I’m a Mobilinker Setting Newer Trends in Business Communications

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

2012-12-28_164236Corporate videos are a good way of getting an organization’s message across. In the past, at least in Pakistan, corporate videos have been used mainly for making company introductions, enhancing business portfolio or to make sales pitches.

With the recent uplift of social media, different organizations have set up their own channels and pages on YouTube or Facebook to directly interact with their customers. Interestingly, these pages do not just play a role in getting a message outside of the organization but also in addressing employees. The general perception indicates that corporate videos help organizations to increase employee motivation and boost morale in addition to introducing a factor of pride for working for them.

One such video was recently launched by Mobilink with the title “I’m a Mobilinker”. It gained much popularity not just for young professionals and students aspiring to join Mobilink but also for employees of other organizations, especially in the telecom industry. The video only features Mobilink employees and taps into their personal interests that they believe are a part of their personality that they bring to Mobilink. It also highlights the conducive environment that Mobilink offers its employees to learn and grow in.

While corporate videos for employee motivation are still a relatively new concept in Pakistan, it is good to see Mobilink leading the way. We hope that other organizations will follow the trend and share their culture with youth aspiring to join them. This will help enable youth to make better, informed decisions about their professional careers.

Check out the video below:

  • There are only 3 things that make a job interesting irrespective of industry and that are; Learning, Earning and Serving. If Mobilink hierarchy ticks all those boxes then i don’t think they need any kind of social media video to motivate their employees!! But overall its a good thing to send a clear message to others. Who knows whether it is a bait to obtain talented manpower other employers have. Seems Wicked!!

    • Right said. If there is no learning, earning and serving, there is no reason to enjoy work in any company. If Mobilink holds these 3 things with the corporate video, then its really great for employees.

  • Where z Retailer’s Grade ???? Man Part of Telecommunication is Retailer’s First Due To Increased Sale by Retailer end. Don’t Kill the Retailer’s I like Only Ufone due to it’s All About U !!!
    Means Ufone Humari Kamyabii Tum hiii tuuuu hooo I say from Open on Heart

  • Nice time to make a video. Before you throw out a sizeable number of employees to a chinese company, that will replace 10 Pakistan engineers with 2 or at most 3 people not to mention some of them even being chinese

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