Hum TV Gets Hacked for Allegedly Spreading Vulgarity

Hum TV, country’s top entertainment TV channel, was last night hacked as a protest against the vulgarity it is alleged to spread in the society.

This hacking incident was followed by a campaign run on social media against vulgarity and Hum TV. The campaign had questioned the ethical standards of drama channels in general and Hum TV in specific. Along with there went a controversial and quite explicit clip from Hum TV drama viral on Facebook.

Hackers, who are apparently from Pakistan, clearly mentioned: “We Dont Want Vulgarity In Pakistan”.

Along with the message, the hackers also put up dozens of screens of various Hum TV dramas and shows with fairly bold scenes for Pakistani standards.

The Hackers got access to both of the Hum TV’s websites that are


Following are the Links to the Mirrors (proofs) of website’s hacking :

Here is the screen of the hacked Hum TV page:


Thank you Hassan Bashir for tipping us on this.

  • this is absolute madness. HUM TV
    is one of the best entertainment channels in Pakistan; if the Pakistani
    dramas have been revived it’s largely because of them. These guys who
    hacked their site and those support their action are just a piece of
    shit….absolute ludicrous hypo prigs! it could be an action from the
    Hum TV’s competitors!

        • Very interesting. So if his sisters dance naked on tv, you will watch? What does that say about you? That you like to watch naked girls on tv?

          HA HA! I think your insult backfired here.

          • LOL… yeah for sure .. I will be pleased to watch the sisters of such people who have this thinking that being naked and vulgar is the only way to promote the dramas :) their attitude should be the same for all the girls then :)

            • Tell me, if I were to disrespect your sister or mother because an extra hair on their heads was showing (not covered by scarf or dupatta), how would you feel? Will you join me in disrespecting your family members? In public?

              If your answer is “no”, then perhaps you should wake up your brain and understand that Henry is willing to do exactly that to your family members, and in fact any female Muslims he has access to. Same with Yasir.

              You can complain that (for example) showing hair on head for women is not a big issue as content on Hum, but hey, just like with Henry and Yasir, “that is just an example”. The difference is only in degrees. No one is dancing naked on Hum. In fact no one is naked at all.

              • shahid so you respect the women the point i like, but the henry point was somthing else. hassan & bilal said their should be liberty to showing what the Hum tv showing right now, gay sex scene and other vulgar things. the henry said if its all ok for you people that you enjoy while watching others sister will you allow yours sister to do so. That was the point.
                you take it wrong

            • That is how mullahs think. Murder and naked and allah are the only things which revolve in their minds. More like how all fundamentalist narrow minded muslim think.

          • Every Thing is naked, which is shown in the Pic above, Kissing, Dancing indian style, Cat walk shows, see the only pic given above a girl and her ass, what is this???, and a boy showing his body to millions of Muslim sisters. All these Naked shows/dramas must be Hacked immediately.

            • I didn’t see any kissing, and boy showing his body to millions of girls, what r u stupid?? It is a fashion show, not Haj. Maybe he should wear a burqa, because some girl might see his face and get turned on.

              • You didnt read the news of men being banned from a country because they were too handsome and might mislead the women in that country?

              • Naked doesnt mean 100% naked. what is shown now on Pak Tv is naked by islamic standards and u cannot disagree with that. If u think islamic rules are harsh then just leave Islam. You cannot accept 1 part of islam and discard the other just because it doesnt suits ur desires.
                And as pr ur comment there is a dress code for men as well but its not implemented which it should be.

                • only the length of the cloth is diff for men and women. rest of the rules are all the same. e.g it should not be see through, it should not be tight, it should not attract the opp sex.
                  A man’s cloth should be from his belly to his knees minimum, a man cannot go in-front of his own brother in less clothing than that. You can check it, its authentic.

              • a few years ago, movies in our cinemas were censored. Now u can easily see kisses in indian adn english movies in cinemas. and its because we hav lost faith. Liberals like some here in this forum have convinced people that its not bad at all.
                *First moderate dresses became ok cuz we wanted to stand with the West..
                *Then a bit vulgarity was ok, just to be honest with the scene.
                *Then showing a bit of romance became ok. cuz “people” want to see it.

                *Now even kissing is shown on cinemas.
                Do you see the trend there?
                Can you tell me we wont be seeing kissing and nudity on TV in a few years from now?

              • That’s a nice non-answer. In reality, according to the Quran, none of the women shown above are (as MMM said) naked.

                    • We can argue all that we want. But the fact is that this IS an ISLAMIC republic and as such it must uphold Islamic values.
                      Accordingto Quran, a woman’s body must not be revealed, she should not wear suchdress in public that too tight to reveal her figure, see through or just plain vulgar.HUM TV is going way beyond in their quest for entertainment. Why cant we be entertained without our women wearing sleeveless and bellyless shirts and dancing for us??

                    • We can and we are entertained by women not dressed skimpily like that. We are entertained by what they say (ie, the output of their MIND, not BODY).

                      We just don’t notice it.

                      The conditions about dressing modestly apply to both men and women in Islam, yet I have never EVER seen anyone complain about men’s clothing on TV. Switch to a wrestling sports show to see what I mean.

                    • I dont understand your argument here.
                      If one person is doing wrong then the other should be allowed to do so as well???
                      If men are disobeying Islamic values, then we should stop them. It does not mean that we allow women to do the same. And lets be honest here please.
                      If a man is dressed vulgarly, will a women touch him in public? or grope him? or gang up and rape him?
                      NO. not because they are weak, but because women have more modesty and self restraint in them when it comes to this topic.
                      But if a women is dressed vulgarly, we all know what will happen to her. I have lived in 7 different cities and 2 diff countries and have studied in 3 diff universities in my life. I have seen plenty of men behaving like animals just because of the way a woman was dressed.
                      Islam tells women to cover up so that they will be protected and respected. I am up for a liberal society. But that does not mean we take it too far.
                      Look at the west, 37% of women in America have been raped at-least once in there life, teen pregnancies are on the rise. Do you want that here? our 14 15 year old sisters getting pregnant. We are far from it i know, but this road leads to it. And we must watch where we are going.

                    • 10 years ago when i was 16, i couldn’t dream of having a gf or go on a date. now, 10 years later, i have caught my 16 year old sister dating 3 times. Your telling me that such programming has no negative effect on our society whatsoever???
                      I disagree.

                    • MY argument here is that the posters are posting about one gender, and they always concentrate on women. My argument is NOT that we should concentrate on any gender in specific, that we should be equal in our response. That is not happening in the comments here. In fact, not even in your comment, where you make statements (not backed up by any facts) about touching men in public, etc etc.

                      While we may not have child pregnancies like in the West (furthermore, isn’t it odd that people keep bring up West when considering HumTV is more East in programming?), we do have child brides, and have have had child brides since even before the British came to this part of the world.

                      I agree that we should stop people from disobeying Islam. I don’t agree that hacking the website is an appropriate response. How can you break the law to enforce the law? Where is that legal? Certainly not in Islamic law.

                      Lastly, you and just about everyone else here seems to forget one important thing: SELF CONTROL. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why women or men should change their behaviour because the other gender has NO SELF CONTROL. Along with teaching the right behaviour, parents should make sure their children have SELF CONTROL. In my example of Egypt, which maybe you didn’t read carefully, the women are DRESSED APPROPRIATELY. No hair showing, no tight clothes, nothing. And yet, they are still harrassed. To me, that points to a problem OTHER than how women dress. The woman at the shop I saw was also appropriately dressed, yet it did not matter for the man standing next to her to act impatiently towards her.

                      There is a STRONG BIAS in our society against women, dressed correctly or not. You simply HAVE to factor that in when any discussion arises, like the one related to this hacking incident.

                    • Let me get to the point.
                      You are absolutely right that SELF-CONTROL is more important, i too have known women in burqa to be raped even.
                      There is a strong bias against women, is absolutely true and more evident then the rising sun.
                      Now here is where i disagree with you.

                      Let me be clear here, because i had to think a lot about it this time.

                      Every man/woman in this world is here for a reason. The reason being to pass on the day of judgement. for that we have to follow Islam whether we live in any country or any society.
                      But whether we like it or not, Islam does not just tells us to fix ourselves and stop. We HAVE to look after others as well.
                      Im not the type of man that meddles in others lives, i dont like it, its a hassle and im a lazy person. i say if a mature person is committing sin than thats his/her choice.
                      But Islam doesnt say that. we are muslims and we hav to follow islam to the end. every order. And we are ORDERED to stop muslims from committing sin. so im complelled to do it becuz i WILL b held responsible for it.

                      And for ur info its reallllyyyy hard to impose self-control when others around u r enjoying the fruits of sin. its true, u cant argue with that.
                      My roomate in lahore used to bring over his gf quite often, for nights, and i had to sit in the other room and listen to it, now i had self-control, i didnt comited any adultery, but it was really really hard. trsut me. and eventually i had to forcibly stop him otherwise i wud hv ended up doing the same.

                    • Yes, a major part is self control. When I lived in the States, a lot of my Pakistani compatriots used to drink, do drugs, sleep around. Some of them cleaned up their acts (in fact, it seems like most of them did). A few didn’t. Shrug. That’s how it is.

                      Pakistan is a special case where most people are Muslims. Just looking one country east, we have about the same number of Muslims as a minority. They see everything on Hum TV (or worse) every day when they turn the TV on. In fact, they probably see worse if they open their eyes when they travel the streets. They can do nothing about it. (Or should they all move to Pakistan?) Now, I don’t want to say they have more self control than we do, but it certainly seems like they are tested more than we are.

                      But I am also very very cautious of attempts to ORDERING stoppage of actions. Let’s look in the other direction, West, to Iran. After their revolution (which btw was HIJACKED by clerics who used ignorant villagers to control the urban population), a lot of people were killed for doing nothing more than being suspects. In fact, more people were killed by the “Islamic Republic” than were killed by the Shah’s police and armed forces in the year before the revolution.

                      Be careful what you wish for. Some fool across the world makes a blasphemous video and for one year (with zero chance of ending) we have the Youtube block. Some fools made cartoons in 2004 and our own same Chief Justice had blogspot blogs blocked for years. In both cases, the actual net effect to Pakistanis was NONE. No one was damaged or killed by either the cartoons or the videos. And by banning, we removed 100% chance of responding to the kuffar with dawah.

                    • You are missing the point completely. being Muslims, we cannot allow such things to continue, we HAVE to stop it. this is a Muslim country, we cannot show backless women doing cat walks on national TV. If its happens in some other country then i dont care. But in my country, a Muslim country, this should not happen, no matter if it influences anyone or not.
                      Your argument would lead to the point that they can start showing porn on late night national television, because, as you say, all we need is self-control.
                      We should not follow Western standards of whats right and whats wrong.

                      **”You are the best community ever brought forth for mankind (in that) you command the proper and forbid the improper and believe in God.” (3:110)

                      **”Let there among you be a group that summon to all that is beneficial commands what is proper and forbids what is improper; they are the ones who will prosper.” (3:104)

                      **”Those who, if We establish them in the land (give them governance), establish regular prayers and practice regular charity and enjoin the right and forbid the wrong…” (22:41)

                      Even now you say that we should just let this happen and turn a blind eye, should we not try and stop the spread of such sinful activities.
                      We are not a secular country and thus we must follow the rules we are given. Regardless of what western societies think.

                    • The rules do not allow us to hack the site.

                      WHAT DO THE RULES ALLOW US TO DO?

                      Why can’t you answer that? What’s your response to the TV station? In fact, what is your BROTHER’S response?

                    • Quran:
                      “Those among the children of Israel
                      who rejected truth were cursed by the tongue of David and Jesus
                      son of Mary because they disobeyed and committed excesses,
                      because they did not use to forbid one another the wrongs they
                      committed.” (5:82)

                      “When they ignored the warnings
                      given to them, We rescued those who used to forbid wrong and
                      visited the wrong-doers with a grievous penalty for the sins
                      they used to commit.” (7:165)

                      “God does not like that evil be
                      publicized except if one is wronged.” (4:148)

                      “When people see a wrong-doer and do
                      nothing to stop him, they may well be visited by God with a

                      So can you really say that we should just practice self-control and let our media show whatever they want, gradually turning our society into 1 which is far from right.

                    • Please limit yourself to what I say and not what you imagine me saying. Did I say we should do nothing?

                      Is hacking the site an appropriate response? How about forming a mob that breaks down their station office? Is that appropriate, too? What is an appropriate response here?

                    • Hacking the site is harmless. It costs no physical effect. Little to none financial effect. And gets the msg across to both sides of the argument.
                      Im not a hacker so i joined the campaign on social media. Those guys knew how to hack, so they did. It is illegal by all means and not something to be encouraged. But you simply cannot put the innocent victim hat on HUM TV here.
                      The debate going on here is on a larger topic of programming content of HUM. Which, if not vulgar in any means i might say, but does tend to get a tad out of hand sometimes and recently, a little more usually than before. So they need to be notified to keep their act together.
                      I would not support this hacking thing because two wrongs dont make a right. But im still strongly activating on social media.

                    • Also as far as your rape statistic, keep in mind how hard and stressful it is to report a rape in Pakistan in such a way that the woman don’t get accused of adultery. Most rapes go unreported.

                    • If anyone wants these things or thinks that they are OK than they can leave this country and Islam. You cannot change Islam to your likes and dislikes. Its accept it or leave it.

        • We can argue all that we want. But the fact is that this IS an ISLAMIC republic and as such it must uphold Islamic values.
          According to Quran, a woman’s body must not be revealed, she should not wear such dress in public that too tight to reveal her figure, see through or just plain vulgar.
          HUM TV is going way beyond in their quest for entertainment. Why cant we be entertained without our women wearing sleevless and bellyless shirts and dancing for us??

    • “Pakistani dramas have been revived by them”
      This doesn’t mean they can show whatever they want. Can you justify the (set of first) image the hacker posted?
      Ever read how sensuality is more dangerous then sexuality?

      • No dear, tell us, how is sensuality more dangerous than sexuality? I mean, point to actual social group studies.

          • The person who makes the claim must provide the proof to back it up. Otherwise, what is his or her basis for making the claim? Do you SERIOUSLY not understand that point? Are you another failure of the education system of Pakistan?

            I didn’t say sexuality was more dangerous than sensuality. Nor did I say that sensuality is more dangerous than sexuality. Ovais said the latter. I asked him for proof.

            If he has no proof, then what studies should I point to? It’s his assertion, not mine. Why are you asking ME for proof when it’s his job to back up his claim?

            • In the UK, the burden of proof is on the defendant. Guilty until proven. By that logic, I am justified in asking you to come up with something in defense of what you said.
              Let’s be real, there arent many researches that support either point, so it falls down to the person’s own experiences. Do you agree with that?

              • Okay, let’s read what Ovais wrote:

                “Ever read how sensuality is more dangerous then sexuality?”

                Sounds like a claim to me.

                Let’s read what I wrote in response:

                “tell us, how is sensuality more dangerous than sexuality?”

                Sounds like a skeptical question to me.

                So why…ask…me…for…proof…otherwise…?????

                And then you repeatedly ask me to back up my claim. I have never made a claim one way or the other! I have asked for proof! Who made the claim? Ovais. Are you asking him to back up his claim? NO. Why not?

                WOW, man your thinking is so convoluted. How can you ask me to defend a QUESTION asking for proof? Am I not supposed to ask questions?

                It’s as if Ovais had said pi = 3.5 and I ask “where did you read that?” and you jump all over me to prove that pi ISN’T 3.5. Did I say pi = 3.5? Did I say pi != 3.5? I just asked.

                • You guys are both stupid if u ask me.
                  You are wayyyyyyyyyy off topic and arguing about something that is almost meaningless. get a grip plz.

            • So you need us to bring a 2 year study including 2000+ people from 8 nationalities every time we have to make a point.
              That is just ridiculous dude.

              • Hey, whatever it takes. A formal study is better than anecdotes or things that “everybody knows”.

                If I say something about Islam, I have to back it up with verses and tafseer or hadeeth or rulings based on them. If I say something about Physics, I have to back it up with experimental data. If I say something about Maths, I have to back it up with equations and proofs.

                So why should it be any different for social situations?

                I remember when I had acute Hepatitus a few years ago. “Everybody” told me to limit myself to a few foods. “Everybody” told me to drink certain horrible tasting medicines. And then I went to a couple of specialists. They had the research to back up their claim that I could eat almost everything I used to, just avoid oily/fatty foods.

                So I no longer trust what “everybody knows”, I demand proof. If you don’t do the same, you’re gullible.

  • No one is forcing you to watch vulgarity on any of the channels anywhere in Pakistan. This ‘holier than yourself’ attitude has killed our nation.

      • Islam is not a forcing point, Islam always point out the guide lines for ways.. its depends on you which way you gonna choose..

        • But In Islamic State It Should Be Banned..
          Saad Is A Douche..
          Then No One Is Forcing People To Take Drugs.. But Its Bad..
          No One Is Forcing People To Drink Alcohol.. But Its Bad..
          No One Is Forcing Us About Nothing.. But Liberals Want To Make Pakistan Like USA..

            • People at hum tv (actors, directors, producers, even people behind the scenes like camera people and writers) are also overwhelmingly Muslim and Pakistani.

              So what do you say now???

              • Shahid saleem you are intelligent but your IQ level get equal to 2 year old child when you talk acout ISlam.

                • When have you had to defend your religion to non-Muslims, Omar?

                  If you have never had to do that, then how do you know you really believe? How do you know your knowledge of Islam is complete?

                  • Is yours complete because you stood up infront of some gori and said two words? Or do you have a PhD in islamic studies from spain?

                    • Okay, first of all, I never said **West**. There is a bias in your thought process here. There are millions of Muslims living as minorities East of this country, more than the ones living as minorities West of this country, and in the “West”.

                      Second of all, do you actually think you need a PhD to defend your religion when it is attacked? Do you think someone’s knowledge is complete because they have a PhD or are a scholar? GROW UP, MAN. OPEN YOUR EYES. Millions of Muslims successfully justify their faith with a little more knowledge than what is shown in these comments. That’s all it needs.

                      So, no, I do not have (or need) a PhD, and neither is my knowledge complete. Same goes for likely everyone else posting here, judging from their posts.

                    • According to the Grand Mufti of YOUR deen, YES you do need a vast background of Islamic studies prefereably a doctorate before you can go around beating your drum claiming others are all jahil and you know more about Islam, and have “successfully” defended it infront of “eastern” invaders.

                    • I don’t need a lot of knowledge to know that I should defend Muslim women who are considered non-Muslims by their dress. Can you tell me why you feel that?

                      Also, it is strange that you think I need a PhD before going around and calling people jahil when you want to do the same about my imaan. So you have a PhD? From where?

                    • But you dont need a PHD to claim what is shown on that HUM TV “sometimes” is vulgar. I dont know why people have such a hard time accepting that.

                • Ha ha! force people to do something positive! Ha ha!

                  How about you start with yourself: what positive things have you done? Do you need a little “force” to push you along?

              • In half of this thread, you are calling some people muslims, calling others bad muslims, etc. etc. What kind of suppositories are you using these days?

                • Well, I think there have been many examples of Muslims (Males) Behaving Badly in these comments:

                  #1 my story at the shop
                  #2 Yasir’s & Henry’s comments
                  #3 Abuse by PeeDroid

                  and of course the top reason: #4 hacking into the website.

                  If Muslims Behaving Badly does not make them Bad Muslims, then what does?

              • My brother is an Associate Directer and he recently worked on a project for HUM Tv, “Ullu brai frokht ni”
                so i have had a chance to see these so called muslims and believe me, there is nothing muslim about 80% of these people. It was a shocking experience for me and my bother as well.

                • Well, I have to ask, was he innocent when he got into the TV/movie business? Did he really not know what goes on when the camera is not rolling? And how did watching the stuff at the TV station change his behaviour?

              • They pay me Rs 1,000 for each comment I post to annoy you. Unfortunately, they you pay Rs 5,000 for each comment you post to troll us.

                • Come On..
                  Have Some Guts To Tell Your Real Name & Nationality & Religion..
                  You Aint Shahid Or Muslim Or Pakistani..

                  • When you stop peeing on yourself in excitement to post comments here, maybe we’ll learn the facts.

                    But I wouldn’t hold my breath…

                    • Always thinking about yourself. “we” means everyone reading these posts becuase obviously this is not a private conversation. Clearly a concept you cannot fathom.

                    • Um, yeah, just looking at the downvotes for you & me answers the question of who here is liked & disliked…

                    • When I posted that, there were not 127 comments. Secondly, it’s plainly obvious to anyone who even scrolls the page.

                    • That’s some respect you are giving to the other person. You are advising others to respect you because of Islam, but here you are peeing on others? Another vote for the guy in the glass house now throwing boulders.

                    • My advice for you is to click on his username and read his commenting history. If his public posts are not reflections of his imaan, then what is?

                    • So by that logic, is it fair if I comment on your state of emaan by your public posts? If I say that by my interpretation of Islam, you should get some punishment or penalty, will that be justified? Really is that your logic?

                    • Go right ahead. Please, do compare the state of my imaan with those who without a care in the world insult Muslim women. I don’t know why you think my imaan is so much worse than theirs that you need to focus on me, but do go ahead.

                      Please, feel free to point out my mistakes. It’s only fair.

                      But I seriously seriously doubt that you are up to the task.

              • Pakistan will not be an Islamic state unless Pakistanis start acting like Muslims.

                As long as there are “Muslims” in Pakistan like you, the day is far far away.

                • People Like Me Are More.. So Just Shut Up Cuz You Aint Changing Nothing Sitting On Internet..
                  No One Likes Your Comments See How Many People Are Telling You That You Are Wrong.. Your Mind Is Corrupted By West..
                  People Like You Just Pick Bad Things..
                  No One Likes You Here GTFOH Freak..

                  • Well, you know, there are always more average-like people in a population than really smart people or really dumb people. And judging from what you said about more people being like you…I guess that makes you an average person. Ho hum.

                    • Thats what I said baws. But a few of the elites who rob the nation and live secure inside their little worlds breathing the blood of the masses; and a few “dumb” ones like you mentioned in your post think like you. Thats what you said right?

                    • Elite means many things. You have been BRAINWASHED by our media to think elite = liberal people who run the country and steal from the masses. Plus, again, I am forced to point out that I DID NOT USE the word “elite” or concept anywhere.

                      Some people who teach at top class universities are not robbing the nation, or even rich. Some of the best Islamic scholars are not robbing the nation, appearing on TV in Ramadhan sahri shows, or anything like that, either. But by definition, they are the “elite”: by their training, they are best suited for understanding, studying and producing solutions to our problems.

                • Ironic, how you are giving a fatwa of another man’s level of emaan while on the other hand, pretending to be all self righteous and preaching how one should avoid exactly that: rash judgements without knowing anything. where is that comment about people who live in glass houses now?

              • PeeDroid :
                You educate yourself; and please not with the self-righteous Pakistan Studies books taught in the schools.
                Pakistan means “Land of the Pure/Clean”. It does NOT mean La ilaha illallah.
                La ilaha illallah means “there is no god but Allah”.

      • Islam also tells you how to treat people: with respect and better than they treat you. Yet looking at your own comment history…

        People in glass houses should not throw stones. A lesson you have yet to learn.

        • Don’t discuss other points here rightnow, as right now discussing these types of Vulgarity so please be on point.

          What you think! Islam is allowing us to watch these all things as our media TV channels are showing dear Shahid Shb kuch Islam ko read karlo sirf 20 minutes in a day for Islami books ko then you will differentiate and rightnow you are combining our media with indian media so plz make sure we are muslim country.

          • Shahid Slaeem, “Staying on the Point under discussion” hahahahahahha, what a joke


            w8, Shahid ……Saleem ….. on ……..point

            hahahahaha hahahahaha

          • Please do not start off by thinking I am a worse Muslim than you. I am not confused as you are, and I have NOT IN ANY WAY defended the tv station from showing those shows. Scroll up and down and read all my comments and you’ll see you have accused me of something false.

            It is Strange that you say I should not discuss other points except vulgarity, and then you spend most of your comment about telling me how to behave. If you cannot personally do the same as what you tell me to do, then it is a case of “do as i say, not do as i do” and you’ve just lost whatever point you were trying to make. But anyway.

            Your point about Islam “allowing” you to watch is not very well thought out. Let me prove it to you: what’s the punishment for watching those shows?

            We can say that Islam has a punishment for theft, for murder, etc etc. But what is the punishment for watching those shows?

            You want to stay on topic, don’t go anywhere until you answer that.

            It has nothing to do with “allowing” or “disallowing” and the evidence is the failure of your answer to my simple question.

            • Hey Mr Shahid Saleem, Everybody here is discussing “VULGARITY” on national TV channels, NOT Islamic punishments on watching such content.
              U do know the difference between SIN and CRIME, Do you ?
              Islam in fact EVERY RELIGION forbids things that are morally or ethically wrong. It is this glamorized vulgarity that is polluting naive minds of our new generation.
              No body can claim, he is a better muslim, and no one is saying u r a bad muslim. How many more times u will lose ur better self when some one says ISLAM does not allow THIS and disallows THAT and start COMMENTING ENDLESSLY. There are so many views here that i do not agree but that’s the beauty of DIFFERENCE in OPINION, Learn to respect it no matter how much illogical it seems. if u ever feel the URGE to fulfill ur hobby of commenting plz dont sway the discussion sideways and dont start thinking if some body has stopped giving u replies that he has nothing to stay or has no answer to ur weird comments.

              • first of all: In parts of Pakistan it is considered vulgar for Muslim women to show their faces in public and for Muslim men to wear ties. So, when you talk about vulgarity, you have to be very clear about what is vulgar according to ISLAM and what is vulgar according to CULTURE. And you have to think carefully about WHAT is vulgar according to what standard. I do not believe you have done that here.

                Otherwise, again, like Saeed, it would have been trivial for you to point to a punishment for vulgarity. Is there one in the case of Hum tv shows?

                That’s the big problem with you guys. You cannot answer that question, you can only say “vulgar vulgar”.

                • U haven’t answered mine as well, Bhai sb.
                  Women and Men should be well covered and should be Modest in a civilized society there is no question to it.
                  Vulgar defined by religion, Vulgar defined by morality and Vulgar by culture, there is no DIFFERENCE all are same however there are extreme sides to these. I am very clear on this. looks like u got mingled up between these standards u mentioned.

                  U see there r 2 extremes One is the one portrayed in Media and on the other one are those who does not allow of let say “girls education” No one approves of these two extremes, but I can safely say that in Pakistan almost 95 % people are moderate not extreme1sts. Yes in Pakistan we moderates do get offended by scenes of intimacy b/w people or physical exposures and it should be like this.
                  About that When u said in some areas wearing a TIE is considered VULGAR, believe me no such area exist here that’s all made up.

                  • As for ties, you should do some research. A lot of Muslims do not like wearing ties because they claim it is a Western thing and resembles Christian cross. I disagree, and most scholars also say itn’t wrong, but there you are: people attribute the strangest things to dress in this world.

                    You say men and women should be well covered. Fine. What is “well covered”? If you are female and not walking around in a burka in parts of Pakistan (especially KPK), or not wearing the right kind of purdah then you are not considered “well covered”. But strangely enough, if you go to Hajj or for Umrah you will see millions of women who are “not well covered” by the same definition. In fact, the most obvious thing is you can see their faces. Which leads to the obvious question: how can someone be considered not well covered if their own religion tells them that they must dress “less strictly” for hajj? Sounds like only a cultural aspect of the problem, no?

                    I have even read about Pakistani Muslims say things like “in our city/village if a woman is walking around in jeans it means she wants to be raped”. Can you imagine any SANE Muslim saying that? Even thinking that? Don’t you even wonder what makes them imagine such thoughts, and be so certain of those thoughts that they will share them with you?

                    And yet, they claim to be as Muslim and as Pakistani as you and me. And I know I have felt similar sentiments from men in Egypt, Libya, etc. In fact in Egypt it is so bad that even if a woman is walking around wearing full hijab (according to their cultural hijab dress), the womens are still haraassed by male youths. This is famous, and has been happening for years (before Mubarak fall).

                    I am sure we all have seen that famous cartoon of a woman who covers her hair but wears a tight clothes and considers her clothing as hijab.

                    You say: “Yes in Pakistan we moderates do get offended by scenes of intimacy b/w people or physical exposures and it should be like this.”

                    Ok, then are you saying that it is a Pakistani problem that we are offended, and not a Muslim problem? Think carefully about this point. Because if it is a Muslim problem, it should be easy for you to show examples from Our Prophet’s hadeeth where he allowed or forbade such behaviour in public. For example, it is forbidden for either the husband or the wife to spread any of the secrets of their bedroom to anyone outside. I think there are at least two hadeeth for that specific point.

                    • If “well-covered” is defined by Islam, then why do Muslim ***MEN** in Pakistan think women are uncovered if they show their faces?

                    • Mr Shahid Saleem,

                      I have noticed that u are way too CONFUSED then i imagined, U know what ur basic problem is Either u generally have no idea of SCOPE of discussion, or deliberately start involving things which are way OUT OF SCOPE.
                      First every one was discussing Vulgarity on MEDIA to which u said u were indifferent however u got offended by people saying “Islam don’t approve of this”.

                      I tried being logical with u without mentioning any specific religion, but u kept on bringing Islam, Pakistanis and other Muslims to which i fear that u are some how highly PREJUDICED.
                      Learn to differentiate stuff before u hopelessly try to convince some one.

                      Read ur words carefully, u said “considered vulgar ….for Muslim men to wear ties.” and then u came up with a reason “resembles to Christian cross” that has nothing/not even remotely to do with vulgarity. Learn the difference between VULGARITY and not adopting something due to RESEMBLANCE

                      “Well covered” has been clearly defined by Islam, it is the one u see on HAJJ, At least that much is must, BURQA is a cultural thing and there is nothing wrong with it, if some woman feels comfortable and adopts it, but it should not ENFORCED. This ENFORCEMENT is the other extreme i talked earlier, and no one here is an extre1ist, in some parts it is ENFORCED but u swear to GOD that such extreme elements do not exist in any other country. Learn the difference between FUNDAMENTALISM and EXTREMISM

                      Learn to differentiate between GOOD and BAD Muslims(or any religion follower) U said Pakistanis, Egyptians and Libyans say bad stuff abt woman not dressed properly, Ur implying that in rest of the world esp non-muslims, people do not say such stuff or behave like that then how can u justify [email protected] in USA, EUROPE and INDIA how very foolish of u think like that. For ur info BAD people exist all around the world and they think and act the same.

                      When i said Pakistanis get offended by such things i wanted to u ACCEPT this reality and stop getting frustrated and plucking ur hear out. First off this is not a “problem” as u mentioned. It is some thing called “MODESTY” if u ever heard of such a term in ur life and there is a difference between MODESTY and MUSLIM PROBLEM. Secondly We do not like portrayal of such nature in media or public. y do u think pak dramas and TV shows which were once source of family entertainment are now restricted to only one specific gender of society.
                      Don’t expect a response If u again start commenting CRAP

                    • When did I say I was indifferent. Just because I do not defend the channel or promote it IN MY COMMENTS HERE does not mean I have no feelings for it. To be honest: I don’t watch Hum TV because of the content. Happy now? Satisfied?

                      If someone’s “difference of opinion” makes him say that I should “learn more Islam”, then clearly he thinks he’s a better Muslim than me, right? And that’s what Saeed did. Saeed said I needed to spend 20 minutes a day reading about Islam to understand what is going on here. Why would he say that if he thought he was a better Muslim than me? Please read my comments IN CONTEXT.

                      Take a look at the bigger picture. The hacking on Hum TV. What I wrote about how men (Muslims in Pakistan) want to treat women in jeans in our smaller cities. The comment I wrote about how the person waiting at the small shop (also a Muslim in Pakistan) I was in had little respect for a mother (wearing full hijab) who was there first. And look at Yasir’s and Herny’s and PeeDroid’s comments. What common thread do you see?

                      Muslim Males Who Think It Is Acceptable To Degrade Muslim Females.

                      Now we can argue about how confused I am and how modesty is an issue and how I don’t understand vulgarity (I find our national wresting sport by men pretty vulgar, but no one ever complains about that) etc etc, but please take a breath, look over the comments, and see who here respects Muslim women.

                    • First off BHAI SAB i am not defending any one’s stance here.
                      I can speak for myself only,
                      Whoever thinks of degrading WOMEN or even discriminates on basis of gender is a MORON and needs Hidaya, wherever in the world he belongs Muslim or Non Muslims and believe me such people exist outside Pakistan in the Non Muslim World too but u make it sound like we Pakistani muslims(or egyptians or libyans) are the only ones who behave like that.
                      We r not here to prove who respects women more.
                      Now i will be very honest with u, Its ur ATTITUDE that is causing all these substandard COMMENTING by ur RESPONDERS and even urslef. All the reactions u c is due to the fact that u always start judging people and labeling them RELIGIOUS FANATICS when they don’t agree with u on lets say banning of some website, vulgarity on media or anything else. Please learn that NOT EVERYONE WHO DISAPPROVES YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, GEO TV, INDIA OR DANCING WOMEN OR SAYS ISLAM DIS ALLOWS THIS IS AN EXTREMIST. This country despite all its problems (including Extrem1sts and Liberals) is a great nation, so stop painting the picture in DARK COLORS. Every country has a minority of extrem1st elements take example of our neighbor INDIA but no one over their(media or public) have this attitude that their country is OVER RUN by EXTREM1STS. In Pakistan most of the people are extremely BRIGHT logical MODERATES and i m saying this after visiting and meeting people in Tribal belt. thats y ur comments abt Pakistan seem more like EXAGGERATED, which leads to me believe that u have never been here at all.
                      Lastly I feel pity for those who start mindlessly opposing a point because an extremist supported it or even worse start defending a point because so called CIVILIZED WEST supports it

                    • You keep bringing up the fact that I talk about Pakistani (or Egyption or …) Muslims. Do you know why? Because I **AM** a Muslim and I am concerned primarily with Muslim responses to situations.

                      Why you keep bringing the West into your posts I don’t understand. I am neither of the West, from the West, or look to the West for guidance in this topic. So drop that aspect.

                      I think it is very obvious that when Pakistani Muslim (Males) hack a website, they’re not exactly doing the right thing. Why can’t you see that? Is it a legitimate response to hack websites now? Under what circumstances? Please, justify this stance of yours.

                      I do not call them religious extremists for enjoying the hacking of a website run by Pakistani Muslims, I call them idiots who do not know their own religion. GET THAT STRAIGHT. If they knew their religion, they’d find a better way to respond.

                      I don’t know why you mention Tribal Belts. I have not mentioned them or their people in my comments. Again: focus on what I write, not what you imagine I wrote. My personal experiences are with people in large cities, not in Tribal belt.

                    • Bhai Sab, This is a FACT ur a PLAIN IDIOT who thinks he is some kind of INTELLICTUAL i have tried hard to have a logical discussion with u but now i am damn sure U R A LUNATIC who likes to TROLL that’s all, and ur bound to give and receive substandard responses, as no word of LOGIC goes to ur head
                      Ur concerned abt “Muslim responses” ? I told u repeatedly they r BAD MUSLIMS just like BAD HINDUS and BAD CHRISTIANS etc now u will say because im a Muslim i m concerned with my own fallows. O PLEASE i am not falling for that
                      U state that u don’t look towards WEST and yet u some how don’t like people choosing or abandoning some thing on the basis of religion. O Please have some Guts and stand by ur orignal stance I have seen u a number of times RUNNING AWAY from ur primary point and hiding behind some OUT OF SCOPE RUBBISH comments. First u got offended by people saying Islam does not allows vulgarity, then u started on ISLAMIC PUNISHMENTS, after that u started to steer away towards different STANDARDS of PARDA, then u tried to prove that u somehow respected women more than people here, then u wept abt the responses u received, then towards BAD Muslim Responses to women in public and now u want me to justify or condemn HACKING event. UR a plain IDIOT beyond RECOVERY

                      In ur comments u used “parts of Pakistan” and “KPK” to which i told u that not even just KPK i have even been to tribal areas and then u said u were talking of “Large cities”. If u live in Pakistan plz be my GUEST, go to KPK and look for areas where “BURQA” is ENFORCED and WEARING a TIE is considered “VULGAR” and believe me u will be highly dis appointed.

                      One of the commentor said u should learn abt ISLAM to which u started weeping and saying he called u a BAD MUSLIM and i responded no one can claim he is a better Muslim than others and yet u found enough courage to state that “those hackers are IDIOTS who don’t know their religion”
                      how very FOOLISH of u.

                      If ur a HOBBYIST COMMENTOR ur way too CONFUSED i would suggest u to visit and meet people in Pakistan if u can, don’t base all ur ENLIGHTENED opinions on GOOGLE. But if ur a PROFESSIONAL plz BRING some QUALITY to ur WORK as it is of VERY VERY POOR QUALITY. I heve seen a number of ROOKIES who can write and discuss better then u and they can STAY and DEFEND one POINT.

                      U will be TROLLING indefinitely without proving a single POINT

                    • My primary point that you started responding to was that PeeDroid’s claimed religiousity does not match his insulting comments here and in other posts. Scroll up and confirm.

                      I did not get OFFENDED about vulgarity, I asked for what PUNISHMENT there is. Because in case you haven’t paid attention A WEBSITE WAS HACKED. I keep asking, IS THAT A VALID RESPONSE? PLEASE JUSTIFY HACKING THE WEBSITE ACCORDING TO SHARIA LAW.

                      Can you do that? No one else can.

                      If a bunch of people commenting here can say they are better Muslims than the Hum TV actors and directors and producers, then why do you say I cannot say the same?

                      Sadly for you, I have lived in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, States, UK. I have met all kinds of Muslims, both Muslims who are minority in their culture, and majority. So, I do have experience, thank you very much, when it comes to Muslims in Pakistan. Of course, if nothing else, I can read what the other commenters on this page say, can’t I?

                  • There’s no such thing as a liberal fascist. There is such a thing as oppressing Muslim women in Pakistan. What have you done about that social problem?

                    Oh, right, I forgot. You just reinforce cultural norms by agreeing with men here.

            • Its not about punishment. .this is about changing the norms of society and making the society more volatile by following “enlightened” people on TV

              • Shrug. Just change the channel.

                From 1947 to 1975 or 1976, bars were legal and alcohol freely sold in Pakistan. The elite drank it. Even in 2000 our famous Musharraf talked about how he liked Johnny Walker whiskey.

                Most people simply chose not to drink it. Didn’t destroy our society.

            • After this all long discussion what is the solution???? There should be some technology where every household have right to see particular channels. actually cable operator are giving you a stuff of channels including some bold/ vulgar channels which you can not see with your family. so Government should made compulsory for cable operator to adopt advanced technology to give option to subscribers to select particular channels rather than whole set of channels offered by cable operator.

            • By that logic, how do you believe that the way we perform namaz is correct? it isnt written anywhere in Quraan is it? How many rakaats? sujood before rukoo?
              we find the evidence in the sunnah and hadees. In sunnah, did we find the wild, sex-promoting parties of that time famous in other arabian society, or did we find haya and sharam as a lesson? that is what we should follow.
              Just because something isnt written in Quraan doesnt mean it doesnt exist. About 30 seconds with a scholar or google can give you the proper guidance, instead of trying to debase other people’s thoughts.
              Which again, is kind of ironic. Considering how you held exactly 180 degree different views to this post in your earlier posts.
              Another boulder thrown in the glass house.

              • ??? Why can’t you read my responses and replying to them, and not bringing in imaginary hypotheticals? I have made 0 distinction here between Quran and Sunnah. I don’t know where your distinction comes from. I asked for justification from Islam, not from any specific source of Islam (Quran, Hadeeth).

                But you know what, you tell me the Islamic justification for hacking the website, and we’ll go from there. After all, everyone seems to be praising that act.

                • Whoa, first you were forcing everyone to stick to topic and now you want me to find you a source for hacking? How about you stick to the topic and stop acting like a two year old without his lollipop who will only listen to what he thinks is logical?

                  • If I comment about X, I don’t necessarily need to explain Y in my reply, I need to explain why I feel about X. Especially if X and Y are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TOPICS and the only reason Y was introduced was because someone (like you) didn’t read my comment carefully. Understand now?

                    Like here: I never asked you to find a source for hacking. Where did I say that?

                    Man sometimes I feels like you don’t even know English Comprehension.

      • No one forced you to pay for cable TV.

        No one forced you to turn the TV on.

        No one has put you in a room and tuned the TV to that channel and “forced” you to watch.

        Don’t like the content, switch to another channel (or better turn your tv off).

        • I Like The Way You Comment First Then Logout & Like Your Own Comment..
          BTW Do RAW Pay You Hourly Or Monthly??

          • Don’t be silly. If I log out, how can I downvote you??? :):):)

            RAW has a very nice per-comment plan for full-time commenters like me. Maybe you should ask your handler to upgrade you, too.

    • you are a human not a robot. if bad thing is happening constantly in front of u , gradually u will get used to it. sometime we need to accept the facts rather be so called open-minded/liberals whatever

      • 1947-1976: bars open and alcohol sold in Pakistan. elite were scene drinking (presidents, famous people, etc).

        Who was corrupted? Your parents???

        Yes, we’re humans, and yes, people have a choice. Most people chose to not drink it or visit bars. Similarly, everyone has the choice to not watch Hum TV.

          • Why? Please, if you have facts about my parents, state them publicly. I have nothing hidden to be ashamed of here.

            I am reporting facts. If alcohol (publicly available, advertised on Pakistani streets, magazines, tv shows) didn’t corrupt someone’s parents for 30 years of Pakistani existence, then how can someone say that Hum TV and other channels corrupted their children?

            Also when Henry says he will watch a Muslim’s “naked” sisters dancing on TV, and Yasir talks about Mathira as if she’s a non-Muslim (which he said in all but openly) then we have learned all we need to about how his parents brought them up. Or am I wrong?

  • First Of All Block 100% Indian Contents.. Dramas, Movies, Video Songs, T.V Shows/Award Shows..
    These Things Are Destroying Our Youths “Ready To Corrupt” Brains.
    The Things That I Come To Know In 9th Or 10th Class Kids Now Know In 3rd Or 4th Class..
    What Is Happening To Islamic Republic Of Pakistan

  • Last night I stopped at a small shop to get some water on my way home. There were two people ahead of me, a mother with a young child and a man who was buying household stuffs. The man (second person) was upset that he had to wait just three minutes (I am not joking, it was not even 5 minutes) for the person behind the counter to give the woman her goods and change.

    And the person behind the counter knew him and knew that he was agitated because a woman was being served first. The sales person even got upset at him for not waiting for a woman who was rightly in line first and should be served first. I have more respect for that shopkeeper now than I did before (he is a retired Pakistan Navy seaman, not officer).

    This is the kind of ordinary “tolerance” that people in our society show. So of course Hum tv and other stations will get hacked for their alleged “vulgarity”.

  • Indian Government Is Paying Their People To Change The Way Of Thinking In Pakistan.. They Want People Of Pakistan To Forget About Two Nation Theory By Quaid-E-Azam..
    Most Of Liberals In Pakistan Have Forget Or Dont Even Know What Two Nation Theory Is..
    See Our People On TV Channels Saying “We Are One, Every Thing Is Same In India & Pakistan”.
    Big Example Is “Saad Durani” & “Shahid Saleem”.
    Every Thing They Speak Is Against Islam..
    Search Out Any Post By Them..

  • Unfortunately this is not official site of Hum TV. :(

    I wasn’t expecting such kind of mistake from respected ProPakistani.

    You may not agree But …One thing is sure “these kind of channels are working on against Pakistan”.

    • Specially GEO “Jew” Network..
      Thing Is That Pakistan Ka Sath Wohi Ho Raha Ha Jo “Tipu Sultan” Ka Sath Huwa Tha..
      “Hum Ko Apno Ne Luta Garoon Main Kahan Dum Tha”.

  • their name says it all doesn it : PAK MAD HUNTERS ! although don like their dramas but if you dont like something its simple dont watch it.. no one forces anyone anything. its our own choices, let people live they want to

    • Then Let People Use Drugs..
      Let People Use Alcohol..
      Let People Rape..
      Let People Kill..
      Let People Abuse..
      Let People Write Anything They Want On ProPakistan..
      Let People Watch Porn..
      … … … …
      If You Are Shameless And Can Watch Vulgar Movies/Dramas With Your Mother, Sister & Daughter, Doesnt Mean That Every One In Pakistan Can.. This Thing Needs To End.. Stop Acting Like Idiots Coz “Tumhari Likhi Hui Bakwas Se Loogon Ko Seeh Milti Ha”.
      Aur Ek Banda Tumhari Waja Se Bigar Geya To Jahanum Main Saro Gay Sari Zindagi.. Believe That.

      • People are perfectly free to do all the above, and have done all the above since before Hum TV and Internet came to Pakistan. Same way, people are free NOT to do the above and majority of Pakistanis have decided to live their life that way.

        Nothing has changed.

        • Fortunately I am related to her.

          You too are related in the same way: she is your sister in Islam. A pity you cannot treat her like a Muslim.

            • No, YOUR OWN religion says she’s your sister in Islam. If you don’t know that, then maybe you need to do a little research here.

              If someone were to insult your mother for not being “Muslim” enough, will you agree with them?

              Oh, I forgot, it’s easy to insult PAkistani Muslim women on the net because there’s no fear of reprisal. Makes you a coward.

  • Ban he internet too as Pakistanis top search statistics in searching for porn. And telephones too, since they spread vulgarity as well.
    Btw, hacking should be banned too, since it is islamic and illegal. Banks as well…

  • If vulagrity is the point of Hackers then why they are not hacking the Turkish TV Channel Urdu1, Geo Kahani, Express TV which all are showing a dubbed material of other country contains many adult material.

    • Very strange that you call their shows having “adult” material. If something were “adult material”, how could it be wrong for “adults” to watch???

      Perhaps you meant some other word. Like Perverse, or Antisocial.

  • Shahid Saleem Becharay Ki Na Mom Ha Na Sister Na Wife Na Daughter.. Bechara Sara Din Akela Beeth Ka Kya Kya TV Pe Dekhta Rehta Ha..
    Chal Teray Pass Koi Family Member Nahi Ha To Hum Ba Izzat 18 Crore Ki To Mom, Sister, Wife Aur Daughter To Ha Na..
    Hum Ye Sub Nahi Dekh Saktay Apni Family Ka Sath Beth Kar..
    Tum 1%’ers Ko Problem Ha To India Chalay Jao.. Agay Tum Logon Ki Sister Veena Wahan Bethi Ha.. You Are Minorities And This Is Pakistan We Dont Care About You..

    • PeeDriod, Care about minorities is also mentioned in your constitution.. dont avoid it.. i just disagree with your last line related to not care..

      • I Said Pakistanis Dont Care.. Truth Is Truth.. BTW I Care About Minorities.. Sensible Ones.. Not That Who Are In Mental Hospital Or Deserves To Be In Mental Hospitals..
        Mentals & Psycho’s Are Also Minorities ;)

  • This is not Freedom of speech…..Its making no difference b/w our cutlers India and Pakistan. I would request it might get ban..aur please hamain urdu mai baat kerni chahye mujye angrazi ka irtaqa nhi Urdu k liye khuch kerna hia mafi chahta hu shuru mai angrazi likhi

  • QURAN:
    Indeed, those who like that immorality should be spread [or publicized] among those who have believed will have a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter. And Allah knows and you do not know.

    Hats Of To The Hackers. Salute to your step.

    They are spreading pure vulgarity and think that they are modern. Allah will guide them.

  • Pakistani population is not that literate and sensible that they can choose what NOT to watch, they are not psychologically strong enough.

    As a test, If any one of such fashion channels broadcast that now a days hijab is getting common, and boys are attracting more to shalwar qameez instead of jeans.. and then show a few couple people on road speaking the same.. This Genius nation of ours would rush towards that in a blink..

    They are psychologically so weak that most of them can easily be programmed by such vulgar shows. These channels didn’t start all this at once. They took many years in programming our brains and making us immune day by day and one day they’re gonna match any indian or western channel by all means. And our society will have all those social evils which western and indian societies have. And we’re already gone far ahead on this path.

    It is NOT that they show what people want, it is that they show what they want people to watch, and they do it step by step.

  • Did some research on the security of the site. It’s still vulnerable. And also I did some fun also:

  • Hi, Pemra should play its rule . Our media should reflect what actaully pakistan is . and definitely we have limits . Following blindly indian channels is really not the key to success.
    btw , though not directly relevant to topic , i have a question to moderator.
    Few days back was “hacked” by some one for what ever reason but i couldn’t find its screenshots on any post here nor any news .
    If you dont have i can provide you the screenshot when it happened.
    off course who ever did that was a chlidish act , they should use their brains on +ve track but IMHO i was just saying if you can mention hum tv website issue you should mention yours too.

    • He Thinks Us All Are Average People/Fools, While He Is Extraordinary Personality, Knows Everything, Whatever He Says Is Right.

      • You knowing his knowledge about Islam makes u the self believing genius. Whatever u believe is absolutely right and to you every other person u can’t beat in an argument is a non-muslim. No one needs a certificate of Islam from a lowlife nobody like you.

        • “Lowlife Nobody”
          Sitting On Internet Makes You Feel You Are Gangster..
          I Have Never Seen Any Any Liberal FK Go In Public And Say These Kind Of Things..
          Bunch Of Cowards..
          The Only Safe Place For You Is Internet..

  • this is actually Dajjal is slowly and calmly destroying Muslim community there is no way nowadays that you can completely get rid of it except prayers and very humble prayer. May Allah the Almighty save us and our family and all Muslim ummat from such kind of vulgarity

    • It is a job of parents to look after kids, not of a state. And muslim community is not being destroyed by anyone, this is just paranoia and excuses to get away from responsibility. So instead of spending time with friends who are never going to be there when u need them, it would be useful if one spends time with his or her kids and family, That is what will help this so called ummah, not banning youtube or internet or tv.

    • Zalzalay Tab Atey Hain Jub Tumhari Sister Mujra Karti Ha.. Mind Nahi Karna.. Chup Kerka Liberal Begara.t Ban Ja.. ;)

  • Admin “Aamir Aata” Sahab You Need To Stop Blocking My Comments..
    If Anybody Else Talks Trash, You Dont Block It..
    Tell Me Are These Idiots Are Not Indians??
    See These Two Or Three Idiots Talk Trash About Pakistan & Islam On Every Post..
    Shahid Saleem, Moz, Saad Durrani.. One Or Two More..
    Shahid Saleem Says We Lose The War In 65? He Says We Started War In 65!!
    Shahid Saleem Said Pakistani Text Books Are Wrong And Spreading Hate..
    He Says We Should Watch Anything.. People Are Free To Do Whatever They Want..
    They Should Drink Alcohol, Take Drug, Watch Porn..
    Even In America There Is Restriction On TV Channels..
    You Need To Block Your Website In India.. Or Atleast Block Their Comments..
    You Have Responsibility..
    Do Something..

    • I regret blocking your comments. You are welcome to say anything or everything, but in decent language please.

      I appreciate your participation in the comments, you are what makes ProPakistani a healthy community.

  • “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

    This For You @Shahid Saleem @Moz You Beat Me With Your Experience.. LMAO

    #Ignorants #AttentionSeekers #Idiots #PartlyPsycho’s

    Im Outa Here..

  • HUM TV even shows Miss World Contests with all the vulgarity of it. How can any one justify it being shown in Pakistan.
    “Those who want to spread vulgarity among Muslims, we have prepared a horrible punishment for them.” (Al-Quran)

  • A significant majority of Pakistanis (71%) say that religious extremism in Pakistan has increased in the last two decades. GILANI POLL/GALLUP PAKISTAN
    Just saying, following religion is good but selective religion is no religion at all? The people making comments below only care about being naked but not about offering their own prayers, asking their sisters to cover up or giving them the education that is their birth right by Islamic teachings not to mention giving others the same religious freedom that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) gave to Christians and Hindus.

  • Hackers!! Kindly next time also look at other channels like Urdu One, Express TV and ARY along with GEO…. WHERE LITERALLY AND PRACTICALLY VULGARITY FROM EVERY ASPECT IS BEING BROADCASTED… may it be INDIAN DRAMAS, AWARDS OR THE NEW TURKEY CULTURE!!! Hack them as well so that everyone feels treated equally!!


  • Hum TV Gets Hacked for Allegedly Spreading Vulgarity … Indeed Our Pathetic So-called Islamic Republic is a TOTAL disgrace to ISLAMIC CULTURE !

  • they are giving popularity to their channel by using vulgarity.this is not good.the reason of this any muslim should knows because a muslim girl cannot show even her face (Quran) then how could you comment about this.

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