Poll: Do You Find this New Djuice TVC Deceptive and Misleading?

Telenor Pakistan is airing a new TVC for its unlimited call offer, that is available to all djuice customers. Before we go into further details, let’s have a look at the TVC that we are talking about:

And here is the art work that Telenor is using to promote the offer. We have copied this creative from Facebook page of djuice and pasted below for your review:


After viewing the ad and creative, most of you will agree, that following is the information one will get:

  • There is this new offer for Djuice customers, with which they can make unlimited free calls
  • They need to dial *000#
  • Daily Charges are Rs. 8 plus tax

Hidden and Untold Details:

However, that’s not the whole story. In fact the complete details are altogether different and not very catchy.

What this TVC doesn’t tell you is:

  • Free calls are allowed for 15 Friend and Family numbers only.
  • Unlimited calls are not allowed during 6PM to 10PM

These hidden and untold details are not communicated to customers at all. A common man is likely to be mislead by the information communicated in this TVC and may lose money.

But I am not going to conclude here myself, instead I am pasting a poll below where you can tell us about your thoughts on the TVC. Is this marketing by Telenor Deceptive and misleading or not?


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