Why My Next Phone will be a Windows Phone?

Why My Next Phone will be a Windows Phone?I’ve decided that I’ve seen enough and I am finally ready. Windows Phone camp is my next destination!

You might be thinking why am I moving to an OS with low app count, dwindling market share and which lacks basic features as compared with Android 2.3.6. Its all agreeable but the good thing for me is that I don’t care. Downloading apps is not my hobby anyway.

The single biggest reason why I am migrating is because of the boredom my current OS is giving me. Android Gingerbread is just plain boring and I’m too afraid to upgrade to Jelly Bean as I may end up with an even more laggy device.

Windows Phone is both lively and smooth. Performance in both high-end and low-end phones is smoother than any Android flagship. The top-of-the-class.

2 years back when Nokia announced its intentions to make Windows Phone devices primarily instead of the obvious competitor Android, a lot of us were looking at the Finnish company with disbelief, myself included. 2 years later, its obvious that the decision was by far the best one. Nokia can now make exclusive phones and price them accordingly at will.

This transition will not be without its drawbacks though. Windows Phone still lacks a Notification Centre (although live tiles somewhat make up for it), ununified volume controls and customizations besides the all so important apps. But at least I’ll be able to breathe without crashing my phone.

Crashing might not sound like a big deal to Gingerbread users, our phones crash a lot. Sometimes my phone restarts randomly without warning. At other occasions, it won’t install a 33MB app because of ‘low storage’, even when I’ve got 1.27GBs of internal, and 2.2GBs of external, untouched storage left. What a misery. Performance-wise, there is a wide gulf between mid-range and upper-end phones in Android. At least the much hated phone among Pakistanis, i.e. the iPhone has got way better records to boast. Every time I’ve used it, I am taken aback by how smooth it is. Windows Phone is very similar in this aspect too.

After two years of being costly and quite restricted, Microsoft’s phones have fallen in price too. Lumia 620 and HTC 8S are best performing mid-range phones available right now and the Lumia 520 will sit even one step below.

In the Windows Phone party too, my next phone will undoubtedly be a Lumia. The exclusive Nokia apps and technologies make the Lumia phones the top WP choice. There are other compelling options too but none are quite nearly as compelling (or energetic) as the Lumias.

So there you have it. Everything can be summed up in three words: Performance, Live Tiles and Difference. The deep social integration, cloud services (which are a must for me) and Office Suite are huge pluses too.

I am still among the minorities now. Its now up to Microsoft to convince the top app developers to cross borders. Until then, I don’t think most people will feel like jumping the ship.

Having owned 3 Nokia phones before (which were also the first three phones that I ever owned, like most Pakistanis), I can’t wait to go back to Nokia again.

  • Saad

    In the end its all about personal choices, I am still very happy with my custom ICS and minnor boot loops … =P

  • Ameer Aftab

    Happy to see more people exploring WP8. It’s a fantastic looking OS and once they work out some basic kinks, it will easily mop the floor with iOS/Android.

    However, your justification for switching is somewhat worrisome. Gingerbread came out in mid 2011, and it wasn’t exactly the best version of Android. So if you’re using a handset with 2 yrs old hardware and 2 yrs old OS, most likely your user experience would suck now. Pick up an iPhone 3GS today, its not a pretty sight.

    So although I’m personally a fan of Windows Phone, I am still not sure if it’s the right time to jump ship. I know I will inevitably switch over to WP, but not in 2013.

  • test

    W8 Phones rocks

  • Windows Phone is both lively and smooth? Thats it? Gimme a break..bet you end up selling the phone 2 months after you buy it..wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4..ull be surprised

  • Adeel Ahmad

    I am extremely baffled by the ignorance Author has shown in this article. I am not a Pro iOS, WP or Android but i have seen and felt every system grow with time. The possibilities we have now were not even thinkable a few years back. Author is using an outdated system of Android and basing all his facts on that. If you are afraid to make the jump to Jelly Bean then my suggestion is that you should just stick to something which doesn’t require much updating or tinkering as Android is built for people who do all that. You have no idea how smooth Jelly Bean experience is currently, no wonder its called Project Butter. Every OS does not start out to be the best one but with time it grows in many aspects. Just take for example Windows. I never experienced crashing while i was on Gingerbread and now using JB, case is the same. No application issues like you mentioned. Social integration and cloud storage are also the best ones available. With passage of time, WP will also grow and become a great OS and who knows, with the hardware of Nokia i will again leave Samsung but do you think that Android is finished in progress? Guess again people as its just started and this year’s Google I/O is going to blow things up.

    • Azeemullah

      I wonder what were you using when you said you never experienced crashing on Gingerbread.

      • Adeel Ahmad

        Cyanogen Mod :) Give tinkering a try some time, you will love it.

    • Dear I think you didn’t checked the latest trends in Mobile OS. Samsung launched his own Linux and Android based OS for mid ranged mobiles. Firefox launching its OS which is really cool and fast. Ubuntu also working on mobile and tablets and they also near to launch. Do you think Android can compete with Ubuntu? In near future Mobile OS will be end and you can use same OS and software on your mobile, tablet and computer, Windows 8 and Ubuntu are good examples of it. Programmers will also prefers to these platforms because they have to do less work and already working on both platforms.
      I remember in the start of Android, Google claims that its OS will make mobile phones cheaper because its free but we are seeing that mobile phones with android and with paid OS are on same price.

  • Kashif

    Fed up with android OS as majority apps crashes. To me IOS and new Blackberry OS is best

  • TechnologiX

    I too am looking forward to getting a WP8 since i’ve been using Android for a few years now and also an IOS Tablet device

  • I can’t wait to go back to Nokia again. lolx :p

  • ahmad khan

    Really? if you are gonna write a paid Advertisement. Make it good and authentic.

    where should i begin with.

    for instace

    “Windows Phone is both lively and smooth. Performance in both high-end and low-end
    phones is smoother than any Android flagship. The top-of-the-class.”

    You may wanna reconsider these lines. Anyone with sences wouldnt compare a low end and a flagship let alone be a low end better then a flagship.

    I would suggest a better android phone With latest OS on it. not a years old one . that may dilute most of your sufferings.

    • Talha

      Agree.Android rocks, Window, IOS R.I.P.

    • Shahid Saleem

      I have used a cheap Rs 19-20k Lumia. It is indeed as the writer wrote: smooth experience. My only complaint with that phone was the low RAM (256MB I think).

      • Android has a pathetic software life cycle. I have an HTC ONE X. It seems to be stuck on the current OS. In high end smart phones Apple is a better choice since atleast even old phones like the 3GS get the latest software updates. I have yet to use a Lumia device however I feel that my next mobile phone is probably going to be a Lumia. I will decide to keep it as a secondary or make it a primary mobile phone after getting it

        • Shahid Saleem

          And this is why I only own Nexus devices. I have a Nexus S just for this reason: I get updates earlier. Even though Nexus S is EOL but I still got updates for two years.

    • Ahmed

      Dont Assume its an “advertisement” …even if it is..dudez got a point there…i thank God i god rid offfff android which is the ugliest os on the face of earth..(not to mention It started off as ripped off version of iOS) i dont know why people prefer android over iOS or Windows… i am an appholic, everynight before hitting the bed i download 10-15 random apps and i can tell you the apps on google store suck big time (all buggy n shit), after rooting your android device it starts acting like a retarded version of a cheap chinese phone! Windows OS is a new platform why are we so reluctant to give it a try?? i am on an iphone right now but i am considering a windows phone to be next jigger !!!

    • Bro I have already told him that this is a lafafa post without even quality… :-)

  • Shoby

    No doubt Windows phone will be a new experience but blaming android due to it’s performance and lagging is a lame thing to switch especially when you are still using gingerbread which is 2 years back operating system. It is hardware compatibility with the upgraded software version which causes the lagging and FC dude….I am an android user and using rooted phone so I can flash any rom I want Currently I am using jellybean baked rom and I have experienced no FC or crashing even lagging of apps.
    Over the time, let me guess within a month or two you will feel your windows phone like a turtle in the race of this cellphone technology.

  • very obsessed lafafa post … Android is far ahead than Windows Phone. If Nokia took the right decision joining Android, then they shouldn’t be closing their Finland office and firing other 3k staff.

    • Azeem

      I can assure you that Microsoft and Nokia aren’t even aware of this term. And I am NOT like your usual primetime journalists with no commitment or attachment to responsibilities and duties…. ’nuff said.

      And btw not every great idea is a successful one. Nikola Tesla, for example, died in debt.

      • Still a lafa post.. Quality of post is not heightened by comments but with the quality stuff.. if you don’t know about Quality… ask Aamir Attaa He is the guy with quality stuff. :-)

  • Happens when you buy a low end Android Device, especially the Qmobile. Windows Mobile is smooth but that doesn’t mean its bug free. I have used two new WP8 powered devices recently and their apps also crash, sometimes the OS freezes and you have to reboot the device.

    • Azeemullah

      I bought a Samsung Galaxy S Advance for Rs. 35000. That’s not a low-end device.

      • it’s not low end but you did rip yourself off by paying so much for a crap phone

        • Naeem

          I am using Lumia 900 since june-12 never had an issue with phone, i switched from Samsung S2 and never ever thought of going back. Lumia 920 is great device, if you like the integration of social and email in all basic functionality. specially the social hub..

        • Azeem

          That’s not a crap phone. I am satisfied with it for most of the part but the OS can be a tough thing to deal with sometimes.

  • ever heard of HTC HD2 – leo? I have Windows and Android Both installed, and are just a click away ;) I too felt the way you do right now, and I migrated from Android to Windows (on the same phone) .. and believe me in less than 15 days I switched to Android back, Im not habitual of downloading apps as well, but the days I used Windows were not really working out, I use viber and whatsapp most of the time and well, those apps didn’t work any better too! .. I suggest borrow a windows phone from someone and use it for a couple of days! Android is far better in terms of EVERYTHING!

    • Azeemullah

      HD2 is a great phone. Comparing unofficial OS however with a legal one is not fair though.

      • Naeem

        Lumia 900 since june 2012, never had an issues, it never crashed even never lagged.

        • Azeem

          Just like iOS. Even Android is great in later versions but its the average users which get betrayed.

  • Azeemullah

    I respect everybody’s opinion. This post however, was written by keeping an average user in mind. Had I written a post saying I own a Galaxy S III running Jelly Bean it wouldn’t have made sense because most people haven’t even seen it, let alone owning it. The point is that Windows Phone (8) offers good performance even in mid-range phones while Android 2.3, the world’s biggest OS lags badly. And an iPhone is out of question because of price.

    • pacifie

      Biased article IMHO. It’s clear that you’re comparing the mid-range android phones of the last year with the current mid-range windows phones. Ever heard of Sony Xperia or checked its mid-range prices? And there are many more.

      Your sample size doesn’t even qualify as a sample (1).

  • great decision and well mentioned points about windows phone !

  • Khan

    Well, if you would’ve bought a more high-end Android phone, you might have not felt this way. The S3 or Nexus 4, for example, are great phones to have. And Android can’t get boring, you can keep customizing it, change themes etc., to your liking ! But Windows Phone isn’t a bad option too. The Lumia series consists of pretty good phones (especially 920 and 820) to have despite the lack of some apps

  • dEaD mAn

    i am user of WP phone and believe me this OS is smooth as butter.
    its the most easy to use OS till date IOS and android are way too complicated.

  • roro

    android have more market share then wp and ios

  • Beelal

    Im a windows phone user since june 2011. I am a social savvy person, using social networks a lot and it’s quite easy to update myself through Windows OS. Yes Windows Phone is better in terms of user experience, but it’s also a pain in the ass as I can’t keep my skype to be online all the time. I can’t use whatsapp on wifi, as i wont get notifications and have to use data package. Viber calling is not enabled. AND many other annoying things that keep me cussing the phone.

  • Ahsan

    Get a life man, try using a better android device

  • Wasique

    A crap try to boost Nokia in the market… i have been using nokia since 10 years but after using other brand samsung and andriod i will never go back to nokia. until nokia won’t come with andriod.

  • Salem

    I am afraid that author has not experienced the Latest android operating system. I used windows Operating system 2 years back on Samsung Omenia and my experience was very bad.

    Android has gone much forward than windows,in terms of app, gui, Performance and simplicity. Although I am Very fan of Windows in pc and I need Such 0s in phone but unfortunately windows fails to do so

  • khatri

    What an amateur post this is. So while you say that your next phone will be lumia, it indicates that you wrote this post in a pre-purchase excitement! Happens often with people you know. Before buying a car, a mobile, a new gadget, one just can’t stop dreaming about it. It is just after the purchase that when the expectations aren’t met, one exhibits behaviour to reduce his cognitive dissonance. Therefore, I look forward to see another silly post where you would be praising your new lumia phone even more. Good luck!

    • Azeem

      Ha! So you say that I must be acting childishly when I said I’ll get a Lumia? That’s a pretty bizarre thing to say. Stay tuned then!

      And btw I have been thinking about a Lumia for 6 months. Which means I’ve been experiencing ‘pre-purchase excitement’ for 6 months. A longer-than-usual period if you ask me.

  • windows phone 8 is not that bad but it has several features which android and ios don’t have.

  • android phones never get updates or support unless you pay high for some expensive android device. Then different android hardware because of so many manufacturers cause apps compatibility issues.

  • After reading the whole article I am still wondering…. “Kehna Kiya Chatay ho bahi???”

  • What if i told you that nobody cares about what would be your next phone?

  • I agree with the idea that wp8 is much better than android jelly bean, but this article is poorly written…

  • Sumair

    I am sick and tired of this low memory storage BS!! Cant even download a 8 mb app!! :(
    but i’ll stick with Android! :D

  • shahbaz sakarwala

    Paid author! I have one suggestion for him plz buy a batter android phone or apple. Most of the people would like to use latest technology but with advancement and features ( batter apps too) but windows phone have nothing. It’s will take time to become on #1 or #2.

  • khan

    This post is pretty interesting. Below are a few fun facts for author:

    1) Nokia is not selling Windows 8 Phones (instead of Android) because its a logical thing to do. Microsoft is paying nokia $ 1 Billion per year to stick with MS. Google it or check below links:



    2) I used MS phones from 2003 till 2011. MS has a pretty shitty policy for giving OS upgrades to old phones. You have to go for custom roms at xda-developers to fix bug created in the first place by MS itself. There were even basic features missing like copy/paste and the list goes on. You still get major updates on Android and if you own a Nexus device, you are golden. Free OTA updates even for phones sold in 2011. However if you buy a phone with very old hardware which can’t support ICS or JB then there is no solution.

    3) Android phones were launched in 2009 and windows mobile was launched in 2000. So compare the progress android made in 4 years and the progress windows made in 13 years.

    4) By end of december, Windows Phone 8 app store had 75K apps as compared to 750K in Android store.

    5) As per Nov ’12 data from Gartner, Android Market Share is 72.4% and windows market share is 2.4%. Moreover Android is open source and windows is not. Which platform would you prefer if you were a developer? Hence we can’t expect any huge changes in app store counts.

    In the last, there are very nice mid-range android phones. You just need to look into right models and at right brands. Sony Xperia series offers some great mid-range phones. HTC also have some very nice surprises. However I wouldn’t opt for a samsung phone unless I want a high range phone.

  • Guest

    Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread) has been a past history Jelly Bean is there :p When will you wake up? :p

  • FrndsZone.com

    Misery :p

  • Saif

    And one morning:

    Listen people – yes you propakistanis – m telling you, I’ve decided to migrate to a cell with another OS cuz m so bored and soo DUMB that I really cant play with the possibilities and extensions of my current cell running leading OS version. Im so outdated, and was sleeping while the world moved from GB to JB and from iOS3 to iOS6. So, yeah, m gonna switch to Nokia 3310 (factory unlocked + rooted + jailbreaked) I dont know what r these things but I think these are some accessories for Nokia 3310 that will help me play Snakes 1 efficiently and will allow me to turn the snake in spiderman or superman and then I can eat him. Thankyou all for reading my post and wasting ur time. Ta Ta

  • Ali Sharif

    Haahaa every time i read post on this site, clearly looks its a paid Advertisement from company.. e.g see all lucky draws posts

  • Saeed

    My suggestion to the author would be to update to JB once, after that if you’re not satisfied just change the phone, but do try once. As per my knowledge JB is very smooth, In fact it was designed to remove the lags and bugs in ICS. I would love to upgraded my Xperia to JB from GB but it isn’t possible without rooting..

  • Kamran

    Here’s what the title should have been “How i am going to waste my money with my next phone”

  • Kamran

    Although Android experience is good, but if you use apps and like to play games – go for iOS.

  • droid_attack

    man ur a noob

  • Damn!!!! people just dont accept appreciation.

    what a lovely nation …. still im a proud Pakistani

  • Mark Elhum

    this thing sucks, i have been using lumia 610, its unable to play videos from any site because of no flash player support from adobe, not only this but you cannot even use its blue tooth to another device other than a windows phone..pathetic phone and pathetic post..