Breaking: LDI Operators Asked to Charge Pre-ICH Rates for International Incoming Calls

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has Directed all LDI operators to restore pre-ICH calling rates for international incoming calls to Pakistan to comply with court orders, told us a source who is familiar with the development.

In a letter written to all LDI operators, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has communicated to operators that authority’s earlier letters regarding ICH were suspended and operators should charge pre-ICH rates only to comply with court orders.

With this, the letter that had revised the rates for international incoming calls has also been withdrawn, ensuring that rates for international incoming calls to Pakistan are now finally going to go down to pre-ICH level.

LDI operators are given a deadline for December 24th, 2012 to bring down the rates.

PTA’s earlier letters that are said to be withdraws are as following:

All operators were asked to submit their compliance report to PTA by December 24th, 2012.

This letter from authority to operators (produced below) marks as the final nail in ICH coffin, with ending everything that had been done on International Clearing House or ICH.

With this, international incoming calls are now finally to get down to pre-ICH level, a relief that Pakistanis living abroad were seeking since October 1st – when rates were increased from 300 to 800 percent for all calls made to Pakistan.

Read this letter below yourself:


(Click to image to view larger copy)

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      • All LDI were selling at this rate before ICH. Multinet, 4B, Wateen, PTCL, Dancom, Redtone. I do have rate notfications by them. It is not very wonder thing but very common in market. That’s why I am asking that what are Pre-ICH rates? ProPakistani totally confusing it. If anyone have 17 August 2011 Rate Revised PTA Letter. Please share.

        • I think he meant to ask which service you are using to call Pakistan (post some links please).

          It will be beneficial to have a post/poll of what services people use to call Pakistan from abroad and which is the cheapest, most valuable etc.

  • If anyone know Pre-ICH rates then please share the letter (17th August 2011 which is mentioned by PTA in letter). Other than as I know, it will take 1 month after 14th January as all POPs are disconnected and LDIs have to arrange them again and issue the payments and then they can bring their operations.

    • 24th December is not date for reducing the rate. It is date of compliance reports should be submit. So through these reports LDIs will make sure that they will bring down the rate. When? there is a process time like activating International Circuits, making agreements with MOs/LLs and rate notifications after meetings with other LDIs for a decided rate. It will could be possible in Mid of February 2013 when consumer will get low rate. Again rate will be between 0.065 to 0.075.

    • Congratulations! Isn’t this why you ousted Musharraf and voted for people like Zardari? Didn’t you all want democracy?

      I am sorry I sound a little harsh but really, it hurts to see our country become utter crap.

  • today date 31 December but same rates..before 20 /but now 40 its a double rate now

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  • what will this happened … i wat wat wat … what will we do for our country and why why … our goverment is absltly blind for us they don,t have any care of thousands of peoples they lived abroad … why we give votes to corrupt leadership we miss our country but our leaders don,t care of us … they just look for our benifit

  • stop sending money to corrupt pakistan and the next day they will make the calls cheap, Its not the pakistan goverment it is the people that send money to pakistan and that is all of UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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