Sony Details the PS4 and Shows off the Hardware


Just hours after Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox One’s pricing and availability details Sony has followed suit too and as expected, has announced the same details at E3. They also finally showed off the hardware of the PS4 console which was hidden under the curtains up till now.

The PS4 console is itself in a parallelogram shape. The upper portion is colored in piano black, while the bottom in matte black. A purple strip divides the two portions. The design overall is a lot more serious than its predecessors though and definitely more inspiring than the one of Xbox One but that might be only us.

The console has dimensions of 275 x 305 x 53 mm. On the front are the blu-ray drive and 2 USB 3.0 ports. The back side sports the HDMI, Ethernet, AUX port and power port.

As for the prices, the console will be available for $399, a whole $100 cheaper than the competing Xbox One. The ‘eye’ motion-sensing accessory will be available separately for $59 though instead of coming bundled along with the console itself like the One.

Controller and a mono headset will be included the package.

Source: GSMArena

  • This is going to absolutely kill MS not only because of the price and extra raw power but also because MS shot themselves in the foot over and over and over…

    If you support video gaming, supporting MS at this point is like supporting the death of consumer friendly consoles and the death of video games as we know it.

  • The PS4 will be THE GAMING CONSOLE in Pakistan, mainly cause of its price factor and better exclusive titles. prepare to pay PKR 45 to 50k once it arrives here. I suggest importing from abroad.

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