PTCL Posts Rs.3.33 Billion Profit for Q1 2013

PTCL-logo2Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited posted Rs. 3.33 billion profit for the first quarter ending March 31st, 2013, up from Rs. 2.39 billion during the same period last year, registering a whooping 39.22 per cent increase, all thanks to increased international incoming call rates.

PTCL said that its revenues stood at Rs. 32.18 billion, showing an increase of 13.89 percent in the first quarter when compared with Rs. 28.25 billion during the same period last year.

PTCL, in its notice sent to Karachi Stock Exchange, said that selling and marketing expenses were recorded at Rs.1.99 billion in first quarter of 2013, slightly lower than Rs.2.01 billion during the same duration last year.

The company has declared Rs.0.65 earning per share (EPS) in the current year against Rs.0.47 EPS of the last year.

According to the result announced by PTCL, neither cash dividend nor bonus was announced by the company for first quarter of 2013.

Analysts say that this surge in profit is still falling short of expectations (Rs. 4.1 billion or EPS of Rs. 0.82) due to lower revenues from international incoming calls.

  • Huzaifa Osama

    The profits seem significant but for a company of PTCL`s stature it was well expected. However, falling short of expectation, whose expectation? Could you please elaborate. Furthermore, they have introduced many new incentives for their user base and multiple new innovations have also consolidated growth. Well written article.

  • Arslan Tariq

    Bohat he Ghatiya Service hai PTCL waloan ki

  • I don’t give a damn about their profits. Improve your QoS and upgrade your broadband packages. Its been 2 years since the upgrades.

  • Ehtesham

    That’s the problem right there. The people who defend Ptcl as if the are either paid or are completely clueless as to what te are talking about. Ptcl is undoubtedly the worst ISP in Asia possibly the world. The recent swm 4 fiasco proved that while they are lining their pockets with customers money, the don’t have any backup or redundancy measure in place to actually ensure fault tolerant service to the customer. The 1218 complaint service is answered by bafoons and idiots who read of a standard script and don’t know anything beyond it. The exchange staff, SDOs and business managers are the most inefficient, lazy and frustrated employees on the planet and would bad mouth their own employer more than the customer ever would. If Ptcl was operating in any other country they would have and should have been sued for millions by the customers but considering the legal hassles and consumer law absences in Pakistan, this bloodsucking corporation is carrying on its pathetic service provision. The people talking about incentives and innovation from this useless provider must wakeup and smell the beans.

    • Huzaifa Osama

      I think you should come down from your town of “Pleasentville” and start living in Pakistan. What the hell are you talking about man, your concocting of different scenarios would not hide the fact that PTCL is still growing and the no. of users is increasing everyday. Of course practical people do not live in an online cocoon like some, they have a life to live. I am not paid by ptcl or any other company to take their side but I am sick of people like you, who it seems have a personal vendetta against the company or something. The no. of times iv seen you commenting against PTCL on this platform is amazing, I am not going to blatantly accuse of being a Wateen, Wi-Tribe or a Qubee employee because I trust and respect your opinion, just like you should do when others are saying their piece of mind.
      Moreover, how could you be so clueless that it was PTCL`s forward thinking that they invested in multiple cable systems that is why we were able to even use the internet throughout the cable sever debacle.Moreover, employee dis=satisfaction is a global phenomenon, people have written books about it, PTCL employees are not working for Google or Intel, if you ask anyone in Pakistan or anywhere for that matter, they would have some negative opinion about their employers.
      Take a chill pill Ehtesham Sb!!!

      • Adil

        i dont know if have ever used ptcl. there complaint operators dont know anything about the internet. you tell them you are getting bad ping or routing they dont even know what that is. there Qos is pretty pathetic.

        The internet was down for almost 15 days but did the customers get any compensation for that? the customers still paid for the service.

        They should have had redundant links to support customers even if cable broke like other operators in the world.

        They blocked torrents without even informing the customers. i mean WT*

        is it customer care

        we cannot even do anything because only ptcl has a monoply over broadband.

        They make profits but no good is transferred to the customers.

  • Talha

    ptcl shoudn’t show its profit.ptcl is next target of out goverment God Bless Ptcl Now!

  • Umer

    they have the worst internet and customer services followed by mobilink

  • zaki baig

    They dont even increase the pensions of the ex-employs, Government announced increase of 50 percent 03 years back but the management didnt give anyone a single rupee increase. Think how many of them died and who are alive are suffering “logoon ka paisa kha kar Profit in Q1”, shame on you PTCL management.