Mobile Phone Service Will Not be Suspended on Election Day

Election PakistanUnlike many of us had feared, mobile phone services are not going to get suspended on Election Day, told Ishtiaq Ahmed, Secretary Election Commission, while speaking with media yesterday.

There were partial guesses about the suspension of mobile phone services – at least in sensitive areas of the country – on election day, i.e. May 11th, 2013. However, this statement by Secretary Election Commission turns out to be a relief for telecom operators and the mobile phone customers.

PPPP lead, previous government, had heavily used the cellular service suspensions to tackle the terrorism but it appears that the interim government has taken a different and somewhat effective route by not blocking mobile phone services.

It maybe recalled here that experts are predicting terror disruption on Election day.

It merits mentioning here that mobile phone services — after departure of Mr. Rehman Malik – are blocked only once and that too in Lahore for a brief period of time.

Almost all cellular companies reported huge losses in their last quarter (of 2012) due to forced service suspensions and other regulatory pressures from the government.

  • WAQ

    What happened with the hiring of PTA members?

    • They are unable to find (corrupt) members of their choice! ._.

  • Omair Ahmed

    It will be Huge blunder if they did not close the mobile service on the election day…if not then it will not be able to spread terror and auto votes to be cast….please there is Huge threat of bomb attack in various parts of Pakistan

    • Shahid Saleem

      It will be a Huge blunder if they do not close the streets to traffic on election day…if not then it will not be able to spread terror and allow votes to be cast….please there is a Huge threat of bomb attack in various parts of Omair’s brain.

      • omair biological father

        i am omair father and you saying truth he is illiterate son of a bitch so dont mind what he says or smack his face

      • Omair Ahmed

        Look man..I won …Mobile Shall be blocked in many parts of Pakistan for poll rigging..//

  • howtowords

    For me its not a bad decision.

  • Fraz

    Mobile service should be closed on election day .We all know how much risk is there and should be realistic to realize what are the issues and challenges for our nation.We all should whole heartily accept what ever is good for collective well being.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Quit being a coward.

    • Omair Ahmed

      Only in karachi so that MQM could win all seats :P

    • fraz fucker

      also transport because in last few days the bomb are blasted in cars or bikes and also your coward mouth should be shut down

  • I wonder People (who are demanding to suspend cellular services) are comfortable with such decisions.

    Oops! I forgot these USELESS people are comfortable with Electricity and Gas load shedding as well.

  • SK

    Decision for Banning the Cellular services in Karachi and most of the inner – sindh area is under review and will be finalized by today day end. Discussed at the security meeting held yesterday by the officials. Source – TazaDum FM-107