Social Media Trends in Pakistan [Infographic]

Internet users in Pakistan are still hovering around 10 to 15 percent of total population in the country, with less than just 2 percent connected with high-speed broadband internet.

Despite the fact, the growth in 2012 for social media usage stood at 50 percent and digital marketing spend by corporations grew by at least 45 percent during the year.

These indicators hint the surge in social media usage in coming days, when more and more people with be socializing online. Facebook remains the top platform with around 27 percent of Pakistani online population registered with it, hinting that there is still huge room available to fill for established social media networks and the new entrants alike.

The whole situation can get a lot different with over 120 million mobile phone subscribers and good chances of 3G coming into the country later this year, hinting three figure growth in social media usage in coming years.

Ayesha Sajid, a communication professional, has put together following infographic, detailing the social media trends in Pakistan. We are presenting it for our readers as it is:


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