Nokia 515 is the Best-Looking Featurephone You Will See


Most of the mobile phone manufacturers nowadays neglect the design front of their cheaper models which is, of course, expected. Nokia has been guilty of doing that too but not with the new Nokia 515.

Nokia 515 is possibly the best-looking featurephone and doesn’t arrive exactly cheap either.

The design of the Nokia 515 is quite sleek and seems to have taken cues from both the Lumias and the HTC One. It is made of a single piece of sandblasted and anodised aluminium. Like the other cheap Nokia phones, it is also a bit boxy. The display is slightly curved and astonishingly, features Gorilla Glass 2. It isn’t even a touchscreen.

On the front, you have a 2.4 inch QVGA display and a numeric keyboard. Around the back though, you have a 5 megapixel camera with LED Flash.

The sides incorporates volume keys.

There will be a dual-sim version of the 515 too. The battery life is quoted at 38 days worth standby.

And then lastly, the price. The phone will be available in Q3 of 2013 for a tough-to-swallow price-tag of $150. For that, you can even get a dual-core smartphone nowadays which means that Nokia might face a tough time selling this phone. Still, given the number of people who aren’t in the smartphone circle yet, the 515 may not be failure after all.

Here are the specs again:

  • System: 3.5G HSDPA – GSM 850/900/1800/1900 WCDMA 900/2100
  • Size and weight: 114 x 48 x 11 mm; 101.1g
  • Display: 2.4” QVGA LCD 262k display
  • Memory: Up to 256MB flash, support for up to 32GB microSD card
  • Connectivity: microUSB port supporting data transfer and charging, Bluetooth 3.0, 3.5 mm AV connector, Micro SIM
  • Camera: 5 megapixels, LED flash
  • Battery life: up to 38 days standby; up to 10.4 hrs talk time

  • $ 0-50 is the only range suited to nokia…they should stay and stick in this budget unless …..

    • Its 3.5G (upgrade of 3G) … wifi and price tag is a bit negative.

      LTE? are you in Pakistan? or still on Mars?

  • This is absurd. Why can’t they release phones like E52 any more? For the very least, revive their Symbian platform.

    Releasing half-assed phones like these is gonna make them end in gutter.

  • $150 just for the looks! & some body work just like the new MEHRAN Euro II (the flasshy looks)

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