Rs. 2,000 per month – for which we should expect a reduction in price too.


  • Nitro Bundle Offer
    • Free Nitro + 3 months usage for Rs. 6,000
    • Monthly Charges: Rs.2,100/month Applicable from 4th month for one year.
  • Nitro Monthly Unlimited
    • Nitro Device Charges: Rs. 4,000
    • Monthly Charges: Rs. 2,100/month
    • Applicable for 12 months starting first bill

Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion is applicable for new Nitro customers only.
  • Promotion is applicable for new sales on bundle, as well as monthly payment packages.
  • For customers opting for bundle promo, Rs. 6000 shall be paid in advance by the customer. Monthly charges of Rs.2,100 shall be applicable from 4th month onwards.
  • For unbundled/monthly package options, Rs.2,100 monthly charges shall be applicable from first bill.
  • For bundle as well as unbundled sales, monthly charges for one year shall be Rs.2100/month.
  • Promotion is valid only for Commercial Nitro Packages.
  • Promotion is not valid for prepaid, Employee & other discounted packages.

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  • One has has to pay Rs.6000/6100 for the first time both for bundle and monthly unlimited packages. Seems kind of weird. I think everyone will go for bundle offer with hundred saved.

  • Good Offer! But I still think PTCL should concentrate on its quality of service. If they promise you to give 9.3 mbps, they should but the fact is you will never get this speed.

  • Offer valid only for new customers:(

    I bought EVO nitro on 15th september in 6000 Rs with first 3 month free and 3000 from 4th month.

    Just called PTCL help line they said that this offer is only valid for new customers. Old customers should cry with their old package rates:(

  • funny that this offer comes soon after news of PTCL’s theft of badnwidth for 3G Nitro. Marketing or hiding behind the truth?

  • Best offer and Best service at my end.

    Using Evo Nitro since January and never experienced less than 500 KB download average , is always more than that. Even hitting 1 MB/Sec Speed at nights

  • hmm, Thinking to get new one and keep the old one.. why pay 2999 when I can save about 10,800 in an year :p

  • Good Package, but PTCL should commit the better services for 9.3 nitro and offer is valid for 1 year only ( after that again 6000 is charged, that is why old customers are not given discount) Typical Selling stretegy

  • They Deceive when they say it “Unlimited”
    All packages are limited to 300GB of data,
    When it comes to limits..Stop Claiming of being unlimited

  • mera 1 mb broadband bohat panga kr raha hai (:
    so plz koi batayega nitro device main koi problem to nahin hai ???
    yaani low speed ,disconnection or limited and also not working issues sometimes???

  • the ptcl bastards have defrauded us again…my evo 3.1 package of 2100 rupees per month (which is still listed as unlimited on their website)…finished in 7 days …..for they have put a 100GB limit on it…thanks to fairy fuck policy!

  • hahahahaha 9.3 mbps speed wala koi bhi aur ptcl ka apne khud ka dsl 10,000 se km nahin to 2,100 main aap ko yeh speed mil sktee hai ? :D
    ptcl walon ko khud apni service ka pata hai is liye woh khte hain aap ameer(rich) hon to jadoo box khareed lo taa ke jb koi aik connection na chl rha ho to doosra as a backup use karo (:

  • Dears,

    If you Consume 50 GB in a month, Don’t recharge till the 50 GB Package (Already Consumed) Validity Expires, otherwise you will charge 10 paisa / MB.
    50 GB can only be given after Last Package Date Validity Expire.

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