96 Million Cellular Subscribers Remained Without Service Today

Rehman-MalikOn the occasion of Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) today, amid security reasons, Pakistan Telecom Industry is undergoing its worst cellular service closure till to date.

Initial estimates suggest that 80 percent mobile subscribers or around 96 million mobile subscribers are going to spend their day without cellular services.

With only 3.5 million active landline connections in Pakistan – only option to remain connected today – majority of population in Pakistan is expected to remain without communications.

Late last night, On the advise of Ministry of Interior, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had issued a directive to cellular operators to suspend mobile phone services in 46 major districts or in at least 200 large metropolitans across Pakistan.

Officials of mobile phone companies tell ProPakistani that cellular industry will have to bear a loss of Rs. 800 million for today’s service closure. In addition, government will have to bear Rs. 250 million in tax losses.

This does not include the monetary loss or other damages that the people of Pakistan bear due to inaccessibility of communication services.

Service closures in Pakistan for security reasons, the only example of such kind in the whole world, are expected to persist and may only worsen in coming days.

Salman Ansari, a senior telecom professional, says that he hasn’t seen times as bad as this in telecom history of Pakistan. He opines that today’s age and time has got all sorts of tools (such as data mining, massive legal interception, pattern recognition, common and accessible data bases of cell phone companies, the deep NADRA data bases, etc) available to tackle terrorism but all the Government can think of is of shutting down communications, which are a vital lifeline for many.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Ari

    “With only 3.5 million active landline connections in Pakistan – only option to remain connected today – majority of population in Pakistan is expected to remain without communications.”

    What about Facebook? ;) My Wall has been 10 times more active today than usual!

  • Chaudhry Khalid

    Jeya Bhuto, :( :D

    • Omair

      Dont worry the future government will also ban mobile services in all occasions in which mobile service has been banned in last year. Say good bye to mobile services on eid days forever.

  • Timing?

  • Rehman Malik – Disconnecting People :/

  • Omair

    Its good to see the Pakistan is progressing towards darkness. Everyone is happy. Now it has become trend and norm of the Pakistan to ban the mobile service . So mobile services will always be suspended on EID days/ Challum/ new year and so on and on ..

  • Raja Maja

    Hang Zardari, Rehman Malik and Altaf ( Kala Naag )

    • betteranonymous

      that would solve many other problems of Pakistan as well

    • Ali_Amjad

      totally agre

  • salman

    Enjoy another law of democracy in pakistan after elections…

  • Abdul Waseem

    People in Pakistan are abusing Rehman Malik as much as they can. Indeed, he deserves it :P :P

    • SSH

      Very true, but (Moderator) really respect Mr.Malik and delete our comments when we give respect to Mr.Rehman Malik.

  • Muhammad Adnan Asim

    I As A Karachite, Now Feel Myself Hostage / Caught / Bounded Without Doing Any Wrong Act. I Can’t Talk To My Friends ….. I Can’t Visit My Friends ( Especially Those Live Far From My Area ) Because Of Worse Situation In Karachi.

    And On Holidays Or Fortunately During On A Peaceful Day, If I Decide To Visit, When Returning Stuck In Worse Traffic Jam.

    Agree Or Not, Pakistan Is Now Becoming An ‘ Isolated ‘ Country Because Of Our Leadership, And We Pakistanis ( Especially Karachites ) Are Practiced To Live / Become Apart With Each Other Living In One City, Because Of Our Leaders.

    If This Is Situation Of ‘ The International City Karachi / Mini Pakistan ‘, No Need To Discuss The Entire Pakistan.

    • nafees ahmed arain

      unfortunately true story :( the worst city to live in seriously

  • Meri Kahani

    aacha kheeel mil gaya hai humari sarkaar ko… :)

  • Mirza

    Khapay khapay khapay, Pakistan Khapay [Punjabi wala nahi ]

  • KHAN

    rehman malik sahab agr mobile use nahi krna ata to sale kr do kaminay ……….

  • SSH

    bhaiyo just wait for few more days. Then we vl not see Mr.Rehman..I hope new government will not follow these practices.
    I hate PPP now. Please dont vote for them in upcoming elections.

  • SSH

    No body will take interest in Auction of 3G with such kind of attitude.If media can trace terrorists then why Mr.Rehman Malik is unable to find them. When u c record the night conversations, so apply same technology on talibans and terrorists to stop this shit.
    Rehman Sahab first tell us the name of Bibi’s Kataals..

    FIA mei kya aukat the apki.. Dont forget that. Achay din atay hain aur jatay bhe.

  • MARB

    Ya kya baat howe khanewal city mia Ufone Telenor Zong Warid Worldcall Vfone bund hain lakin mobilink pura din chalta rha he aur call aur sms hotay rhy hain mobilink to mobilink toh service ban krnay ka faida kya howa ?

    • nafees ahmed arain

      moblink ki tarf se bag malik k ghr pohnch gya tha …smjh gye na !!!!

  • betteranonymous

    I have never voted in my over 27 years of life, but this time I am definitely going to give vote in order to avoid such government, wish I could give some negative votes as well.

    • nafees ahmed arain

      good make the difference with your vote … many pakistanis are so dumbhead that their thinking is “mere vote dene se kya farq parega” millions of pakistanis do that … come on people this time dont waste your precious vote, do your bit for a better pakistan :)

  • Destroyer

    PTCL Digital line was also suspended I am not been able to call any number from morning till now.

    Rehman Dakkait ke karnamay
    1. Mobile Band
    2. Motor Cycle Band.
    3. Road Band.

    Hakeem Asim, ke karnamay.
    1. Gas band.
    2. CNG band.
    3. 400 CNG ke liscense band.
    4. Petrol ka asani se milna band.

    is ke illawa.
    1. Railway Band
    2. PIA Band
    3. Karachi se Sadiqabad tak Super Highway ki muramat band
    3. Bijli Band.

    In ________ ki ___________ BAND NAHIN HOTI BAKI SAB BAND HO JATA HAI.

    • nafees ahmed arain

      reply from zardari’s side ” apki nazar me”
      “meri nazar me saary idaary thk thaak chal rahe hen” :D :D

  • Tariq Aziz

    @ Editor ProPakistani !! Are you sure that it is really 96 Million . ? Mean more than 70 % of Pakistanis are using Cell phones and that only in 45 cities…? Dont just consider the figures echoed by telcos..Please ….!!!

  • FrndsZone.com

    This is a misuse of power (abuse in a sense). Block unregistered sims, the ones who want sims will get registered ones simple solution. Magar baat tu yeh ha k yeh baat in bay aqloon ko samjhaay kon……bili k galay main ghanti koi nai bandhay ga k sub khud behti ganga main hath dho rahay hain, awam jiay ya maray unki bala say……

  • nafees ahmed arain

    oh come on you dumbhead man y dont you block viber , whatsapp etc
    they can use these apps to do bomb attacks!!!!

  • Sumair

    also there was load shedding of electricity after every 1 hour which means WhatsApp and Viber were difficult to use! :(

  • Chacha Paksitani

    Do you think Pakistan has 96 Million Shias for whom the mobiles are suspended every now and then? Definitely they are in much smaller number. What if instead of suspending mobiles and shutting down markets due to their procession, they are asked to do their processions somewhere outside the city where no other person is disturbed?

    • Abdul Hafeez

      Even, Iran does not have such blockade of life for Juloos. I respect Shia community but I think it is not juloos rather display of power!

      • Jawad

        In Iran they have no threats! But here all the mullahs are thirsty for their blood. Don’t know why! But it’s the reality!
        It’s your thinking! And you can be wrong!

    • Jawad

      With respect. What do we do to Data Darbar as it was attacked a few years back? What do we do with the Masajids and Imam Bargahs? What do we do with all the Air Ports and Air Bases, Army HQ, Police stations? Should we re-build them somewhere outside the city, outside the country? This is not the answer! It’s the duty of Government to provide security to it’s citizens! It’s the failure of Government!

  • No Electricity,No Gas,No Water,No Phone service, No Medical Services,No Security. Thank you Democracy for your fruits.We do not need you anymore.

  • zafar

    Officials of mobile phone companies tell ProPakistani that cellular industry will have to bear a loss of Rs. 800 million for today’s service closure. In addition, government will have to bear Rs. 250 million in tax losses.
    When Govt Shut down the services, compaies and propakistani claim such huge losses otherwise they both claim companies has not profit that’s why increasing charges??
    Ye Khula tazad nahi?????