Zong to Give 3G Demo to Chairman PTA Today

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

zongWhen government bodies are struggling hard to pave way for 3G, mobile cellular operators are doing all the homework to get their-selves ready for 3G launch, if it is ever auctioned in Pakistan.

If sources are to be believed than Mr. Farooq Awan, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is visiting Zong’s office today to experience 3G services on Zong’s network.

Zong has been extensively testing 3G services on its network, particularly in north, for which it believes that the time has come to demo the 3G wonders to chief regulatory officer of the industry.

ProPakistani is reliably told that a video call will be initiated on Zong’s network today to showcase its 3G readiness before Chairman PTA.

It merits mentioning here that every cellular operator has tested 3G services on their networks, except Warid, to make sure that they are well prepared for the job to take up when and if Government decides to auction 3G licenses in the country.

However, Zong will become only operator that will demo 3G services to Chairman PTA.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • if it is launched it will too expensive for the poor people of pakistan.

    • Why would poor people use 3G for?

      P.S. 3G in country will provide new jobs and horizons!

    • Poor people? Their will be many rich people who dont know the meanings of 2g and 3g.

    • Salman Abbas

      We shouldn’t have cars in this country. They are too expensive for the poor people of Pakistan!!!!!

    • If you can’t afford it, don’t use it. Don’t impose your narrow-mindedness on others just because you don’t have the means to afford it.

    • Gulab Shah

      its affordable for any1 else

  • Please for heaven sake, Dear PTA and all bodies involved in this case, bring 3G now. Its already too late :S

  • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

    nice yrr , im loving it :p

  • tooo late

  • PLay Owias

    ohh 3G products is very expensive Please Monthly Low Rate …… Becoz PTCL 3G monthly Rate is Very low Next Month ….

    • Guest

      get a life.. nearly every smartphone, except iPhone offcourse, is 3G compatible

      • jawadahsen

        Are you still using the first generation of the iPhone?

      • Furqan

        1st i wana say lol, and then who told you iPhone doesn’t have 3G.

        • He could have replica of an iPhone that lacks 3G! :P

    • what are you saying? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

    • RIP English :P

  • Warid’s ericsson network already had 3G support since beginning? They only needed software upgrade to become 3G from 2.5G.

    • What do you mean by Software Update?
      Its about UPGRADING THE WHOLE NETWORK not a smartphone! And Upgrading means to UPGRADE back-end systems and equipment.

      • Before Warid launched its service in Pakistan, they were building network. It was in the news that Warid have partnered with Ericsson to build network. Ericsson equipment have 3G support, will help Warid to switch to 3G without any need of spending on major hardware change. With only software upgradation.

        That is what I remember from the news :)

        • Again you’re wrong at this point; ‘SOFTWARE UPGRADE’
          The term ‘SOFTWARE UPGRADE’ is wrong in itself.

          • xaffar

            Rizwan, Their(warid) hardware is already supportive for 3G, Then what they have to update, Only old mobilink need to Update, which as of my knowledge has already been done,

            • Last year, in a statement by Ufone and Mobilink, both are all set for 3G shift. Both are ready to launch 3G services; Huawei Pakistan Deputy CEO Colin Hu said.

              Source: http://goo.gl/YigH2

  • Gulab Shah

    we r sick of using gprs let it launch 3g as well as we need

  • Rashid Naeem

    if we get iPhone 5 in Pakistan then nothing expensive … we have all expensive cars and gadgets whats the use without 3g.

  • HAHA its 21st century and we are still showing stupids DEMOs ko our higher authorities. Go and get a Life mr PTA :D No Offense!

    • They have to show them demo, because those higher authorities have no clue about what 3G is, and how it works lol

  • rehanshehzi

    Saying that it’s too late already, is a gross understatement… This is down right AUDACIOUS, and HUMILIATING.. The world is looking beyond 4G LTE and we are still stuck in 2002.. The whole world went 3G, then 4G LTE (starting 2006!) and been spending billions in research ever since to go further in the Internet of Things; where in the meantime PTA had been “busy” contemplating on auctioning 3G!!.. Talk about efficiency.. Preposterous..!!

  • G. Khetran

    PTA Chairman Seem a moron, He need a demo for 3G :D . Guys Mr. chairman even don’t know whats the features of 3G :D Keep it up Mr. Chairman

  • Haqnawaz Tanoli

    Aamir saab ICH case ka kia hua.Aaj aap ney update nai kia.

  • Haqnawaz Tanoli

    Mr Rehan you are RIT

  • Charles Gucker

    I hope this 3G works out. I will then move from Mobilink to Zong.

    • Too early to say which network will get 3G License. Only bidding will decide!

  • I am waiting for 3G…! Please make its availability fast.

    • Saif

      Bhai bas thori der wait kar lein, banday ko bheja hua hai 3G laanay k liye…raastay mein hee hoga…

  • Hope k jald 3g launch ho ga.

  • Memon

    hahaha…zong to give demo of 3G to PTA chairman hoohooheeheehehehe

  • sarwan jawaid

    Even the afghanistan have 3g (Etisalat) .Where pakistan is going ?? :(

  • Jawaid Iqbal

    dunya 4G launch kr rhe hy aur hm abe tk 3G ka demo dekha rhy hain…..

    wo b unn logo ko jo mobile sirf call aur sms krny k liyay use krty hain…….

  • shahzad

    When Ever It will launch in Pakistan With Zong Network?