Mobilink Brings Nano-SIM to Pakistan

Mobilink has announced the availability of Nano-SIMs for its customers in Pakistan to ensure that Mobilink customers are enabled to use the iPhone 5 on the its network. Move is likely to be followed by other operators too.

Mobilink customers can simply walk into a customer care center and get their standard SIM replaced with the new nano-SIM.

The iPhone 5, launched by Apple recently, has introduced a nano-SIM tray instead of the standard SIM to optimize design and to enable the thin form factor of the new device.

Standard SIMs cannot be used with the iPhone 5 and Mobilink has taken urgent steps to ensure Mobilink customers can continue to use their preferred handsets on the network.


The Apple designed nano-SIM is 40 percent smaller than the current micro-SIM format and measures just 12.3mm wide by 8.8mm high, and 0.67mm thick.

For now this SIM standard has only been adopted by Apple in the new iPhone 5 but soon other mobile phone manufacturers are expected to follow the trend.

  • we can cut our old sim to the size of nano and it will work ya but if you cut it wrong then u are in trouble :P

  • yar kisi ko pata hai youtube kab open hogi? ya kisi ko alternative method pata hai youtube ko chalane ka, webproxy be kam nai kar rahe, ip level par block mara hai.

    • Nano SIM is the fourth generation of SIM card technology. These are known as 4 FF and micro-micro SIM. They are about 60% smaller than regularSIM cards and 40% smaller than micro SIM cardsor 3 FF and are about 15% less in thickness. The SIM will perform everything similar to that of regular SIM cards and micro SIM cards and are currently under the supervision of ETSI for standardization.

  • Mobilink just launched nano sim but they are unable to provide micro sim in many countries …. they should focus on that rather then just for iphone 5 they have launched nano SIM … THINK :)

  • Mobilink should focus on its services and stop fooling their customer by claiming fastest internet as no chance of 3g launch in near future, high tech and improved network again using the same technology by deceiving poor people of Pakistan …
    Their should be a censor and customer safety body for all advertisement …. what’s ur take on this GUYS ?

  • All bark and no bite ,should I say.earlier Mobilink had announced to ensure availability of the sim but its claims had gone with the wind as no new Nano sims were available.At least Ufone is better in the sense that it delivered what it claimed.Ufone nano sim is easily available in Karachi,Lahore and Islamabad

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