Helps Pakistani Travel Enthusiasts to Plan Holidays Helps Pakistani Travel Enthusiasts to Plan HolidaysSince bookings for travel has become very convenient online, there are many traveling websites which allow you to explore possible destinations where you could visit with your family and friends to relax and have a good time. is one such stop for you to find all your information regarding planning on travelling for your holidays. It doesn’t just cover travelling spots in Pakistan, but around the world. It also mentions various travel packages in Pakistani rupees – of course an estimated and average number – that you could avail for reaching your desired tourist spots.

Also, the website gives all the latest news regarding travelling and tourism in Pakistan. It also covers international travelling news and special offers you could consider.

Recently, participated in the exhibition held at the Expo Centre in Karachi with its ChuttiShow, which is Pakistan’s first travel and tourism exhibition. provides all the necessary information for top destinations from around the world. You don’t have to worry about finding suitable hotels as the website covers all the top hotels where you can make a stay during your visit. Most of these are “budget hotels” with “wallet-friendly” prices. To make your search for an appropriate hotel, the website gives a separate search option where you can check on your range of prices for a budget hotel. You could book a hotel from the site as well as find some moderate hotels if any suit you.

After you have decided which place to visit and which hotel to stay in, you can also book a flight online with the information provided about different travel agencies and airlines and you can also correspond with the given embassies in Islamabad and ask them for specific information regarding visa requirements and other travelling permits.

You can decide on your shopping from the various markets, details on which are also given and has been divided into budget shoppers and moderate shoppers as well as highly priced shops.

There is also an interesting’s travel blog where questions and answers related to travelling are conducted, where users who can become members of the site and can post their questions or give answers to other posters. Travellers have also shared their experiences of touring, reading which you might get an inspiration to make travel plans yourself. There are also other travel articles which cover various destinations and describe places of tourist interest.

The site is indeed a complete package of travelling experience one wishes to have. Those who are travel enthusiasts or wanna-be tourists can definitely take a lot from this site. It is great to see a Pakistani site contributing to all the travel-information-surfing people do. The information provided is relevant to a Pakistani world traveller who wants to see places outside of the beauty that Pakistan also has.

Many travellers who have been to Pakistan would tell you that the country is a must-see if you are a true connoisseur of nature. serves as a little tourist guide in this aspect as well.

  • Is there anything belongs to Pakistan except .pk domain. No packages for Pakistan tour. The site is attracting travelers to visit outside Pakistan not to visit beautiful places of Pakistan.

    • You can Try PDC Punjab Tourisms They have office in Pindi, Lahore and Muree They offer very affordable packages. They had qualified Guides and proper arrangements.

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