PTI Takes Lead in Pre-Election Online Polls

General Elections 2013 are happening at a time when Social Media usage is on the rise and around 25-28 million population of Pakistan is connected to internet for various purposes.

Similarly, there are over 120 million mobile phone users in the country. This population, which is either connected to internet or via mobile phones, is gigantic.

Collecting data from this population is relatively easy and many folds more reliable than the data that research companies used to collect through hard-core and conventional means.

Even better, we have companies like Pring (a mobile social network) and Rozee (a job portal) having huge audience and registered users who are willing to participate in polls that can bring us a clearer picture of various things.

Interestingly, both the companies carried out polls on upcoming elections, asking their users about the political parties they support. Here are the results:

Pring Poll

Out of 5 million Pringers, 37 percent voted for PTI – hinting that that young mobile phone users (almost 70 percent of total Pring audience) are indeed in love with Imran Khan. Rest of the results are shown in below infographic:


Rozee Poll

Rozee asked its entire user base about the political party they are supporting. Around 10,000 users participated in the poll and expressed their thoughts that are presented in below images.

Preferred Political Party (City Wise)




Preferred Political Party (Employment Wise)




Preferred Political Party (Age Wise)





Preferred Political Party (Gender Wise)



While these polls don’t represent the total population, but tens of thousands of users – who participated in the polls – clearly depict that PTI is ready for a breakthrough in upcomng elections.

Still, let’s not conclude anything here and wait for May 11th for the final results.

  • I hope surveys like these prove to be true on May 11th.

    good initiative by Rozee and pring

  • I doubt the sample size Pring is showing here. Are they claiming that 5m Pringers actually participated in the poll? I seriously doubt that. I am a pringer and I didn’t get any such question!

  • How biased and incorrect are these “polls”… They are totally fabricated and done by a POTian! Great job!!!

  • in karachiii… NO WAY… i don’t think so you guys visit landhi korangi. MQM is in strong Position in karachi.

  • I am a PTI supporter too but it is a biased sample. A PTI voter is likely to be a internet user than a PML-N, PPP or MQM voter. Don’t conduct surveys that has more limitations than advantages. Vote sensibly.

  • Bhutto died a long time ago, and can possibly not do anything for Pakistan anymore … why is his picture in the infographic?

  • Lol online is kya hota ha??? Meedan mein aao tab pata chale ga… after mobile service blockage and panic who on the earth can vote for IK??

    wait for the day when hope will fade away…

  • 5 million Pring users are 6% of total population while 3% of total voters of Pakistan … but still this suvey says much about overall wind of Change … Naya Pakistan is possible انشاء اللہ

  • This clearly shows the paradigm shift among the educated voters. But the concerned part is that PTI supporters may not be in such huge numbers when the illetrate population or population that does not uses internet comes into consideration. Lets pray for the PTI win INSHA’ALLAH.

  • most of PTi voters are young generation and young generation mostly used internet digital medi……….a result may be different

  • Great thing is that we are going to enter into a new era, and the leader is Imran Khan. and Khan is the one who will make History inshallah.

  • Great imran khan zindabad.. jeeta ga is bar jeeta ga apna imran khan jeeta ga.
    PTi Clean sweep. inshaALLAH… tusi great ho khan. GET WELL OON.
    VOTE 4 BAT.

  • I can’t trust even 1 of the above mentioned polls.. In fact, this post is politically motivated towards one party which is of course so called PTI.. Imran Khan with due respect fell down before election day just to get intentions of innocent people of Pakistan.. With due respect, this was per-planned and organized incident.. As like Zardari Sahab did with Mohtarma..

    • you are so intelligent man. any idiot would know that benzair didnt plan her death. similarly the fall was way too natural to be orchestrated and Imran never needed one. Its jerks like u who spread conspiracy theories to misguide the masses. wonder if you really want Pakistan to break up?

    • Yeah, Imran fell from 10 feet high platform on purpose! Seriously Mr Habib, you need to keep that Nehari plate aside. It is giving you gas which is going into your head. When you fall from a place which is 10 feet high, you are quite vulnerable. He has a C7 fracture which means his neck was affected. He could’ve died if the fracture would have been a big bigger. Learn to accept the truth.

      • im not pti supporter but now we need imran khan pakistan need imran will win inshallah will clean clean sweep
        My vote just for naya pakistan

    • aray bhai kyun aur saboot de rahe ho k N league walay akal se paidal hote hain?? Ap chalang maro ge 15 feet se? Is umeed par k ap zinda bach jao ge aur ap ko logo ki hamdardiyan mil jain. Please apna dimag use krain aisi batain karne se pehle!!

    • @b8ca23a8bed83efeb65930c1ce63b287:disqus did benazir bhutto laid her life to get attention ????….. think big rather than spilling about absurd thoughts … do you call yourself an educated person …. go back in primary and learn the baiscs !!!!

  • Sab Jhuta Drama hai,sher wins,inshallah,
    imran ka insaf tu hu gia hai,hospital mai para mar raha hai……

    • lagta hai tujhay Allah say dar nahi lagta jo itni bari baat kar raha hai. aisa to tairay ganjay leader nay bhee nahi kaha.

    • i am shocked that such a pathetic mindset of people exists in our society …… i am subdued to know that even educated people lack the cognition process …. forget sake , their is some thing called humanity …. respect that otherwise one day some will chant that BB and ZB did a drama :( ….please pry for the well being of that leader and have some thought b4 speaking …… winning and loosing is part of politics , so have a bigger heart please

  • Aamir Atta! I never expected that you will make this so called tech news blog a political news blog. I do not insist you to mention all other surveys showing different results but please let this blog remain a tech blog, in the name of “online” survey please do not make it a political blog, definitely you own it but without readers it won’t live for long.

  • PPP has bribed lots of poor people with Benazir Income Support but I have my fingers crossed.

  • Great info Graphics really enjoyed a lot! May this come tru InshAllah!

  • kal sab doodh ka doodh or pani ka pani ho jay ga hahaha ye sab wo log hein jo ya to vote dety he nahi they ya phir politics main inka interest he nahi tha or ab ye log bus 1 he bat per tuly hein tabdeeli tabdeeli tabdeeli inhen pata he nahi k pichli jo govts guzar gain konsi achi thei kis ne achy kam kye ye kisi ne nahi sochna bus andhee taqleed…… ary bhayo kis tabdeeli ki bat karty ho? wohi sary old lutary to hen pti main wohi qasuri jisny drone hamlon ki ijazat di…… sab wohi old lutary….. khuda ka wasta hey kisi ki b andhi taqleed mat karo soch samajh k vote do k hamary lye kosni party achi hey apny area ka candidate nai party dekhen kis party ka kia monshor hey mulak k lye konsi party behter hey khudara soch samajh kar vote dena kal ko hamne Allah ki bargah men ye jawab b dena hey k apna haq sahi isatamal kia ya ghalat

  • Kal pata chal jana kon kitny pani main hai or kis ka andaza kitna darust hai….

  • میر دعا ہے کہ اس دفعہ جیت پاکستان کی ہو کیوں کے 65 سے ایک دفعہ بھی پاکستان کی حکومت نہیں آئ

  • I agree that these surveys are not in any way correct or should be counted towards the outcome of the final day of election. But I hope we all who are the supporters of PTI over
    the internet do go out and vote tomorrow. I am in Karachi and I know MQM has a strong
    position for its own reasons, but no matter what results come out, my
    vote for PTI. I and I am sure everyone here want Pakistan to change, we just cannot afford to leave our Pakistan to these looters and blackmailers. Since we
    have seen enough of everyone except IK. I request everybody to vote for
    PTI. Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Inshaallah,God willing. do not under estimate rural areas, my driver hails from very small town in Punjab and he helps me infixing problems in my digital twin sim phone. although he is illiterate by urban standards.So, folks miracle will happen! Inshaallah.

    • Phir to yahaan logoon ne jo IMRAN KHAN ko like kiya hai aur jeet pe inshallah kaha hai woh b aap ko jhoot hi lag raha hoga .. hai na?

      … aghar haaan to phir aap ki post b jhoot hai. ;)

  • ap jeeto to sab sahi
    MQM jatay to character dheela
    dekhlena sab ka aik hi hoga rona

  • Hamari PTI ko…Jeetna nahe diya…Un logon na..Jinko Adat ha..Hamesha Be-mani karna ke..!!

    Vote ATM machine jaisi machine k through hona chaiya…….Apna orignal ID card dalain…or phir thumb print..Then vote….Tab he..ho Payenga..Sahe elections.. PAK Elections….

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