Salman Wassay Bids Adieu to Ufone as Ashar Yaqub Re-Joins

Salman Wassay Bids Adieu to Ufone as Ashar Yaqub Re-Joins
Salman Wassay (L), Asher Yaqoob Khan (R)

Ufone announced today the re-appointment of Asher Yaqub Khan as CCO Ufone Pakistan. Asher will replace Salman Wassay who served as CCO Ufone for last two years and has decided to pursue his career elsewhere.

Commenting on his experience at Ufone Mr. Salman Wassay exclaimed ‘In pursuance of my ambitions outside of the corporate sector I have decided to move on from my role as CCO at Ufone. I am leaving with a heavy heart, as Ufone has been more than just work but a family that I have had a privilege to be a part of. Let me take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all at Ufone especially the management who had faith in me to lead a team of extremely well equipt professionals.’

“Let me take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for Salman Wassay’s contribution to Ufone’s business.” Abdul Aziz, President & CEO, Ufone said. “Continuing our strong tradition of truly valuing people who have previously worked for us, I am pleased to announce that Mr. Asher Yaqub Khan, will be joining back the Ufone family and this time to take up the challenge as the Chief Commercial Officer.

The successor CCO Mr. Asher has also worked earlier in two different periods with Ufone in capacity of Chief Marketing Officer and Manager Marketing.

Previous to this Mr. Asher was working as CEO, IBEX Group of Companies and before that CCO in Banglalink – a Vimplecom company in Bangladesh. He has a strong track record of delivering change across the business and has the strategic vision, commercial experience and leadership skills that are essential to drive the business forward and improve earnings growth.

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  • Aamir atta any info about akbar khan as it is speculated in the market that hs is also leaving ufone … its good time leave ufone for better career.

  • It was about time for Salman Wassay to be shown the door. His claim to fame has been to play on price and be the least cost provider, which comes at the expense of profitability and EBITDA. He was responsible for ruining the LD industry while being at DVComm, ruined Zong by dropping call rates to Rs 0.50, and was unable to grow subscribers at UFone. His ownership of Earth Factor and a conflict of interest with respect to provision of VAS is no secret in the telecom world. hopefully, he will stay out of telecom and focus on Chai Khana and Bar-b-Que Tonight.

    With respect to Asher, he has recently been a former employee of Salman’s Erath Factor in UAE, so will have to see where the VAS business’ awards go to.

    Lastly, the telecom industry needs fresh blood instead of same old “chale huway kartoos” showing up at different operators through their contacts and minimal value addition.

  • asher yaqub was at ufone, then left ufone, and is now back at ufone through his old contacts. he is like a rolling stone which gathers no moss. old wine in a new bottle.

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