Chairman PTA Terminated, LHC Terms the Appointment Illegal

Farooq-AwanIn middle of political unrest in Islamabad, Lahore High Court has terminated Muhammad Farooq Awan, the Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, in an order today that said the appointment of Chairman was illegal and not in accordance to laws.

Hearing a petition filed by Khawaja Saad Saleem (of Nayatel), that had challenged the appointment of Mr. Farooq Awan as Chairman PTA, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah of Lahore High Court declared the appointment null and void.

The petitioner had pleaded that government did not fulfil the requirements for the appointment of chairman of PTA, as no ad was published in any publication for the mentioned post.

Petitioner had maintained that appointment of Farooq Awan as Chairman PTA seemed on political basis, than of considering any merit. He had requested Court to declare the appointment as null and void.

Earlier, the Lahore High Court had issued an interim order restraining Chairman PTA from discharging any function in his office without the approval of two other members of the Authority.

Farooq Awan had probably seen this coming and wasn’t coming to office for last four weeks.

Due to current political situation in Pakistan, it is hard to predict the next chairman.

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  • Khanzada

    Koi Shetan Malik ko bhi le jao plz

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    very good

  • S. Siddiqi

    At least courts in Pakistan have started dispensing justice and taking corrupt to the task.

  • nafees ahmed arain

    one more milestone achieved by the government wowo keep it up jiye bhutto :P

  • Telecom Min

    This is all due to the hard works of Nayatel Pvt Limited where Khawaja Saad Saleem is Director on Board.

  • Abdul Sattar

    Aamir, we are waiting for ICH withdrawal. From UAE

    • blah

      I doubt that will ever happen.

  • Husain Akhtar

    Bravo. Pakistan Judiciary. But why it is so late? These corrupt organization heads have looted for years without any fear. What PTA has done to save guard the interests of consumers. The telecom companies are fleecing left & right by imposing all sorts of cheating packages. Not a single package or offer was withdrawn by any company in his tenure.. TUM BHI LOOTO, HUM BHI LOOTEN. moto of chairman!!!!

  • Shameel Faraz

    How do we make sure the next chairman comes on merit basis , and not on political ??? The appointment shd be made transparent to public

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    when will youtube reopen.

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      Tarsi huwe qom