Caught Red Handed: PML(N) Website is Plagiarizing News Articles


Official Website of Pakistan Muslim League (N) is bluntly copying news articles and op-eds from other news websites. Even worse, PML(N) is lifting these articles without linking back or crediting the legitimate originator of such news stories.

The need for lifting news articles for an official website of political party is still unclear, however, it appears that webmaster is trying to populate content to fetch more audience (through search engines) to the PML(N) website.

There are dozens of such news articles that lifted from other main-stream websites of Pakistan without credit.

Interestingly, PMLN isn’t lifting politics specific articles only, but news stories of various non-political topics are also lifted for the sake of populating content on the website. One such example is the QMobile article  — that Express Tribune carried recently – is also reproduced on PMLN Website.