Kwick Demos Biometric Solution For Customer Identification to Cellular Companies

BiometricKwick High Tech and Solutions, the only manufacturer of SIMs in Pakistan, has demonstrated its biometric solution to cellular companies that is capable of validating customers’ identity in real time, a requirement that PTA has mandated for all cellular service providers to deploy before February 28th, 2013.

According to details that ProPakistani has got, Kwick has proposed this solution that can be deployed at service centres and franchises to validate the customers’ identity in real time.

This biometric solution can communicate in real time with the data server – hosted at cellular companies – to validate the CNIC holders.

In addition, there is another module that can use GPRS/EDGE service as communication channel and can be deployed at retail outlets to validate the customer against his/her CNIC even before selling a SIM.

After banning the sale of SIMs at retail outlets, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had asked all mobile phone companies to come up with a biometric solution for verifying customers. Deadline for the deployment of such system is said to be February 28th, 2013, however, cellular companies are still waiting for the final directions regarding the procedures and SOP for the deployment of biometric solution.

Three out of five cellular companies are hoping that retailers will be again allowed to sell SIMs after deploying biometric solutions to validate customers through their CNICs.

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