Lost SIMs Can Indeed Land You in Jail [Video Proof]

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

SIM Lost JailYou must have seen this TVC on various TV channels featuring a 10 year student who tells the teacher that his father is in jail – because his lost SIM was (mis)used by criminals.

Majority of us don’t take this awareness ad seriously. I am saying this because there are still millions of inactive SIMs that are in our names but we don’t use them. They are either misplaced, blocked, given to cousins or their cousins, stored in our drawers etc. but are not in our use.

These SIMs (in your name), if get into wrong hands and are used for any criminal activity then you can get in real trouble. No will listen your justifications of lost SIMs or anything. You will be straight away put behind the bars.

Sania, a student of 1st year pre-engineering, is one of such unfortunates whose SIM was lost and was used in a murder and consequently she was taken into custody by Police and was put in a Jail.

This, seemingly a bright, teenage student has already spent two months in a Jail for a crime she never committed. Her only sin was that she didn’t get her SIM blocked after she had lost it.

This can happen with you as well, if your old SIMs are not taken care of.

So here is chance for you to get all your old in-active SIMs – that are not in use or those that were registered against your name without your consent – to get blocked.

You can SMS your CNIC number to 668 to know the number of SIMs issued against their CNICs. Alternatively, you can also visit PTA website to check number of SIMs issued against their CNIC.

Do this today, or there may never be a tomorrow.

This is especially advised at a time when you can’t have more than 5 SIMs on one CNIC.

Here is the video of this ARY show that was shot at a central Jail featuring Sania. Look at her innocence, conditions she is in and the misery that took her to Jail.

Move video to 12:20 minutes to view Sania’s appearance:

Thank you Suhaib Malik for Sharing this Video with us.

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  • Koi is moti Maya Khan ko b jail mai band karde buhut bolti hai ye tu, mai b Maya Khan k naam se koi SIM nikaalta hun aur phir Police walo ko phone kar k khoob galian dunga aur wo log is Moti ko free mai Jail band kardaingy, Maya Khan enjoy Cool Cool weather in Jial. :O :P

  • its helpful for all of us keep sharing thing like that thanks and i hope her father will be Release soon be safe

  • I moved last year to USA and at that time i had only one Zong sim. I am shocked now because PTA websites shows that there are total of 14 sims of all networks active against my CNIC. Thanks alot ProPakistani for sharing this information and can some one please tell me how to block these sims from here?

  • Amir bhai i have a zong sim which i have given to some one now he is not in contact with me as i wanted to blocked the sim just call zong helpline they said ” it can’t be blocked either you have to call from that number or that sim must be misplaced” what should i do ??

    2nd- there are some sim on my telenor number i wanted to block them too but service centre is not giving me the numbers which is on my name they said you have to tell them the number to block them how pathetic it is

    What should i do in that case ??

    • go to your concern mobile service center and give him your INUSE numbers and other then not given number will be blocked right away..

    • To zong, company should block your number if you have verification, complain to PTA. say to company that u have lost that sim.

      To telenor, give them your telenor numbers which are in your use. Others will be blocked. (waisay aj tak mera to block nahi howa, telenor walay shayad active sims say zayada he laad kartay hain, khair meray paas raseed hay block request ki)

      • They said you can not blocked that sim, they can only remove it from my name. I mean WTH then to who’s name it going to be run :S Zong CEO or put it to any other random CNIC. .

        Zong walay baray bharam sy kaah raha tha ky ” app ny abhi recording mai kaha hai ky sim app ky pass nhi hai”

        • woh log block q kare gain ..apna nuksaan kon bardasht kare ga
          block karne ka matlab hai sim band ,is ka matlab hai sim de-activate
          is ka matlab hai phr woh apni dukan kese chalai ge ,band howi sim pe calls,msgs dur ki bath tax na mile ,esa mumkin hai?
          ZARA SOCHIYE!!

  • Same thing happened with one of my friend. he spend 6 days in police custody.Some one purchase the sim using his NIC and then commit the crime.Ultimately police tracked the SIM owner and arrest my friend.

  • Sim lost …. problem for those who keep more than one sim cards without need. I have only one sim, that remains in my phone. If lost, I shall quickly get it blocked by dialing my network call centre number from other mobile phone or landline phone.

  • is it possible to block sim while you are abroad? i live in Norway from last couple of years and i can see there are still 4 sims on my name.Is there anyway to block them?

    • Same here. I live in London and want to get all SIMS on my name bloacked, except for Telenor.
      the CNIC checker (http://cnic.sims.pk/) doesnt work for me: it always
      gives a server connection error after I put in my CNIC.

  • PTA should also punish cellphone companies. A year ago I went to cellphone companies and cancelled all the extra SIMs on my name. Now I see two new SIMS have been issued on my name.

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