PTA Blocks Websites for Publishing Propaganda Against Malala Yousafzai

Malala-Yousafzai-1200Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued a directive to internet service providers to block the access of at least 10 URLs in Pakistan that were allegedly involved in publishing propaganda material against Malala Yousafzai, we have confirmed with sources.

At least three ISPs confirmed ProPakistani about the blockade orders from PTA and have consequently blocked all the mentioned websites, mainly a blog called “American Everyman”, run by Scott Creighton.

Other URLs, that were blocked, are forums that had re-published the stories appearing on “American Everyman”.

“American Everyman” ( has various blog entries about Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year girl who was shot in the head by a Talibaan operative for preaching education for girls in Swat.

Scott Creighton, in his blogs, tries to raise questions that lead to suspicion that America has alleged role in attack on Malala for achieving various goals, mainly related to war against terrorism. Scott terms the attack on Malala as a staged incident.

PTA Spokesperson didn’t confirm ProPakistani of the government’s directive for blocking website or the reasons for the blockage and said that she isn’t aware of any such thing. She, however, promised to revert back as soon as she gets hold of anything on this.

Update: (6:05 PM)

A PTA spokesperson called in to clarify that regulator is just following orders issued by Ministry of Information Technology, which keeps on sending such directives (of blocking websites) to PTA for implementation on almost daily basis.

PTA said that reasons for the blockade of up-mentioned websites are better known to Ministry of Information Technology and PTA is  just implementing orders issued by the Ministry.

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  • aamir7

    Like they say in urdu “Choor ki darhi main tinka”.

    • hahahahah sahi kaha

    • Malala Case is Pure Drama by Government of Pakistan & America

    • Salman Abbas

      I have HTTPSEverywhere installed in Chrome which forces https where possible and the PTA doesn’t have enough guts to block SSL traffic yet (It would need IP-level blocking I think?) so I can still access the site fine :P and of course all other blocked sites which support SSL – YouTube etc. – more people need to know this.

      • Umair

        By using HTTPS youtube does get open but it doesnt play the videos

        • Salman Abbas

          It works most the time for me but yeah it does have problems playing videos from time to time.

          • Shameel Faraz

            works fine for me

    • Ammar

      Bold comment from an Admin
      Purpose: Inflame discussion
      Background: Link exchange deal btween &

      Why are both sites reporting each other????

  • MARB

    Ya kia baqwas he agr easa he chalta rha th aik din internet he ban ho jay ga.

  • Alone ©™

    Mediaa Ki Rang Baziyaa :P

  • KyA ghalat kaha. sub thek kaha us ny. americans ny 1 arrow sy 2 targets lagaye.
    1 todo military operation in wazirastan
    2 to take away muslims from that film

    • Irtza Shahan

      3: to Divert Attention form Imran Khan’s world famous peace march against Drones !

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        World famous? Oh my GOD! I missed that part of the story. I heard that he wore skirt in that march.


    But you can still open this blog with simple trick.

  • HolierThanThough

    Neither before, not now should there be any blockage or censorship.

    The American Everyman site seems to be run by a psychopath. Taliban accepted this brutal and barbaric act and even the strongest supporters of Taliban who had connections with them and sympathized with them have condemned this act strongly.

    Social media is a mess at the moment where the supporters of these terrorists make fake pictures and fake comments to confuse the nation.

    • Agreed with you

      • MMMTheHacker

        And how do you know that they are Taliban??

        • who are they?

          • MMMTheHacker

            lols. Every Pakistani except you knows that who actually are they.They are AMERICANS.

    • ahhh. Some research please

      That’s the thing my man. Every point of view against OFFICIAL POW is always from psychopaths, religious extremists, Taliban, Al Qaeda etc etc. But our governments, they are such nice little angels. Aren’t they? Wake Up. False Flag operations are well documented by some sane people of US and western World.

      Who are Taliban? Have you ever met them? How many of us have gotten first hand data/info about them?

      There are dozens of Malalas and brothers of Malala dyeing everyday in different parts of Pakistan. I’ve NEVER seen this kind of media coverage for them. Give me a good reason her life is more important than the little kid who lived in her neighborhood(Wazirstan and Karachi) who got killed by a drone or by some terrorist. Why they are nothing to all of us and ONE girl is everything? (What happened to her should not happen to anyone innocent. It’s was a brutal act by some terrorist. I don’t know which terrorist.)

    • Irtza Shahan

      lol Who told u that Taliban Accepted Responsibility ? Geo News nd other mainstream Pakistani Channels ?? lol they are real Psychopaths nd not as credible as American Every month .

  • Guest

    look at this image and then comment what you say ?

  • look at this image and comment what you say on it ?
    true or not ?

    • @aamir7:disqus is it true ?

      • taimur

        the same pciture (on the left) is also posted on express tribune blog in Adam B Ellik’s article, so it is definitely real.

      • yes its true… ./

      • HolierThanThough

        Definitely true… Journalist would have been killed by Taliban to cover the story. This image was posted by the Journalist Himself.

        Please search NYtimes. Wait let me grab the link for you.

    • HolierThanThough

      Kindly go through the below article. The journalist himself posted the picture which has been manipulated in Social media.

  • shahjehan

    malala yousafzai is the member of ppp, she annouced that she she want to become benazir in future

  • here is another image

    • i do believe whatever you are saying to support the argument but the pasted image is fabricated

      • taimur

        doesn’t seem fabricated to me, the scene has been captured from different angles. besides its quite likely that they had a meeting since Malala was their mouthpiece.

        • Irtza Shahan

          this picture is taken from a documentary published in new York tyms so can’t b fabricated :D

      • aamir7

        I have seen the video, this image is real.

        • Aamir Bhai can you help to share the link. Thanks!

        • HolierThanThough

          Imae is absolutely real and is taken from A DOCUMENTARY… not just any video that is underground. I saw this documentary three years ago when in Karachi the school my kids go to showed it to the kids to infrom them about the importance of education and how valuable its is.

          The video is available for anyone to see, Please search Malala NYTimes video. Malala raised her voice against Taliban, The Government and as seen in the video… against American convoy. Sadly the Talibans tried to assassinate for her courage.

  • Usman

    Thanks for posting this Aamir. All of us know in our hearts that this is a paid media propoganda.

  • Saeed

    Our Govt is involved in this whole game and wanted to start the operation and earn $$$$. But PTA is also thirsty for $$$$$.

    PTA: Kuch tu hamein bhi dai do bhai zardari sahb.

    Mil kar kam karna acha hota hai zardari bhai!!!!

  • Monster

    Malala is already a propaganda to away muslims n pakistanis from movie issue n make operation there…Ohhhh The Media The GEO(The Jew)…

    • Salman Abbas

      Really? Good then. You can stop killing your own people over some cheapo idiotic movie.

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        So we can kill our own people over some “Brilliant” directed movie?
        What’s the use of word ‘cheapo idiotic movie’ here?

        • Salman Abbas

          To tumhein kia mirchi lag rahi hai?

          • Muhammed Ovais Alam

            LOL! agar wo so called movie kisi ache director ne direct ki hoti to phr kia jaiz ho jaata apnay logoun ko maarna? simple question hai aur mirchi to tumhain lag gae hai shayad.

            • Salman Abbas

              lol obviously not justified in that case too. Cheap ko cheap nai to aur kia kahun.. pata nai tum itna personally kion le rahey hai lagta hai tumhare mamu nai banai hai wo movie. Kisi famous director ne ki hoti to at least koi jawaz hota itna uchalnay aur “WEST” pe itni tanqeed karne ka.

              • Muhammed Ovais Alam

                Who are you? A 5 year old kiddo? (Read your message again and you’ll know why I said that). I am ‘zipping’ this conversation so you’re free to post whatever you want. Enjoy!

                • Salman Abbas

                  Yeah am a moron for replying to a troll like you.

  • basit147

    america never blocked alex jones

    pta and ptcl r bunch of idiots when it comes to blocking
    daily motion video server blocked
    ptclworkers,com blocked

    chk my post at wp

  • umer

    y they are blocking everything from us. where we will get information its mean we just have to believe our crappy media.

  • Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is not able to block a single website because everything should be open by using proxybypass, VPN or CyberGhost… ./

  • basit147

    pta aur ptcl ka kya kehna bhi block kar di in jaholoon nay

  • Advocates of an open free internet take notice… ./

  • Vegeta Hasnain

    Very good decision by PTA also kick taliban out of pakiatan and operation in waziristan is must needed.

    • HolierThanThough

      Operation will disperse these terrorists in every city of Pakistan. Then even our homes, masjids and schools will not be safe.

      Negotiate, educate and negotiate. Even if it takes the lives of thousands of those that are looking for peace. We cannot stoop as low as these people. Operation with those that are completely brainwashed and beyond therapy.

    • Plz Open Your Eyes first.. See whats happening and then speak those words

  • kkz

    Well we not support taliban but using malala is not acceptable by those media USA
    they care then stop dron hell yes if my 9 family members including my
    little borther killed in dron i never support pakistan if someone comes
    to me and brain wash me then yes i put rifle in my hand and start fight
    with pak army bz i dont have any thing in my life… think about it….
    we talk islamic inqalab i knw extremist socilze pplz bern :) the islam
    taliban talk is different its not islam they support by CIA, RAW, MOSAD
    we talk about islam where we live in peace no harm islamic laws

    • HolierThanThough

      There are 415 recorded incidents of terrorism before the drone attacks. There were 20,000 trained terrorists that were planning to take over Pakistan and impose there version of Shariah Law. This is all before the drone attacks.

      There is absolutely no justification of Drone attacks. We need to fight against terrorism and get rid of the arms and ammunitions in this area once and for all. We should ask these so called Talibans to give up their weapons and start a negotiating process. If they dont negotiate then every person in this land should support an all out offensive.

      • ahhh. Some research please

        It’s tribal tradition to have weapons. Just like there is STRONG weapon culture in the US. We should really find out who are these terrorist? Who is sponsoring them. Considering US history. It’s probably them. They did support Taliban when they were good use to them.

      • Irtza Shahan

        there were before drones . but there were no terrorists or Pakistani Taliban before Pakistani Army went to tribal areas on US demands for operation against our own ppl !

  • it’s big drama of govt

  • Hamza Tariq

    PTA shows how those allegations was true against the Government. We can’t stick with one side, because both side provides manipulated data from their desks.

    Well, I was waiting for this to happen. Since the PTA raises the drama of URL Blocking system in the Pakistan, I was waiting when I will read such report from anyone on the internet.

    Now support to censor Pakistani Internet!

  • Sheeda

    ProPakistani, you are getting blocked next :D

  • Muhammad Haris

    Well, I read the cached pages of that blog entries. I didn’t find anything which was offensive. There is something wrong for sure…

    • MMMTheHacker

      Suppose you are a thief and somehow I find out that you are a thief and I try to tell this to everyone, won’t you try to shut me up??

      • Muhammad Haris

        Haha, exactly! I’ll try for sure…

  • MMMTheHacker

    By doing this they proved that it was a drama.There are no Talibans in Pakistan.They are Americans.The Talibans are only in Afghanistan and they are good people (Jihadis) and I love them.

  • RAna

    salam friends
    dekhoo yaroo jab nabi S.A .W ki hurmat ke bat ki jaey to PTA _______ mar jata hey mager jab zardari ________ aur USA ________ ki bat ho to website block kr de jati hey

    [Comment Edited]

  • Dorkies

    Thanks God, there are a few people in Pakistan and America… still have little bit of sanity in left in them.. a Pure drama staged by American and Pakistani to take down various goals.

  • Dorkies

    and yeah, Where is our freedom of Speech, are we not living under democracy??

    • Salman Abbas

      No.. A 15-year retard has gifted us with censorship.

  • Muhammad Fawad

    Let me allow to say

    ” Kutti Choran Nall Milli Ay”

    Sorry friends this is my view.

    The word Kutti was used for Govt. and other authorities of Pakistan.

  • i have write an Urdu article on the same issue at

    it was definitively a big drama…

  • Everyone knows that this is a big drama created by the CIA..

    • Zeta

      What evidence you can present bhai jan.

    • Zeta

      What evidence you can present bhai jan.

      • Irtza Shahan

        @disqus_FwsVspze74:disqus yaar what evidence can u provide ? that Mala is shot by Taliban or She was shot at all ??

        • M Junaid Khan

          Where is the evidence against Aafia? Or should we believe the story that a lady took a gun from three Marines and then tried to shoot them but yet marines were quick enuf to shoot her back without leaving any traces in the room? Liars! Proof! I hope you will also ask us for proof that drones are not sent by Amkerica! I am glad Talibans don’t have drones else you could have blamed them for it as well

      • everyone knows…Have u ever seen a drama with an evidence.?

  • @aamir7:disqus apke blog ko kya howa hai check this screenshot

    • View Full Site p clik karo tab b yahi a ra ha

      • aamir7

        I have fixed this bug. Hope it won’t hit back again.

    Not opening after this update… site has zero content against malala :o

  • S.M.Saqib

    This is our real face. Always bury the truth.

  • oveisemran

    Is Malala ki waja se pura jo Waziristan tabah ho ga us ka kisi ny nahi socha. This was the block buster drama of the century from americans…………

  • Bilal

    PTA ha no right to stop information flow. Who are they to decide what is wrong. Bunch of idiots

  • Adnan M

    GEO (Jew) have not shown the story of “American Every-man” and I don`nt they are going to show this or even discuss it and obviouslly if Jew don`t then how can other channels show or even discuss this …….Hamid Mir and Kamran khan keep shouting malala……malala….malala…..malala…………Rehman malik says TTP have taken responsibility(every one knows the credibility Rehman sahab,very good example given by Z. Mirza) …….Thumbs up!! for American Everyman and pat on the back of ProPk……..One question still remains unanswered …..malala getting coverage 22hrs a day …”WHO IS GOING 2 COVER PEOPLE GET SEVERELY INJURED & EVEN GO TO DEATH bcoz of DRONE ATTACKS “.

  • M Junaid Khan

    Shameful act by Government of Pakistan. It seems there is a well coordinated campaign to make her a heroine when we have thousand other Malala in the country.

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    hit story

  • dotRiz

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