Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye is Pakistan’s new Internet Sensation

Unless you have been living under a rock during the past couple of days, you have most-probably heard about the biggest sensation in Pakistani social media right now. No, it’s not about any new political controversy (or anything involving the word “gate” for that matter) but about “Eye to eye”, a new viral song by Taher Shah.

Shah, a virtually unknown guy just 3 days ago is now the most-talked about guy in Pakistan and is about to acquire the global fame.

As of 27 June, the video of the song on tune.pk has already got more than 45 thousand hits, beating even the viral video of Imran Khan’s oath-taking speech at the National Assembly, which was uploaded over a week ago. The song is, infact, on vimeo for over 2 months but has only just tasted success.

Again, the “any kind of publicity is a publicity” trick works here. The enormous success of this song can easily be attributed to the fact that its constantly garnering negative publicity over the past few days, and as a result, being the top-trending subject in Pakistan. For proof, just search #EyetoEye in twitter and there you’ll see it, people from all walks of life cornering a helpless guy.

OK that might’ve been too much because Taher Shah has also got a bit of a cult following of his own already.

Now, I’m not a music critic, far from it, but even the musical guy inside me can’t help but weep while listening to this song. Still you too can listen it for a few laughs. And oh yeah, meanwhile, you can “en-jaey” the Urdu version of the song too which is itself gaining quite a bit of attention lately.

Its dazzling to see, however, how social media can turn fortunes of a nobody within a matter of minutes.

Let the memes begin!






















  • The last meme is not good, you are making fun of legend Abida Perveen.. please try to be in limits..

  • enough of this shit. It’s just a song if u don’t like it don’t listen to it. we as a nation are only best in trolling and nothing else. It’s not like 90’s era that u r force to watch this song on ptv day and night. Youtube is full of such pathetic songs it doesn’t mean we start trolling for each and every song, film or commercial. the worst part is that guys of age 28 and 30 shares such lame posts on my timeline. like seriously? instead of trolling all this bullshit we people should better share and discuss something more productive.

  • This song is hilariously dumb. However I don’t think that you should have posted images containing abusive language

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