Windows 8 is Installed on 2% PCs worldwide After 3 Months of Release

Win8-logo1Over 100 days have passed since Microsoft released it’s new Windows 8 to mainly-lukewarm reaction.

Three months later, sales worldwide still haven’t got the boost that the company must’ve been hoping for.

A recent report by Net Applications shows that the market share of Windows 8 stands at 2.26% worldwide compared to 44.48% of Windows 7, 39.51% of Windows XP and 2.44 percent of Mac OS X 10.8.

The market share is up from 1.72% which it had in December. Compared to Windows 7, which got 10% market share after six months, the sales are still lesser.

However, it must be noted that the 2.26% figure amounts to several million PCs so it’s not that bad when it comes to numbers.

Microsoft has revealed that it has sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses so far.

What went wrong?

Although Microsoft seems happy with these figures, they must be a bit worried on how the sales are turning out to be. The figures are apparently low due to the lack of low-end Windows 8 systems available right now. Also, a lot of people don’t seem to like Metro especially when used with a keyboard and mouse, which does feel a bit awkward.

Another reason for the lackluster outcome might’ve been the fact that Windows 7 is still going pretty well after all and it runs smoothly on low to mid-end and more affordable machines.

Its not that Windows 8 costs an arm-and-a-leg right now but still Windows 7 is just fine for average users and still works well like any normal system with a keyboard and mouse. Did I mention the lack of a traditional Start Menu in Windows 8?

Windows 7 goes down, XP upwards

As expected, Windows 8 seems to have eroded the Windows 7 market share. It now stands at 44.48% compared to the 45.11% it had in December last year. Windows XP, however has shown an upward trend as it saw its market share increase a bit. Vista saw its share drop to a measly 5.24%. That wasn’t unexpected.

What this means is that although they’ve sold 60 million of Windows 8s so far, Microsoft still has got a longer way to go especially when it comes to convincing old customers who don’t want to bid farewell to the traditional start menu and desktop environments.

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  • edward mayya

    windows xp is still in top. I think windows 8 will get lead after 2 to 3 years

    • Muhammad Anas

      By that time you might be hearing about Windows 9 or 10!

  • TechnologiX

    Using Windows 8 and lovin it.

  • zain

    they are releasing operating systems very quickly . how can customers switch over so quickly speacially when it involves cost as well

    • Muhammad Anas

      They’re not forcing to do so! a’re they?

  • I still wouldn’t install this abomination of an OS, even if it was offered for free -__-

  • Hasan

    Windows 8 Rocks!

  • i was facing problems with low RAM.. just added 1 GB today and enjoying win 8… it’s cool….

  • HSK

    I personally think that windows 8 is gonna get the boost soon i know the percentage is pretty low.. but its not gonna be a problem for windows 8 to surpass the number of windows 7 users…. because we know that windows 8 requires the same hardware as windows 7 asks… users just need a lil time