PTCL Tops 500,000 Wireless Broadband Customers

ptclPakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has announced achieving 500,000 wireless internet customers mark.

Launched in 2009, PTCL’s EVO wireless internet service has grown steadily, and now serves customers in more than 250 cities and towns across Pakistan. PTCL EVO wireless broadband is Pakistan’s fastest wireless internet service, offering customers’ superior internet experience on-the-go, and has also revolutionized the way people connect with each other and reach out to the world with improved learning and development opportunities.

In 2012 alone, the company achieved more than 300,000 wireless customers through its portfolio of wireless products, including EVO 3.1 Mbps, EVO Nitro 9.3 Mbps, EVO Wingle 9.3 Mbps, EVO and Nitro Clouds and EVO Tab.

Furqan Qureshi, PTCL Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Commercial while commenting on this achievement said, “PTCL has pioneered a broadband revolution in Pakistan through its quality and customer-centric approach. At PTCL, we believe in introducing innovative yet affordable telecom solutions to meet the everyday needs of our customers and this continuous growth in our wireless customer base is a testament to their increasing confidence in our services.”

PTCL wireless broadband also boasts the world’s first & most cutting-edge EV-DO Rev.B commercial network. PTCL is the first telecom operator in the world to commercially launch EV-DO Rev.B products, which offer fast internet connectivity up to 9.3 Mbps.

  • Didnt Furqan Qureshi say the same thing about Wateen when he worked there?? I thought Wateen was the first to launch Wireless Broadband in Pakistan before that Micronet and Maxcom pioneered DSL in Pakistan.

    “”Furqan Qureshi, PTCL Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Commercial while commenting on this achievement said, “PTCL has pioneered a broadband revolution in Pakistan through its quality and customer-centric approach….””

  • They are big lairs, there speeds don’t go parallel with what they say.
    My 9.3 mbps would give 5mbps at best but in a room it would not give
    anything near to that. So I am still relying on My linkDotNet dsl and
    have my nitro in my cupboard from couple of years. Not recharged again, I
    believe lots of customers would be same as mine who have not recharged
    from ages.

    Their landline quality is so pathetic that linkDotNet
    says they can upgrade my dsl on PTCL line to 4mbps because lines are in
    too bad condition in my area. I had also used their Vfone, they
    constantly let down their customers with every new product.

    • hello are you serious? no really are you serious? in which world you are living? you have any idea what are you saying? i know from where you are speaking? come on be sensible you are comparing LDN with PTCL,one of my friend used LDN and LDN is giving pathetic service ptcl is well recognized and trusted brand of pakistan,people go for ptcl with close eyes,

      LDN don’t even have 0.1% share in pakistani market and on the other hand ptcl have around 99% share in internet market,wateen in bankrupt now and other one are hardly surviving…

      and please be sensible and accept the reality,ptcl costumers are in millions that show their trust,so you just shut up.

      • I am also a ptcl customer and I say it’s terrible service.

        What do you say to that? Will you call me a liar? I am only speaking from my personal experience. And yes I have used other DSL and broadband providers. Just because you have good experience does not mean all others do

        • tell me in which way its not good? what sort of problem you have?
          there are few things which every body want from their internet provider,good speed,good costumer service and easily accessible and coverage area…ptcl have all the things,i or any of the person i know had a major issue with ptcl,internet speed with ptcl is far better than others in market wateen,wi-tribe,LDN,qubee..etc in my office we try all these but we find ptcl is better than all.

          next thing is costumer service,which is best in country they try to resolve minor issues on phone by just instruction or gave 24 hours time and after 24 hours they call you on your ptcl or mobile number just to confirm if the issue is resolved or not,thats why i like their serices.

          for evo users coverage area and signal strength is very important ptcl wireless internet coverage is available around 90% of the country with strong signals,i travel a lot and i never had a signal or speed issue.

          ptcl have millions of costumers trust so if you have issue talk to them instead of spreading false information.

          • #1 problem: i do not get the bandwidth I pay for.

            #2 problem: customer support cannot help me or forward my request to someone who can.

            #3 problem: I complain, and instead of a fix I get an automated call the next day asking me to press 1 if it is fixed. WITHOUT FAIL.

            By writing that I am spreading false information means Basically, you are calling me a liar for not praising PTCL.



            Similar way, if you have good experiences, that does not mean everyone has good experiences. Can you understand or are you too much of a “ptcl jiyala”?

            WAPDA provides millions of customers with service too but I do not think anyone except an idiot will praise them.

          • Haha man the thumb ups on mine and shahid’s replies against your’s tell the story about who is factually correct.

            Keep that aside. As Shahid already said that if you had a very good experience doesn’t mean everyone will have. And are you really serious in praising PTCL customer support, well get your facts straight because to my experience whenever I had some business to do with their customer support. I was either told, you can only complain about this in working hours, or they kept sending me on different numbers, typical reply, for this complaint you have to dial that number.

            My phone line is still pathetic so LDN told it don’t run more than 2mbps but I have no hope from ptcl people. So I have not bothered complaining about this.

            Some people do have good experiences with them like my friend who lives few yards from exchange and exchange was newly built so no noise issues.

            LDN support/ service is far better. Even if phone line goes dead tell that come and complain to us not PTCL and next morning a technician is there to check it for you.

        • if you have bad experiance then why every thing is bad… by your own point of view…
          shahid you are always a critic.. why are you in Pakistan … really you should be some where else… learn to admit….

          • WOW, How quickly you forget these actions of PTCL.

            look at how many times they have ADDED packages to landlines without asking first. Look at how many times they have double bandwidth for 3 months (for example) and then said “if you don’t call us and downgrade, we will charge you more.”

            These is not a behaviour of a company that is acting FOR the betterment of its customers. This is the behaviour of acting for the betterment of its profits.

            These examples affect potentially ALL landline users in Pakistan. So I am not allone in my “bad experience”, ALL OF US ARE AFFECTED.

            So, the reason for my “bad experience” is not because I had a bad experience. It is because NOTHING in ptcl’s corporate or customer-facing culture is geared towards IMPROVING the state of the company or how it interacts with me.

  • i think in pakistan every one in one way or other is ptcl costumer through internet line,landline or smart tv,ptcl is recognized and trusted brand in pakistan,they have something for everyone,when i read the news i was not surprised because ptcl is offering excellent services,ptcl have too many competitors in market but no one exist in front of ptcl, wateen is bankrupt now and rest of the competitors are just surviving,ptcl is winner all the way with excellent services and international level products.

  • Well I thought the article was about PTCL achieving 500,000 Wireless customers, did not know that in essence it was about Mr. Furqan`s professional capabilities. And judging by the comment and being just an amateur student of English language I could only deduce that the revolution in Broadband technology in Pakistan has been brought about by PTCL. In my opinion personal grudges or corporate jealousy should not be allowed to display on this forum (Attn Admin).
    Coming back to the real theme of the article, I must say 500,000 is a big number, a business must be doing something right to achieve such following. Or are we going to question the better judgement of Millions of Pakistanis who are PTCL subscribers?

    • Abeh Furqan Qureshi was the same guying telling you to buy Wateen shares at IPO. Sorry but I have personal grudge against bullshit not Mr Furqan in particular.

  • @801dfc5a45e8ed1eb03778ff41b8cbf0:disqus: I think you should concentrate more on developing you understanding of the English before doing anything else. The pioneering of Broadband revolution was brought about by PTCL, they did not say that PTCL pioneered Broadband technology in Pakistan. I must agree sometimes I too get bamboozled by the GOORA language, practicing makes a man perfect so please PRACTICE!!!

  • I think you should concentrate more on developing youR understanding of the English language before doing anything else. The pioneering of Broadband revolution was brought about by PTCL, they did not say that PTCL pioneered Broadband technology in Pakistan. I must agree sometimes I too get bamboozled by the GOORA language, practice makes a man perfect so please PRACTICE!!!

  • ptcl internet service is very bad in every way.

    i have 2mb connection.but i always get 1 mb speed during day time with my dsl router always dc after every 15 minutes.then i have to restart it.i call them for this problem but they never try to make it correct.they give me excuse dont download in day time.only at midnight.

    i didnot use other net providers.but i can say ptlc customer and net service awful.

      • Who owns the phone lines? PTCL? Or someone else?

        Amazing, you expect an ordinary customer to do the work that PTCL refuses to do.

        And when he finds fault what should he do? They’ve already refusing to help him.

  • PTCL being a pioneer organization of telecom industry in pakistan, has advantage of well established telecom infra structure across the country, which really helps it to increase its customer base.

  • Hi Friends. Once I was not satisfy with the Ptcl Broadband Services. But I would like to share my experience that if your line is on fibre optic and not even fibre optic but no shore in your phone will give 100% result. So I am now happy with Ptcl DSL.

  • I think from mobility point of view, EVO is much better than PTCL broadband.

    Nadeem Rashid
    Tutors for A Levels/GCSE Computing & ICT

  • Talking purely about the news and not getting into any finger pointing or rhetorical complaining I must say it is an amazing feat to reach such a number in such a short amount of time. PTCL surely is doing the right thing or else the no. of subscribers would have been far less. The quality of service can never be same across the board, but still catering to such a huge number of users requires dedication and commitment. We must appreciate the effort!!!

  • being have used PTCL EVO Wingle /IPTV & DSL in my home and experienced much satisfied services and customer support from PTCL

  • I paid bought executive Package i.e. Wingle 9.3 Unlimited (70GB) @ Rs. 1250/-. This package was for those who pay lump sum annual payment in advance. So I paid annual payment but then they changed their SO-CALLED POLICY and limited me to only 30 GB (which is their regular package). They ripped me off and not even paying me back the amount they charged as annual advance.

    This is literally Ghunda Gardi. Can someone stop them ????????????????

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