Pakistan to Open YouTube Only if Blasphemous Videos Get Blocked

9-17-2012_68079_l_thumbInterior Minister Mr. Rehman Malik today hinted that government of Pakistan can consider opening the access of YouTube in Pakistan if blasphemous video are blocked by website for viewing in the country.

Pakistan had blocked the access of YouTube in Pakistan on September 17th, 2012 after blasphemous videos had surfaced on video sharing website.

YouTube had blocked the access of blasphemous videos in various countries, including Egypt, Libya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and India, however, it didn’t block the videos in Pakistan in response to which government had to block the entire website through local ISPs.

Pakistan, through Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, reached out to YouTube to get the access of anti-Islam videos blocked in the country, but all such requests were reportedly not entertained.

It merits mentioning here that YouTube has this ability to blocked the access of certain videos in certain countries. It also has the technology to block all copies of a video (which are uploaded by different users) and all its replicas, which is otherwise not possible through URL filtering at local ISPs level, as users were uploading videos with new accounts every other day, and hence it was almost impossible for local ISPs to completely eliminate the chances of availability of blasphemous videos.

Due to Malala Yousafzai incident, the issue of blockade of YouTube had gone in the background, which is now again brought back to discussion by the media.

Some experts believe that Government is trying only half-heatedly to bound YouTube to get the blasphemous videos blocked in Pakistan. They opine that blocked YouTube is better for the political government for reasons known to everyone.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

      • Shifting to IRAN or other country is not the solution. Youtube has a policy of blocking video uploads country wise. It can block the blasphemous videos in Pakistan by itself but don’t know why PTA is not taking this step.

  • keep youtube blocked. many good video sites from pakistan will emerge soon . this ban is really helping our it sector. many innovators from pakistan will be thinking about starting a video streaming sites

    • its not that we need to have video sharing site.. its about the usefull content world shares on Youtube ..that’s what we need…

      • as Mohammad ovais said, we can leech those useful videos from youtube and metacafe. anyways america is after us b/c they have seen the potential of pakistani people. so i think its time to isolate our path like iran . why would we depend on the west anyways? we can make our own anything. stop relying on other. show ur potential and those useful videos will emerge from ur country, Pakistan.

    • We don’t need our own sites, we want the useful content the rest of the world shares on YouTube. A social media website cannot run without a social media.

  • I just saw a slide showing Rehman Baba statement in Geo News stating that all sims would be converted to post-paid till 30 Novmeber?? he also said some rubbish stuff too?? have a post on it too??

  • ya hui na bat, wese b guzara to ho hi raha hy aur time bhi bach raha hy kafi. . . . aur jab hum load shedding ko bardasht kr sakty hain to ya b koi cheeez hy !. .. ..

  • I bloody hate it when I see people making stupid comments like hey we should make our own streaming website, pakistani talent, blah blah blah. You don’t get the point do you? Youtube has a database of over 100 million videos, videos on just about everything under the sun. Unless you’re willing to port every video ever uploaded on youtube to a local streaming website, you should just shut it.

    • This comment stole all my words from my mouth. I love this new commenting system as it completely removes the “Anonymous” part of commenting over here which caused people to troll here.

      Now for my rant, The reason our own website won’t work is because our own website will be blank. The local upload speed of our internet connections is so low that just to upload a music video of a 5 minute Indian song we would have to wait for minimum 20~ minutes. This is in 480p, not even close to 720p or 1080p that are available on YouTube because people from other countries bothered to upload them.

      • Not to mention the “kahili” of our people. Most of them are just leechers and they’ll NOT upload anything to that local site.

  • laut kay budhoo ghar ko aye!

    Youtube ban say youtube ko nuqsan hoga …. (lolz)
    Hum youtube ban kerty hain jab tak video remove nahi hogi….. (in your dreams)
    We protest against youtube….. (then try to visit through proxy)

    Is Qoom ka Khuda hi Hafiz!! they can take this step at very first day instead of giving free publicity to youtube and that anti Islamic video!!

  • Khol do youtube, bollywood songs aur dosri aisi time waste chezain hamari youth ke saansain ban chuki hain :) Sawayay chand kay jo youtube ko kisi achay maqsad kay liyay istemal kartay thay.

  • First thing first, where is their request to block? Pakistan government jumped the gun on this one. In order to be ‘holier’, they placed a ban.

    Second, Pakistanis do not have a clue about web development. Just to up a video in this era of ‘block and ban’ requires huge resources.

  • After this controversy ppls have learned a lot.. specially VPN and other stuff which is way too much dangerous to the govt., if they had not blocked youtube…!

  • apart from rudeness of youtube,no one can deny the fact that it is one of the most important information far as myself is concerned i was much affected,coz being a computer science graduate whenever there was a trouble..i found some help..educational content and tutorials are the main reason of my urge to unblock youtube,URL filtering mechanism must be applied to prohibit blasphemous content..but dont block the free resource of education.sorry to my emotional brothers

  • The Google Giant Has to Bow before Its Knees To Realize whats it Refusing to do in Pakistan is a Little thing for them

    Here the Google’s Intentions are Obvious that they Are working on the International Anti-Islamic Agenda,
    Brazilian Govt Captured the Country head of Google As Google refused to remove Objectionable Video against one of their Political Leader,And they Threaten him of being sentenced For Some years,Google Realized and Banned that video
    I am Amazed why such Action cannot be taken herein Pakistan?

  • i am just hating PTA right now..they also blocked Viki and…okay if u wanna block youtube do it Gladly but foe god sake Don;t block Viki and…PTA is a FUCK HEAd is not legal to block websites like this they hav no right …especially when viki and don’t contain any bad material …Ifeel like a Prisoner in this GOD DAMN country

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