Breaking: Pakistan Bans MNP, Directive Issued to Celcos

MNP_BannedPakistan Telecommunication Authority has just issued a directive to all cellular companies, telling them to impose a permanent halt on Mobile Number Portability (MNP) services.

Directive from PTA, a copy of which is produced below, says that on direction of Ministry of Interior a ban has been imposed on MNP, effective immediately.

MNP services will remain banned till further notice, the directive said,

Reportedly, the ban is imposed in result of a meeting held at Ministry of Interior, that was chaired by Mr. Rehman Malik, which advised to ban MNP (along with other measures) for security reasons.

Cellular companies confirmed ProPakistani that they have received the directive for banning of MNP. They are however clueless and pointless over the move.

It merits mentioning here that MNP was launched in Pakistan in March 2007 and it proved to be a successful service in the country, that is availed by million of subscribers.

in June 2009 one Million customers had availed MNP, which grew to 11 million in March 2011. Latest reported stats suggest that over 25 million customers had availed MNP till September 2012.

It maybe recalled that another directive issued by PTA today said that cellular companies will have to shut down their entire sales network. It said that cellular SIMs will be sent to customers’ home addresses — given on their CNICs.


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  • Okay now this is just plain stupid. Is it actually legal that the government can impose a ban on anything like this or does there have to be a public process first?

    (For the record, I’m not saying something along the lines of “Pakistan main kuch bi ho sakta hai”, I’m actually wondering if there are some actual laws about preventing this kind of stuff).

    • Muhammad Anas Zafar

      Public is no more than a fool voters in this country!!

  • Awesome Rehman Malik can do anything to get his Attention.. :D

    Thumbs Up.. ;)

  • as if everyone resides as per the address on CNIC. cm’on people banning MNP is one thing but sending SIMS directly to home address is senseless. instead they should limit the sales to franchises and not to the franchisees.

  • Irfra Jamaal

    interesting step by the govt they are first claiming in the world to be first to introduce MNP now they are banning this service without any logical reason …

  • don’t like this rehman malik khud karachi main dehshatgardi karwa raha hay or musibat main awam ko dala hova he ye ban jald se jald khatam hone chahye amir bhai ap poll kerwain yahan please or report send karen PTA ko youth kia chahti hey

  • Correct me if I am wrong: Rehman Malik was somehow responsible for the security of BB, She got killed. Now, he’s responsible for the “security of Pakistan”. God Bless our country. :(

    • You got it right!

    • Azeem

      Lol! He actually ran away in a car from the scene of crime.

      All of us are responsible for putting people like him in office. We should get out bums out of bed in the next elections and select someone with little integrity.


  • ta

    $#!t telenor put holdon my number eight days ago” to complete in 9 days” now they will be so happy that they can simple reject.

    • haha ye to afsos ke baat hay. umeed hay ye MNP ban permanent nahi hoga.

      • ta

        Hope so…..

        Wese lagta ha rehman malik ka tareeqa ha sirf telecom operator se bribe lene ka.

  • Shab

    You mean i am stuck with zong for ever??

    • Waqas Ahmad

      yups… difinitely ???

    • LOL! Happy Zongism!

    • untill Rehman malik is dead

      • or arrested :)

        • Guest

          or assassinated :P

          • Mohammad Abrar Naeem

            or f*cked :D

            • Ahmad Khan

              or disappeared.

      • rock star

        or hanged

  • oho, mera number na badalnay ka raaz MNP he the. Hmm chalo aik he network sath guzara kar longa rokhi sokhi he sahi :D

    • Ahmad Khan

      Aaqil, arent you already done with mobile networks? I mean why would you care.

      • Ahmad how do u know that :O

        but kabhi kabhi koi dosra network meray mojuda network say bhi sasti ya dilchasp service/offer day deta hay aur kabhi ye network zayada busy ya koi aur masala ho to to MNP service he meray liay aik acha zariya the.

        • ahmad khan

          lolz. I was one of the subscribers.

  • Heard the news 5 days ago, I wonder why the letter was issued so late?

    • Waqas Ahmad

      agree yaar…

  • WTF

  • umer daraz

    You mean i am stuck with Ufone for ever??

  • ascetic

    WTH MNP is blocked…… Is it not done by legitimate customers by showing original CNIC???????????? I done it for 4 to 5 times and same procedure of double check by sms and matching with original CNIC…………………

  • Waqas Ahmad

    A very good policy going to implement…

  • It is interesting to that MNP letter does not explain as to what impact it will have on already ported mobile SIMs since it was started in Pakistan.

  • DJ

    Baba Rehman Malik Zindabad :@:@:@:@:

  • btw its gud, qk sim khareedna to ajkal aesay ho gaya hai, jese koi bacha dukaan se tafi lene gaya ho aur usey 1 mnt me mil jaye, kuch accountability honi chahye zaroor. good step.

  • Yasir Latif

    Good move by PTA, i never liked this service from the beginning and MNP should be banned.

  • Just found out that Rehman Malik is not getting khapantus from Telcos and this is how he is punishing them second reason is he is an indian agent therefore opening ways to open mobile services with india and restricting and destroying companies in Pakistan

    This is for you Malik: F*** YOU!

    • Mohammad Abrar Naeem

      luv it :P

  • Sajjad Sohail

    I was going from Ufone to Warid and it was on hold till 7th day today. I have to remain with ufone.

    • asdfas

    • Mohammad Abrar Naeem

      Best of Luck with Ufone :P

  • Raheem Khan

    Thank God! No More annoying Ads!!

  • Well create opportunities and then some barber comes in ad tell that this is used in DAHSHAT GARDEEE… he is just a bastered nothing else

  • اظہر علی

    i really don’t know whats going on in Pakistan.. every thing got ban ban…. Pakistan ko he ban kar do … had hoti hai yar

  • Shab

    at least allow us to go back to our original networks!

    • M.Aswad Mehtab

      lol no turning back :P

  • what about the huge investments done by cellcos and people for implementation of MNP and buidling franschises? and where will all these human resources go???

  • Stuck with Zong now…FU Gov.

  • Rashid

    Have we forgotten that Americans, will all their agencies and tech, still implemented the highly objectionable TSA?

    Desperate times need desperate measures.

    Since govt. decided to ban sim sales channels, they rightly banned mnp. mnp is a potential workaround of latest restrictions.

    If the new rules can help save even one life, they are worth it.

  • News blogs/websites started linking to ProPakistani for taking information away from here! Its a good news.

  • Shumaila Parvaiz

    Thank God I switched to Telenor from Mobilink in time. Mobilink has got one the most pathetic customer service ever

  • Basit147

    what about already ported nos will they back to parent network

  • Muhammad Anas Zafar

    So, Anyone can tell me what are the harms that MNP causes to National Security????

    Also Ban all (branchless too) banking accounts as they can be used by terrorirsts for funds transfer!!!!

    Live in Stone age and make a peaceful Pakistan?

    We are waiting for 3G here in pakistan but even 2G cant survive in a country where the foolish person of the earth became an interior minister.

  • M.Aswad Mehtab

    Actually they [telcos] Adopted a very flawed moddel at first place for selling sims and promotionz, Telcos are selling sims like selling mangos , 1 k sath 1 free .. on every bus stop you can see that .. i know those are poor people trying to make living but that madness has to stop one day, … First they draged whole nation to this crap now they are traying to crwal back to sanity .. This is going to be difficult for sure !!

  • Rehan Farhat

    I think this step will hinder the 3g/4g auction which is already very late. Foreign direct investment will be stopped as return on capital employed will be affected badly.

    They can do a better solution by providing a computer generated time and place for every nth no. of old and new activated sims to personally visit customer care centers in x no. of days / hours and get them activated over the counter in a convenient manner with CNIC and bill copy. Absolutely no need for posting the sim at home. But the ministry is in hands of duffers and idiots. Illegal Sims should be banned, but without disturbing genuine customers. May Allah fast forward the remaining term of this incapable morons’ government without any further surprises. Aameen!


    these minister dont know wat they r doing

  • Mohammad Abrar Naeem

    inno ne kya kanjar khana lagaya howa hai, lagta hai telecoms ne in ko haddi nai di , is liye ye harkatein ho rahi hian….

  • Guest

    Jo sim Already porn hay woh b khatm ho jaya gaa???

  • or Jo sim alrady port hay woh??

  • spID3R

    Friends tell me! who have already port no so what will happened to him. restore to Old company !

  • haseeb

    Ban Pakistani people from using mobiles :o GO PTCL :O hahaahhah

  • Rizwan Liaqat

    I think the easier step at this moment is for Rehman Malik to ban mobile phones altogether. Na rahega baans, na bajey gi bansuri. Foolproof security. The billions of dollars of lost revenue can be written off as bad debts, because we’re a rich country that can afford it.

  • Ahmad!

    Iss kutte ke moonh mein haddi Q nhi dete mobile companies wale

  • What will happen to already ported numbers, would they be allowed to switch back ?

  • Sanjay

    Mnp is very good to stop … Any horse SIM Mobile Compnny original customer that the Franchise office

  • Sanjay

    Mnp is very good to stop … Any Sale SIM Mobile Compnny original customer that the Franchise office

  • Fahad


  • khurram

    why not telco goes in COURT against this ban, if customer/subscriber/user is not happy with current network he/she should allow to change or select the network of its own choice, rather then you force him/her to change the number…..