PTCL Posts Rs 9.35 Billion Loss in Q1 2012-13

PTCL-logoPakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) yesterday announced its results for first quarter of FY2012-13 and posted Rs 9.354 billion as after tax loss in the quarter ended September 30, 2012 as compared to after tax profit of Rs 1.402 billion posted in the same quarter in 2011.

The Board of Directors of the company in its meeting held on Wednesday, declared that the company posted Rs 1.83 as per share loss in the first quarter of FY13 against earning per share of Re0.28 in the same quarter last year.

This loss on balance sheet is mainly because of one time Voluntary Separate Scheme (VSS) costs worth Rs. 11 billion in this quarter.

Company’s cost of services rose by 12 percent to Rs 12.2 billion, most likely on account of salary pressure. Moreover, selling and marketing expenses rose by 17 percent to Rs 665 million on the back of investment in advertising.

The PTCL group posted a its revenues for first quarter at Rs. 29 billion, showing 7 percent positive growth.

Ufone – PTCL’s wholly-owned cellular subsidiary – currently accounts for about 47% of the company’s consolidated revenues and seems to be a sector with huge growth potential.

  • What The Freaking Hell.!!!
    Voluntary Separate Scheme (VSS) costs worth Rs. 11 billion loss in this quarter.
    What was the advantage of this scheme ? does it worth 11 billion ??

        • This is called Right Sizing.. if you look into the ptcl.. old age employees are mostly lazy and costly.. they get more pays and do less work…. ptcl wants to get new, energetic and cheap workers for efficiency..this is for what they paid a lot to save and earn more in future..

          • Why not just fire the A$$ of of these lazy dudez?? giving them millions of rupees in golden handshake is just stupid when the company is already not stable financially ..

            • it’s a country where democracy is misused! if they r fired! they’ll conduct strikes and seize the entire ptcl operations!

  • impossible, they always do excessive billing to customers like KESC, strategy to hide corruption

  • An eye opener for PTCL. This is what happens when you opt shameless marketing strategies to sell 256Kbps speeds hiding in 9.3Mbps packages. Stay sticky to your DSL only, you are good at it.

  • INSALLAH they will lose more and they are deserved this lose. Because they are happy that’s why they are bearing such lose. Stupid company they have the biggest opportunity to get most profit and can be No.1 Private Company in Pakistan but I guess they don’t want to that’s why they are spending on stupid advertisement rather than their infrastructure. Please someone tell them when you are increasing connection in your pipeline please increase the size of your pipe too otherwise it will stuck and you’ll lose the business and that’s what going on with PTCL.

  • Never Go for PTCL. I wasted lots of Money on them not any more. Their services are getting worst day by day. Unfortunately all internet providers uses PTCL backbone but again their Customer Service is far better than PTCL. Its becoming Pakistani Company now. Like few years back Mobilink used to be Increased customers but didn’t increased the services and improved infrastructure. PTCL please spend our money in form of bills you take in your infrastructure not in advertisement.

    • I m surprised to see your comments as they have no relation with the post….it clearly seems you have just copy/pasted your comments….this proves you are a paid blogger………….and your job is to maligned PTCL without any logic….

      • No I am not a Paid Blogger .. That was surprised? That relation is missing on this post? Its about PTCL losing business and I have talked about their services due to which they are losing their business that’s it. I am subscriber of ProPakistani like you.

    • I m surprised to see your comments as they have no relation with the
      post….it clearly seems you have just copy/pasted your comments….this
      proves you are a paid blogger………….

  • its wrong the ptcl group has in profit 114billion recored money earned but 11billion spent on VSS like golden handshak, making fool due to not shar profit with stock market shares holders and they sold their shares to ETISALAT.

  • when every cellular services goes off during eid or other national days Its PTCL to intact the communication with our lovers through Landline Vph EVO & DSL
    Thanks PTCL being pakistani we proud on you

    • No Dear I am not a paid Blogger.. for what should I shame of? Talking about the truth is act of shame ?

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