5 Best Ways to Make Good Money by Promoting Amazon Products

By Kj Rocker

imagesKeeping in mind the economical condition of Pakistan where thousands of people are unemployed and have no source of income at all, internet is an alternative which comes to mind whenever you think about possible sources to earn some money.

However people totally misunderstand the concept of making money online. Let me tell you, it is possible and you can make healthy amount of money (more then what a salaried person can expect) but for that you need to understand that money never grows on trees. All you need to do is to learn as much you can, work hard, understand the basic concepts and research and then deploy your techniques and keep experimenting.

Most importantly take it as a business just like any other real life business.

There are many ways you can make money on the internet for example freelancing, affiliate marketing, selling etc. But I am going to get you through the affiliate marketing, an area of my own interest.

If you are a newbie and want to earn quick money online, I suggest you try promoting physical product instead of digital products. Now, there are many physical products vendor out there, but the most popular one is Amazon. It is better for you to use Amazon as a starter instead of Clickbank.

So, I will tell you why you should promote Amazon products. That’s because it is easy to make sales when you promote Amazon product, as long as you drive enough traffic to your landing page. Here are 5 best ways to make good money by promoting Amazon products:

P.S. I am assuming that you understand the terms such as affiliate marketing, blogging, adding affiliate links in your posts and so on.

1. Focus On Squidoo

Why should you focus on Squidoo? That’s because it’s free and you have all the tools necessary to promote Amazon products on Squidoo. Moreover, if you can set your lens right, it will look attractive and interesting for your readers. You know that website design is one of the most important factors that will improve your conversion rate.

Squidoo offers nice website design, and it will definitely help you to boost your conversion rate for your promotion. Just pick a product to promote from Amazon and write a simple review for that product. Then, publish your review on Squidoo. Don’t forget to add interesting images and videos to enhance the look and feel of your review article (i.e. Squidoo lens).

2. Build A Review Website On Small Niche

Pick a small niche. For example, you can pick digital photography as your niche. Then, what you need to do is to build a review website around this digital photography niche. You can call this website: digital photography review. Here you will publish around 30 product reviews related to your niche. So, in this instance, you will write about cameras, video camcorders, and so on. The next thing that you need to do is to drive traffic to your website using various means of traffic building. Don’t forget to make your website stand out from the crowd by using an attractive design and a good logo for your website.

3. Create A List Of Best Products

You can create a list of best products around certain product category, such as 10 best cameras under $500, best LED TV under $300, and so on. When you create a list of best products, you are promoting multiple products in one article. In this way, you will increase your chance of success in generating sales from your promotion. Also, you can create a list of best products related to specific target market, such as best video games for kids, best fitness equipment for men, and so on. Additionally, you can create a list of best products based on current event, such as best Valentine gift ideas, best Christmas gifts, and so on.

4. Create Comparison Article

People usually compare multiple products before actually choosing the one to buy. So, for example, you can compare two different products by stating its positives and negatives side by side, such as Samsung LED TV vs. LG LED TV. Of course, you need to compare specific product name in order to get the best result from this method. Then, you can publish your comparison article either on free blog or your own website. Just make sure to create comparison for popular products so that there are enough people that will read your article.

5. Small Niche Blogging

The last method to earn money from physical product is by creating a small targeted niche blog. For instance, if you really like playing golf and want to promote some golf products to your readers, then you can create a small niche blog about golf. In this blog, you will update it with good tips related to golf. Also, in this small niche blog you’ll create a page where you will recommend many golf products to your readers. You are going to establish yourself as an expert while your readers will be following your recommendation.

These are the best ways to earn money promoting physical product. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money online, and you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Follow the tips above to make your first income online.

Author is an Affiliate marketer, online marketing consultant and he writes for hisAffiliate marketing blog .

    • you can easily receive check payments or direct deposit into your bank account and for amazon it benefits them because you are helping them create sales about money depends on traffic ,One of my site sending traffic to amazon uk generates revenue around 3000 pounds per month … how ever it depends on traffic you have there is no fix rates or anyone can tell you how much you will make etc…

  • How do we transfer the money earned into our bank accounts? What is amazon getting out of this? What will be the average income if we peruse this option?
    Honestly speaking, this is one of the most incomplete articles Propakistani has to offer.

    • you can easily receive check payments or direct
      deposit into your bank account..
      About average income it depends on how much traffic you generate

  • Good article KJ Rocker ! I read your blog whenever I have time. The downside of Amazon affiliate program is they pat through checks which takes 2-3 months to arrive. At least for me

      • Hey KJ! Would you like to send me the further details about how to connect to amazon, should I own a website first or a simple blog will work! I just want to be make sure it really works bro, i really need to know more about it, a little help would be also be appreciated!

  • You have mentioned squidoo, but maybe you dont know the fact that squidoo has only method of payment and that is paypal. So for people like me with no paypal in Pakistan its no good.

    • They say you can find even god if you want to,, there are many ways around , hit them up directly and tell them you don’t have access to paypal or even you can use payoneer to get a paypal acc if you get it what i mean

  • Quite Helpful and motivating blog but can you please tell how much traffic you generate to earn 3000 pounds per month?

    Also, if you feel safe can you please mention the niche ?

  • We need Paypal account for squidoo payments. Again a hard task to achieve by illegal method. Please tell me any other idea.

    • well you will have to research there are many factors , everything is
      being sold on internet , you need to know which product is easy for you
      to promote :)

  • Nice blog but these don’t give residual income and if one is doing affiliate marketing then he or she should go for a company which gives residual income right !
    btw can i contact the writer ?

    • interesting to know that :) affiliate income made me enough that i am sitting in Dubai owing my own company :)

  • Hello Admin,

    Well affiliate marketing is one of the best and the most lucrative way to make money online. In my opinion it all depends on your approach about affiliate marketing, selection of right product and then promote them on targeted audience which are interested in your offer.

    Many thanks for informative share :)

    Keep writing


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