Vigilance Cell to Curb Grey Traffic Inaugurated

01october 2013

The grey trafficking monitoring equipment installed earlier this month, after formal testing, was formally launched by the State Minister IT, Ms. Anusha Rahman yesterday at PTA Head Quarter, accompanied by Secretary IT, Mr. Akhlaq Ahmed Tarar, Chairman PTA, Dr. Ismail Shah and other officials of the Authority & Ministry of IT.

Talking on the occasion Minister of State for IT, Ms. Anusha Rahman apprised the Acting Chairman about the focus of the current government to curb the menace of grey traffic and as a result where of, the state of the art equipment now in place, should be efficiently and effectively used to block all illegitimate IPs, being used for grey trafficking, causing a huge loss of revenue to the government exchequer.

Not only that the government desires to block grey traffic but also wants to ensure that all these miscreants, engaged in these illegal activities are caught, said a statement issued on the occasion.

Henceforth, in view of the above direction of the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, PTA must take radical steps not only to block IPs involved in bringing in illegitimate traffic but also to set up a vigilance and enforcement mechanism, coupled with a proper call centre designated to receive complaints in this regard, said the statement.

A public awareness campaign should also be launched by PTA in this respect accordingly.

The State Minister further directed PTA to build SOP’s to verify legitimacy of IPs, those already existing on ‘White List’. Therefore, physical audit and ground verification of the particulars of IP users on ‘White List’ must be done within the next three days so as to ensure that only legally approved and verified IP list is maintained under the signature of the current authority.

Acting Chairman, PTA assured the Ministry of IT, PTA’s full support and commitment towards curbing grey traffic and that every step would be taken that efficient and transparent mechanism is deployed for producing favorable results.

    • what happend after the last hearing on ccp ldi regarding ich on ccp 13 th august. There is nothing about the case on net.

        • hello, don’t be so negative. I still believe that Anusha Rehman will take steps to reduce rates as she stated that first. Stopping grey traffic and look into the next line of action about incoming calling minutes/rates was here agenda 3 months ago. I just found it weird about the ongoing case in shc as the last hearing was on 13th august and heard nothing about it. Can Propakistani team find the answer about the case that is under sub judice… no doubt about it. Propakistan?

  • yes… that’s the basic reason due to which people are rushing towards grey traffic..
    if prices are leveled.. there is no smuggling.. similarly if the charges are fair.. there will be no grey traffic unless some illegal purpose.. most of the people are just talking to their families using this way to reduce call charges…

  • Does any of these grey traffic people have websites ? man…calling back home has gotten so expensive

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