A Rising Online Marketplace in Pakistan


Customers’ buying behaviours have changed significantly in the last decade. A lot of focus is now towards good deals and convenience in shopping. This trend has resulted in many online shopping websites worldwide and Pakistan too is catching up fast. is the latest one to join the bandwagon. This online marketplace has been developed by the German online venture builder, Rocket Internet, which has presence in more than 40 countries. Rocket Internet has successfully emulated and launched e-commerce websites — similar to the likes of — globally.

By functions, Azmalo is a marketplace where everyone is welcome to buy and sell products. In addition, Azmalo is working with businesses whose products and prices are market competitive. Azmalo tries to get the best deals on products from its trusted sellers.

As an online marketplace, Azmalo allows individuals and businesses to buy and sell various goods, such as fashion apparel, computers, electronics, books, home appliances and mobile phones online and have them delivered directly to the buyers through efficient courier services. With convenient services such as cash-on-delivery, Azmalo aims to provide a reliable and trusted platform for online shopping in Pakistan.

Azmlalo says that the expertise and experience derived from launching a multitude of online ventures across the globe has enabled it to have a strong competitive edge over its competitors.

Azmalo focuses on customer care and provides the most convenient forum for shopping in Pakistan. With a live customer chat service on the website and a highly efficient customer service department, Azmalo strives to have satisfied and happy customers. With the masses being generally unaware and wary of online shopping, this service aims to build trust amongst customers by answering their queries at point of purchase.

Home delivery and cash on delivery are added services which convince the consumers to buy online; the aspect of online shopping being ‘hassle-free’ and ‘convenient’ is ultimately what Azmalo aims to promote for the general public.

Azmalo has over 19,000 listings, more than 2000 successfully completed orders and ever-growing list of customers who rave about the portal.

Azmalo is lead by Ahmad Khan, who is the CEO/Founder. His previous career includes working at renowned organizations such as Mckinsey, P&G. He was also one of the founders for the successful online fashion venture, which is a venture of Rocket Internet as well.

To check out the latest goods and deals on Azmalo, visit

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  • Nice info shared…I have recently visited and I have found it worth shopping website. Also prices are quite reasonable. Thanks for sharing info about this website.

  • Yes it is a nice online store. The best thing I like is cash on delivery option and Imran Khan T-Shirt. ;)

  • First time i heard this site name. who makes you for publicity of that site

    • Tusi No0n league tun hath kadd0 te tuhanU kuj nazar aavey na serkaar sharif !!!

  • Azmalo is a great website even though there are many products similar to but it’s still useful. E-commerce is a fast growing industry in Pakistan and many people are trying to market it these days

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  • not a much good site ../. less specification area .. not updated prices on computer section .. and have updated prices .

  • they contacted me for advertisement lolx… but the strategy they are adopting never shift their business to next level

  • Maybe it’s not…. but sounds like a Paid Review.
    We did’nt see any Symbios , HomeShopping and other well known shoppings sites review here.
    Few months back was closed, but now maybe launched again. But right now site is unavailable once again.

  • I post products in fix price since more than 1 week but they are still waiting for approval. Please activate them

    • Anas, although my reply is late, but just sharing my experience. I have been using webx for my clothing online store for the last 2.5 years, and I believe my website is in good hands. When i started, some features were missing but now a good set of features is available, and new features are released every couple of months i guess, which are free. Live support is also good. Did you try for your website? Do share your experience… Good luck

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