Warid Buzz: A Voice Broadcast Service Launched

Warid BuzzWarid Telecom has launched the “Warid Buzz” app specially focused towards its corporate customers.

“Warid Buzz” is a service which allows users to record their information on an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) channel and their followers and audiences can dial in to listen whenever they want to. Warid Buzz is a new medium which will have User Generated Content for the audience to enjoy. This is an interesting platform for customers looking into opportunities for voice blogging or for making announcements.

Anyone can become a publisher! Simply register as a publisher by dialing 2898 and start recording your thoughts. Individuals, groups of students, universities, fashion designers, lecturers, NGOs, journalists, politicians and even government officials can subscribe to the service and record messages for their audience to listen to. What’s more, all publishers are given a unique ID which can be communicated to their followers to listen to their messages. In this way, publishers can feel free to record information as it will only be available to those listeners who have access to the publisher’s ID.

For example, a university administrator can dial the publisher code 2898 and record voice updates for students to listen to. Students can listen to the recorded buzz by dialing in to the listener code 2899 and entering the university’s unique ID.


  • Publishers dial 2898 to record his/her message
  • Listeners dial 2899and listen to the content posted by publisher
  • Multiple people can dial at the same time to listen to the recording


  • For publishers: Rs.300+tax/month
  • For listeners: 10 paisas /minute

Terms and Conditions:

  • The process of using Warid Buzz would be for all intents and purposes considered the acceptance on the part of the customer to the Terms and Conditions in their totality. The sole consideration of granting the customer the right to avail this service is to the using of Warid Buzz.
  • Only post-paid customers of Warid can subscribe for Warid Buzz.
  • The Subscriber can record up to a maximum of 5 messages for 10 minutes each.The Subscriber’s messages will be sorted according to date and time; further the Subscriber may give a title to its recorded messages.
  • All messages uploaded/recorded by the Subscriber will be screened by Warid before making available to the Listeners.
  • The Subscriber shall be responsible for any message which shall afterwards became to be an immoral, unethical, anti-social, against the public sentiments, illegal, or be objectionable on any account/reason.
  • Notwithstanding any responsibilities of the Subscriber and any rights available to Warid in the preceding clause, Warid retains the right to delete and not publish any message which is prohibited in the above clause.
  • The Subscriber shall be charged a monthly subscription fee for availing the Buzz of Rs. ¬300 plus tax per month (Subscription Fee) in advance during his subscription, which charges shall become due from the date of his subscription and on the same date in the subsequent months (Due Date).
  • If the Subscriber shall un-subscribe from Warid Buzz after the Due Date but before the next Due Date, the Subscription Fee for the remaining days of the current month shall not be refunded.
  • The Listener will dial an IVR for a menu based service. The Listener will also have a choice of dialling the Subscriber of his choice through an additional short code. The Listener will have the choice to browse the content of the Subscriber.
  • The Listeners shall be charged a fee of Rs. ¬¬0.10 plus tax per minute for listening to any Buzz available on the Warid platform.
  • Advertisements will run before and in-between various Buzz.

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