Election Game: Go rich boy, go!

Election Game

There’s hardly a game that we’ve played in recent times which is quite nearly as simple yet interesting as this one. “Go rich boy, go!” puts you in the shoes of an unnamed boy from a posh area of the city of Karachi who is going out to vote for the first time in his life. It is written by Jahanzaib Haque, the web editor of Express Tribune using, Quest.

The game gives you a choice of three characters (your friend, your crush or your guard) who can accompany you on your journey to the polling station. The trip is long and action-packed as you regularly see dead ends and eventually reach the polling station (which happens to be in a place called Murdabad).

Humour is incorporated in every portion of the game. I won’t be revealing much of it here but the moment your best buddy realises that you haven’t got a name is particularly funny. Upon reaching the polling station you’re given a choice of 5 parties to whom you could cast your vote (including PPP, PTI, MQM, JI and Shahid Nazeer who in this case represents his favoured party).

Although text-based, the best thing about the game is the depth of it. Each move you take is a mere branch of a labyrinth of dialogues and steps. Every step must be executed perfectly and only after judging the entire situation otherwise you’ll have to start all over again, or will lose points. It took me five attempts to finally emerge out as a successful voter. All of the endings in this game are unexpected and extremely funny.

You’re either asked to log in to save your progress or to play as a guest. Go rich boy, go! is just too good to be dismissed as a lame game. I’ve been playing a bit of Nun Attack! lately but even I can’t help laughing wildly or even get tense on a number of occasions.

It’s impossible to judge the game based on this review only. Go try it out yourself here!

  • the game is simply meant to discourage ppl frm voting. ET has tried to show it’s frustration against the youth.

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