TV Timings App by Warid [Review]


You might have come across many crucial situations when you are waiting for your favorite TV shows and due to your busy schedule you are unaware of its passage. This moment could possibly be the sole reason of your depression and lack of focus on your tiring work too.

Many solutions have been presented to us in the form of different kinds of Dish Antennas, many GPRS packages and also in the most portable form of your cell –phone apps.

Android and iOS are now days top notch Operating Systems which have made their ways in to the tech market, you can also have a look at the app stores of both of the Smartphone champions.

Here you are definitely going to get thousands of apps (paid/free) regarding online TV shows. In addition to this remarkable collection, Warid is raising its handshake with Android to make its position much more strong in Pakistan’s telecom world.

Here we present you with the latest innovation of Warid Telecom’s TV Timings app, which is available for all mobile subscribers.

As the name shows, this app provides the customers with a wide range of options in an organized manner with multiple categories like Entertainment, Sports, and Cooking Shows etc. Warid customers can take benefit or every local and international TV channel’s schedule along with a detailed program guide; here they can also get regular updates regarding all latest shows worldwide.

This TV Timings app also allows you to set reminders for your favourite TV shows which eliminate the chance of missing it.

Warid TV Timing app is currently available for Android platform only. Moreover, the app is not exclusive for Warid customers only, i.e. any Android user of any network can use the app with convenience.


  • You can check program schedule of channels
  • Multiple channels categories are included in app
  • You can easily search favorite program by using keyword search.
  • It is easy now to bookmark your favorite channels by just clicking bookmark option.
  • You can set reminder for your favorite TV programs.
  • Browse channels by just entering channel name keyword in search description
  • Schedule the total using time of app according to your requirement
  • All popular channels of Pakistan are included in app
  • Very interactive but simple to use graphics interface of app
  • App available for downloading 24/7 on Warid Telecom’s website (




How to download

  • You just have to visit following link to download the app from your mobile:
  • You must have android 2.2 or above available in your smartphone to browse website and download the app.
  • Size: 4.2MB


  • This app is free but only standard GPRS charges charged by telecom operators apply.

So guys! There is nothing better than experiencing it yourself. Get a mobile connection now and enjoy all these amazing apps from this linkz  zg.

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  • Great work. Now all we need for it to be really useful is to cross-link TV show data with WAPDA planned outage data.

  • 1. If this app is not restricted to Warid customers, then why it isn’t listed on Google Play store?

    2. I installed it on my Nexus 7 (running Android 4.3 and get the message “unfortunately, Tvguide has stopped”. Where should I complain? If it was listed on Play Store, I would have left a comment there.

    • try accessing the app from the download link given above. it is working fine on my S4

      • I downloaded from this same link and it failed to run on Nexus 7. It’s not something unusual as there are many Apps on Play store that fails to run on some devices but perfectly run on others. However, with user feedback, the developers fix the issues with newer releases. So, here is my feedback Warid (as for now, it is the only platform where I can give my feedback).

  • Thanks for Play store link. It has given me message that “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”. At least I am satisfied that Warid officially acknowledges it :) I will be waiting for new version that is compatible with Nexus 7.

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