YouTube Ban to Stay Till Removal of Videos: Interim Setup

YOUTUBE-480x238Interim set-up has said that they will continue with YouTube ban till controversial anti-Islam videos aren’t blocked in Pakistan by YouTube, video sharing website of Google.

“Google Inc, the owner of YouTube, has been engaged in progressive talks recently and we hope a breakthrough soon,”, reported Express Tribune while quoting an official from Ministry of IT and Telecom.

Official was further quoted as saying that YouTube is urged to at least block the video in Pakistan if they could not altogether remove it from the website.

It maybe recalled that YouTube was banned in Pakistan in September 2012, after a controversial anti-Islam video – uploaded on website – had irked large scale anger in the Muslim world.

In response to protests, YouTube had blocked the access of such anti-Islamic videos in various countries but didn’t agree to block the controversial videos in Pakistan.

Express Tribune reports that current interim administration was keen on getting the ban lifted, and said that caretaker Minister for Information Technology Dr. Sania Nishtar was working tirelessly on the matter.

However, the controversial video that was still present on the website remained the bone of contention. “She is looking into all possible ways to resolve the issue but so far there had been no major breakthrough,” MoITT official said.

Two days ago, Information Minister Arif Nizami told journalists that a summary was sent to the government suggesting removal of YouTube’s ban.

Why Google isn’t Blocking Access of Video in Pakistan (Our Opinion):

This is mindless. If Google can block the access of blasphemous videos in India, Egypt, Libya, Singapore and Russia then why not in Pakistan?

Some officials from IT Ministry believe that for removal of the blasphemous video needs a formal request from Government of Pakistan for which Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) between United States and Pakistan is required. However, the treaty was not initiated from Pakistani foreign office administration as it was a lengthy process.

We think otherwise.

Any website on internet has a Terms of Services under which it operates. You can get any content removed from a website (any website for that matter) on individual level if you can prove that content is violating website or host specific TOS.

There is no MLAT needed for any such removal of content. Websites remove content from their websites on regular basis for reporting TOS violations.

Similarly, YouTube has this clause in its TOS which confines users to not to upload videos that can be categorized under hate-speech or if they spread hatred. These controversial anti-Islamic videos surely come under hate-speech. Evidence is the protest from billions of Muslim across the world who were angered over the video.

After all such anger and protests, YouTube seems to be on an agenda for not removing videos in certain countries.

We believe this is our diplomatic failure and incompetency that we are yet to get the videos blocked in Pakistan, otherwise, getting a content/video removed from a website isn’t a big deal – especially when the content/video violates host’s TOS.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • This is insane, We Pakistanies should take an action to make Youtube to Permanently Remove the video, Incase they don’t want then … youtube should be blocked.

    • And Google? What about google? Are you willing to give up Google Chrome, gmail, search etc etc?

        • Google 100% owns Youtube, so it is not like “family”. In families people are different entities.

          Youtube makes NO decisions. Google makes decisions.

          So I ask again. Have you stopped using Google & Google products (including Android) to support the ban?

          • it depend on Ceo of the site not owner and the ceo of youtube is Salar Kamangar and the ceo of google is Larry Page for your kind information

            • Salar Kamangar is the CEO of Youtube, yes. He is also the VP of video at Google. How is he both positions? Because Google owns 100% of Youtube.

              This is not unusual. For a local example, see Ufone and PTCL. Ufone has a CEO, but it is 100% owned by PTCL, and the CEO of Ufone is not the CEO of PTCL.

              You simply cannot avoid that fact: Google owns ALL of Youtube. Whether Google calls it a separate business unit or subsidiary inside the company and appoints a “CEO” to handle its operations or not, in November 2006, YouTube was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion, and operates as a subsidiary of Google.

              Do you want an account on Youtube? If you sign up, you have to use your Google account.

              Do you want to use Youtube API? If so, you have to go through Google APIs.

              What part of this do you not understand? Ultimately if there is a problem with how Youtube operates, both Salar AND Page are responsible.

              You feel pity for me? You don’t even understand the situation here. You should feel pity for the ignorant like you.

              • lol how pity am i right now for u, you even know as i said u can not live without youtube u just fall in love with youtube :D just bhla bhla bhal :D

                • I can love youtube because I learn about Islam from it, despite it not being a Muslim owned business. I cannot love you because I learn ignorance from you, despite you being a Muslim.

                  Kindly rectify yourself.

                  • there alot of site where u can learn about islam ur not learning about islam ur using islam name for u to say that lol

                    • some time its better if u ignore the person comment who dont even know what they are talking about in this case @gulabshah1990:disqus
                      i am sure he must have got that information from google but hate to admit that

                    • Most video sites like vimeo and dailymotion which are not banned are also carrying the banned video, but you do not adjitate to have them blocked.

          • and as well tell us why we shouldn’t use other Google products and tell me whats wrong with other Google products the video is inside youtube not other Google products and i guess ur life is depend on youtube and u cant live without youtube coz u cant listen some songs and video etc……. i feel so pity on u but aside of youtube u can find alot of video site on internet there is many video site on internet that u can get ur needs and as well change ur name to be shaid youtube supporter :D

            • I will NOT tell you why you shouldn’t use Google because I do not support the ban.

              I simply ask WHY you support ban on Youtube but not ban on Google.

              • coz there is nothing wrong with other Google products even i dont care about youtube or google if is ban or not it doesnt make sense to be fight with each other we r pakistani and musilm we should support each other

                • You have such a short memory. Blogspot which is also 100% owned by Google, has unIslamic content. In fact it was banned in 2004 by our own Chief justice.

                  Google groups has anti Islamic groups too.

                  So what do you say now?

                • And that’s what you’re not doing here.. Supporting.!!

                  I think you must be girly or a baby minded person.

                  Grow up and learn something.

              • i must say you are just nonsense nothing else still trying to reach when ur falling down :D

            • For your information brother, if your search anti-Islamic contents on Android Play Store you will find alot about this.

              And GMAIL, there are thousands of emails created for anti-Islam program.

              And if you search on Google about anti-Islaam you will find millions of results.

              so now I wanna ask you that why you are only behind YouTube? Why are you still using android phones? why are you using Google Search? why are you using Gmail?

                • iPhone is a product and Android is an Operating System. Learn the difference between them before blasting anything stupid here.

                  Even your iOS uses GMAIL and Google Search..

      • Speak for urslf and b care full while passing statements about the nation

        If u r on low self esteem that doesn’t mean every one feel like BEGGAR like u do

        • Keep on living in denial. They can fire a couple of nuclear warheads at Pakistan and you’ll still be screaming “DOWN WITH THE INFIDELS” while standing in a radioactive cesspool.

          Change is good. It’s time for people like you to take off those dark shades and see in the mirror for what you truly are.

          • Please dont go on judging people with ur TUNNEL VISION.
            Read carefully i did not bring infidelity or even religion in my comment Yes we as a nation have problems in fact huge problems (almost every other nation had at one or other point in time) but at least i am optimistic and i believe we can work things out for a better tomorrow all i am asking u to be rational dont be a pessimist shouting WE R BEGGARS, WE R DOOMED and if its too hard for you keep u r “enlightened” views to ur self believe me except your 4/5 friends here no body gives a DAMN about what u think.

            Also for your information i am not against any nation/group/religion/sect

              • The PATRIOTISM like LOVE does not need a reason or any other factors my friend i just imagine my country like a poor Mother who is seeing her bad/worst days.

            • We ARE beggers and we ARE doomed as long as we think we can make companies in rich countries bend to our will. All that shows is that we are DELUSIONAL.

              We have to fight on their terms, not ours. And fighting on their terms in this particular case means only one thing: WE HAVE TO PERFORM DA’WAH.

              Good news: youtube lets us do that all we want.
              Bad news: OUR OWN GOVERNMENT has banned youtube so we can’t.

              Who is hurting now? Who is “taking action”?

              • O Bhai sab,
                Stop putting ur own words in other people’s mouth u only look STUPID
                For your info, We are not discussing a BAN/UNBAN of some web site. if u had only read my comment! Please Please try to have an idea of what is being discussed before jumping in to bash some one and failing miserably.
                If you are trying to help your friend then believe me you are not doing him any good by making foolish statements. Our govt like always mishandled the situation but thats not the point here. U cannot blame citizens/nation or label them BEGGARS over the foolish actions of some men in power.
                No one wants a fight, especially not over some web site Only u talk of fighting over this BAN, and then have the courage to call others
                DELUSIONAL ? How IRONIC
                BTW What do u call a person who makes a matter of life and death over BAN/UNBAN of a web site ? A LIBERAL ? A REALIST ? HOW IMBECILE ;)

                • — What do u call a person who makes a matter of life and death over BAN/UNBAN

                  The only people who make it a life/death matter over banning a website are people who think they are pious Muslims, but are really week in their Imaan. As proof, see the ones who vehemently support the ban and the kinds of comments they post.

                  • People making a matter of Life & Death to BAN the web site = People doing the same thing to UNBAN it
                    Secondly, This is a GRAVE thing to declare that some one’s Faith is poor/week It is only Allah who has this knowledge and we are in no position to declare the same. Please learn to respect the difference in opinion, and dont question some one’s IMAAN if he does not agree with u. May Allah forgive us all.
                    and for the last time “I AM NOT DISCUSSING THE BAN/UNBAN OF THE WEB SITE”

  • Its a failure on the part of the government to been unable to do anything fruitful in 6 months … Youtube needs to be restored…. there is no principle of its blocking…. you can find anything you wish on www ….. if youtube should be banned …then the whole of internet needs to be banned as well

  • You say: These controversial anti-Islamic videos surely come under hate-speech.

    But you are not a lawyer, and that is just your opinon. Also what is a “hate” crime in other countries is not a necessarily a “hate” crime in Pakistan.

    In any case, if it was a real hate crime, then MUSLIMS IN THE U.S. COULD SUE YOUTUBE DIRECTLY. In fact, federal or state governments in the U.S. could also take Sam Bacille to court if it was a hate crime. He has been charged with all sorts of laws he broke but not “hate crime.”

    Conclusion: either Google AND the U.S. government AND Muslims in the U.S. are acting against Islam (and also against Pakistan as you imply), or the premises for your conclusion (“These controversial anti-Islamic videos surely come under hate-speech.”) is wrong. Which do you think it is?

    I am 100% certain that Google does not give special (favourable) treatment to other Muslim countries and take away that treatment just for Pakistan. Something went wrong in the way our government approached Google.

    • So what is hate speech then? Saying BS to big brother? Bush? Obama? Try to create “love” speech for Hitler or killing of jews and you’ll get “love” letter with FBI warning.
      I am no “mullah” so don’t say that in your reply.

      • Do you speak from ignorance, or experience? Because there are MANY MANY white supremicists on Youtube posting about their love for Nazis. Many people actually post about Jews owning banks and Jews running news media etc etc.

        But unlike you, they’re smart enough not to talk about **killing** Jews.

        And you know what? What a false comparison you have made. The Sam Bacille video has nothing about killing Muslims, either. In fact, if anything, the movie depicts Muslims killing Christians in Egypt. Why don’t you compare apples with apples? You may not be a “mullah” but you’re thinking like one, not like a lawyer.

        The good news is it is very easy to search past cases of U.S. courts in many states and federal level and figure out what sort of stuff falls under that term.

        Reminder: if Muslims in the U.S. (who DO have access to lawyers there) cannot accuse Youtube of helping promote a hate crime by not deleting the video, then what do you want?

        Youtube’s own community guidelines say: We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).

        And there is the problem: the movie doesn’t attack Muslims. The movie attacks historical Muslim figures that we revere. This is the difference you do not understand.

        Which brings us back to the original thing: if you DO actually search for “hate crime” cases in U.S. courts, you won’t find cases against people who have lived in the past (like the ones attacked in Sam Bacille’s video). You will find cases against people who are living today and were attacked in some way. Like a Muslim woman who wears hijab and gets attacked by a gang who shout at her about her hijab: that 100% falls under hate crime.

        Since there is no way for dead people to be aggrieved by hate crimes, how can it possibly be a hate crime by LEGAL terms, the only ones Youtube has to follow?

        Again, I am not a lawyer, but this is what I understand from analysing what I know of their laws.

        • The movie was against prophet Muhammad SAWW and it attacked MUSLIMS because the guy portrayed prophet SAWW as a very bad person (things I don’t like to say) and people like you are supporting him.

          Millions of people protested all over the worlds including Lawyers, people from corporate sector, Software Engineers, Doctors, Professors and all of them are “Jahil’ and ‘Mullah’ according to you.

          You’re not a lawyer and you know nothing about US laws yet you wrote all that. Salute!

          • Again: not one living Muslim was depicted or attacked (verbally, or any other way) in the movie, as far as I know (I have not watched the entire movie, and only part of the trailer). If you know of a LIVING person attacked in the movie, by name, then name that person.

            But you know, its your choice. f you continue to accuse me of supporting Sam Bacille, Believe me, YOU WILL ANSWER FOR THAT on the Day of Judgement.

            Just because people protested from all class of society doesn’t mean anything. 2005 protests should’ve taught you that. We all know the result of those protests: the Draw day events EVERY YEAR. We can look forward to sites being “banned” on May 20 symbolically every year for the rest of our lives. Wow, what a protest on our side.

  • i dont either care about the Youtube ban i just want that youtube will ben till the video stay on it they should remove the video

    • Why not block other sites such as vimeo where content that offends you can be found? We should also close all libraries because some book there (factual or fictitious) is bound to offend some good muslim.

        • “hate speech” and “content that offends Muslims” are two different things. You can have half-naked women in a music video and it would offend many Muslims but it would not be hate speech.

          Again, compare apples to apples.

        • go to google and search for

          innocense of muslims site:somewebsite

          where somewebsite is youtube or vimeo or dailymotion or whatever you can think of.

          this is what you will see: a link (at least one) to the trailer of the movie, if not the entire movie.

          tjhis is also what you will see: RESPONSES to the movie from Muslims.

          By banning youtube, the ONLY EFFECT that has been made is to prevent Muslims from responding to the video.

          That’s it.

          Muslims in other countries can respond to the video but not Muslims in Pakistan.

          Who is being hurt here? Not Sam Bacille or his supporters.
          Who is being helped here? Not us, since we cannot respond to it.

  • By the way for the past 2-3 months I can access YouTube on my 4mb PTCL connection. I just have to open the site with the use of https and after refreshing a video a couple of times, BAM it starts playing.

    Yeah nuts to you all xD

    • I can confirm, I can do that as well sometimes on my home connection. But sometimes it only plays a few seconds or minutes and then fails, so it is not a reliable option. Very interestingly when I use PTCL at the office it does not even work with https.

      • Bhai aap kin logon k saath sar khapaai kar rahay ho… koi faaida nahin…They are such kind of muslims who watch porn on redtube by using hotspot but still against youtube…. many students , earners have suffered from this ban…. to tell you the truth it’s all about CD Markets who will buy their dvds / cds ? if youtube is open in PK ?

  • You forgot to mention in all your wisdom and fairness how exactly did those videos fell under “hate speech”? By the definition you have in your mind, every time any Muslim says in front of a Christian that Jesus was not the Son of God, or that Hindus and Buddhists are x,y,z for worshiping man-made idols, and whatever enlightened stuff our society speaks about Jews would also fall under hate speech. Actually the former does indeed fall under it, but unfortunately for people who are supporting the ban, phrases like “I could have killed all the Jews, but I left some so you could…….” are to be admired and shared. What a joke.

    • Sorry, but wrong decisions, especially ones like these that block a rich source of education just because it also harms our beloved politicians, cannot and must not be supported.

    • Doesn’t that make you wonder HOW the Tahir videos were removed, and WHY our government didn’t follow the same procedure?

      Anyone can flag a video as offensive, but to have it removed takes a little more work. Why can people do it for Tahir but not those videos?

      • Those videos are reported hundred of thousands of times but Google said that it allows “Freedom of speech” on YT that’s why they’ll not remove that video.
        This is Google’s version of “INSAAF”.

        • You’re still not answering the question: how could Tahir’s video’s be deleted then?

          How could Youtube block the video on request in India and other places but not in Pakistan?

          If you can’t explain that, then what good is your brain if you won’t use it to think?

          • Molana Tahir’s video was removed by YouTube on reports submitted by people. Government was NOT INVOLVED in that matter but in this case Google is not removing the video no matter how many times those videos are reported.

            If I don’t agree with you on a statement that doesn’t mean that you can start abusing me. Get a life!

            • Man I am only trying to make you THINK.


              What was the difference between videos targetting Tahir and the videos targetting Our Prophet?

              WHAT WAS THE DIFFERENCE that lets a country (U.S.) remove the former videos but not the latter?

              I am not asking you to state that people were involved or governments were not involved or any crap. I am asking you to EXPLAIN WHAT YOU OBSERVED.

              1. If you say it is a bias against Islam, then how do you explain that a Kaffir-owned site allows Muslims to freely preach Islam without interference?

              2. If you say that not blocking the video in Pakistan shows a bias against Pakistan, then how do you explain that a U.S. site allows Pakistanis to freely upload videos without interference?

              3. If you say it’s some freedom of speech thing that they hide against for the blasphemy video, then HOW were the Tahir videos violating that alleged freedom of speech?

  • From YouTube’s Community Guidelines (which I posted months ago):

    “We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express
    unpopular points of view. But we don’t permit hate speech (speech which
    attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion,
    disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender

    SPEECH which ATTACKS or demeans a group based ON RELIGION. I would love to get reply on this from Shahid and other pro-supporter of YT.

    • READ CAREFULLY. It says speech with attacks a group based on religion.

      It did not attack Muslims.
      It attacked Muslim people we revere who are not alive now.

      And seriously, if you think it attacks Muslims, then you must be 100% in favour of denouncing videos by Muslims that attack people who are Christian or Jews. Because if attacking Muslims based on their religion is a hate speech and you want that to stop, then you must also support attacks on followers of other religions otherwise, you’re not even trying to be fair.

      In a Real Muslim State, it would be illegal to attack Muslims because they are Muslims, AND ALSO illegal to attack non-Muslims because they are not Muslims.

      • If you’re talking about attacking/killing of Non-Muslims in our country then I must say you’re so ignorant that you can’t see or understand that political parties are behind killing of all people.

        Every political party is busy in election and not a single Shia or Sunni or Qadiyani or Chiristian is killed in karachi (based on religious issue). People love to support people who say sh*t about Muslims but don’t see what they’re doing.

        If you’re planning a trip to interior Sindh let me know and I’ll tell you some places where you can see what some Non-Muslims (you support) did to Muslims.

        • My point, that you simply cannot fathom, is that posting a video on youtube saying “let’s kill all the Jews” or “let’s kill all the Muslims” is EQUAL in nature when it comes to Youtube deciding if the video crosses the line. They BOTH break the Youtube terms of service, and if you see one that says either, you should flag it and it will very likely go away. Unless it’s a case of satire or something.

          Simply talking about killing people for being a different religion, race, or nationality is enough to get your posting account suspended.

          However, since blasphemy is not a considered crime, and since the blasphemy targets are not living Muslims, and since no one is talking about killing or attacking all Muslims, then how do you even possibily explain how it falls under teh very words you quoted above?

  • Wise decision, if they’ve no respect for our Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, So we need to choose some other sources… i believe, Google looking for dictatorship on the Internet. Google fiber, Google Glass, Google Mobile, Google Mail, Google Earth, Google Tomato, Google Potato bla bla bla :)

  • Dear PP, you are our only source of letting us know that when you tube will be re opening in our beloved country. you tube has so much too offer in terms of tutorials, reviews, testimonials etc… many Islamic countries or where Muslims are in good numbers have access to you tube and are living peacefully. We, Pakistanis are also a peace loving nation therefore its not fair that we are treated or symbolized as extremists due to some of our angry brother and sisters around the globe….
    Please post an update on You tube future in Pakistan as the govt shouldn’t be making fools of theirs image when all the Pakistan is accessing you tube through other sources…..

  • Dumb politicians and Mullahs! If it was upto them we would still be riding camels and believed world was flat!

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